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In using our memory we have access to information outside the normal realm of time and space ...

I feel sure that most of us at some time have had correct intuitions concerning future events especially those to which we have a strong emotion bond ... here i'm talking of specific future events ... this question could have been worded "can we access the outcome of future events".

In spiritual matters time and space do not exist ... this could explain how it is be possible to recall the future as we can do for the past ... my personal experience (especially using a pendulum) certainly seems to corroborate this ... what is your view ?

asked 10 Jan '11, 06:22

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blubird two

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I've added the text from your "installments" into this posting. It makes it easier for people to see all the information together. I'm also switching this to Community Wiki since it appears to be information, rather than a question

(10 Jan '11, 08:01) Barry Allen ♦♦

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answered 10 Jan '11, 11:33

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I think if we have a receptor for past memory in our brains, we may as well have a receptor for future "memory" because all time is now. The interesting paradox is the past is gone the future is not here we only live in the present moment. So looked at from this perspective it seems existence is sandwiched between two non-existent states so what does that say about present existence? That is one for deep pondering. :-)

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answered 06 Dec '11, 16:48

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Wade Casaldi

@Wade - i like the bit about a receptor for memory "past and future"

(06 Dec '11, 18:46) blubird two

well wade the past and future are in the now. each part have their perpace. each part exist.i will give you example: you look at a dvd you can move forward or backward in the pass or the future. if it did not exist you could not do that.

(08 Dec '11, 01:59) white tiger

well what said wade is good for the physical part of you. but from the soul and spirit perspective we are over time in the now. that is why some have prophetic dream, deja vue, clair sentiance etc. or i could give example: you look at something in the world and you know what will happen in your soul it is clear like water.then you see it happen and you say to your self i know this was going to happen. did anny one ever experience this if you did you know what i am talking about.

experience and enjoy.

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answered 06 Dec '11, 18:53

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white tiger

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@white tiger-yes, the body acts as an antenna and the spirit conveys the information through feelings

(07 Dec '11, 09:38) blubird two

white tiger,is it all predetermined, a premonition or a willed consequence. feelings of having been there before i have experienced and maybe a part of me had received so similar a vibrational pattern before. as i best i can i know the present, yet but can remember the past. does the future happen according to it's time

(09 Dec '11, 00:22) fred

well fred everything happens when it is the time for it to happen or when someone makes a new choice. each choice you make will bring about something to happen. i will give example: many people judge other he is stupid for this or wrong for that. but they do the same. yet they would not accept it to be told by someone. only when they will see that what they do is the same has the person they judge can they use their free will to better them self and people around them.

(09 Dec '11, 01:02) white tiger

so it is easy to see the out come of people stuck with the same problem. i will give you example: you put 2 mad dog in the same cage and throw 1 bone inside. you can guess what will happen. they will fight for the bone and attack each other each thinking that they are superior to the other or more deserving.

(09 Dec '11, 01:10) white tiger

what would happen if one of the mad dog see this. he will say i will not be stupid like that why get hurt for a stupid bone? let him have the stupid bone eventually he will get hurt badly and die.i will still be alive and in better shape. and what will happen when the dog make that desicion? the other dog will not understand. why is he not fighting me for the bone? and it will scare him it is unknow. new choice new things.

(09 Dec '11, 01:20) white tiger
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a more precise search for information may be
can we know the future,
for to remember implies
that it has already happened

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answered 07 Dec '11, 11:35

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@fred-have you never had a "gut" feeling that has come true ?

(07 Dec '11, 13:07) blubird two

well fred if you know or remember something that will happen then those info comes from the part of you that is over time. then the part that remember is the storage in the mind. what is the mind? is it not the link between body and spirit?

(08 Dec '11, 01:54) white tiger

a premonition is a future possibility if no intercession is thrown at it. it does not become real until the choice of the will stamps it as 'decision made'. is that what you include as remembering the future. agreed there is much stored wisdom, possibily everything within this 'ring-pass-not'

(08 Dec '11, 02:04) fred

blubird, yes many a time. if it was recognition of the vision my soul viewed before entry into my born body, that was/is an undeveloped negative of the future developed event without any of my created refractions effecting the plotted cource

(08 Dec '11, 02:09) fred
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