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I've been experimenting with increasing my vibrations, in different forms and at different times. Last night I did a very interesting exercise, I would raise my vibration as far as I could, and next very quickly integrate all the feelings that came, this in intervals of around 2 seconds: vibration-integration-vibration-integration-vibration-integration...

After it I felt larger. I sat and felt like if I really was larger, physically.

I've been doing this the last couple of months, experimenting with my vibrations, and I've been feeling a bit "spacey".. I can't think of a better word.

Has this happened to you?

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@Notgonnatellyou Could you clarify "integrating"? I think I know what you mean. It's an expansion of your chakras, especially in chest, solar plexus and neck. Usually you have resistances in that area and the more energy you flow through your spine deliberately by raising your vibration, the more those areas open up and expand. Also your aura expands and people will notice you easier.

(09 Apr '13, 03:22) releaser99

That certainly makes sense & would explain his feeling of becoming larger - expansion of the chakras @releaser99

(09 Apr '13, 04:13) ele

@releaser99 When I raise my vibration I feel these resistances you're talking about, like anxiety, and when I say I integrate them, it's like feeling the anxiety raw, all of it, that's what I mean by integration. I might be using wrong words, I didn't read about this anywhere just realised it was a way that it would work for me. Now that you mention auras, I've read acouple of books about them, but the other day after a deep meditation, I lie down and suddenly could see the aura of my arm/hand.

(10 Apr '13, 21:55) Notgonnatellyou

@notgonnatellyou "When I raise my vibration I feel these resistances" That's great actually because now limiting beliefs are getting uncovered so you have the chance to get rid of them once and for all. I think your way to "integrate" should help with that. You own, experience and observe your anxietey and don't resist it anymore. This way it can be cleared up and "integrated" for good.

(11 Apr '13, 08:28) releaser99

"Do you feel spacey?" I not only feel spacey sometimes, I also feel like Kevin :)

(11 Apr '13, 08:29) releaser99

Love it - lol! @releaser99

(11 Apr '13, 08:56) ele

@releaser99 What a trooper he is ... banana skins taste disgusting. Give that man an Oscar.

(17 Apr '13, 13:51) Catherine
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Feeling spacey when doing vibrational work could be due to a lack of grounding. Other symptoms are things like heart palpitations, static shocks, insomnia, dizziness, eyes flickering, falling asleep when meditating and having brilliant ideas but not being able to execute them. Grounding is a really important part of the spiritual journey - it essentially means being in your body, conscious of your surroundings and present and available for whatever happens. By using grounding techniques you are bringing your consciousness into your body - this is your goal whilst you have a body. Many people who meditate regularly do not ground themselves properly and may tend to "hang out" in the ethers above the body.

On a recent channelling course we learnt a couple of grounding techniques and the channeller warned us that if we aren't in our bodies, it creates a vacuum for something else to move in. Without being properly grounded, you are vulnerable to taking on energy from other people and even other entities. Also, integrating emotions is much easier if you are fully present in your body so it should improve your ability to integrate.

A good, easy grounding technique is to imagine tree roots from the bottom of your feet anchoring you securely into the Earth. (Your feet need to be flat on the floor when you do this visualisation). Another is to imagine yourself cloaked in an earthy colour such as deep red, terracotta or brown.

I use a technique from The Pleiadian Workbook on a daily basis. It is a little long to type out here but it might be worth you getting hold of the book. Alternatively, there are many grounding techniques available on the internet so have a look around and see what suits you.

There are also certain crystals you can carry around that "ground" you - two that spring to mind are black tourmaline and hematite. You need to carry a tumblestone around with you in a trouser* pocket - any where below the waistline. There are many other crystals but any good crystal shop will be able to advise you.

In The Pleiadian Workbook the author suggests really focusing on getting a good grounding technique going for a week before trying any other processes. It is that important.

Quick on-the-go methods to ground - eat something, drink water.

EDIT 11th April 2013

Following on from my comments about protection below ... the danger of being ungrounded isn't so much about full-on spirit possession (as seen in Hollywood style horror films) - that is incredibly rare. The danger is more from general negative energies in the atmosphere from various sources - negative thoughts directed at you from others, manipulation by other people and general negativity either from individuals or groups. You leave yourself more open to these things if you aren't in control of your own psyche. Here is an interesting article on grounding and meditation and she mentions feeling "spacey" as being one of the signs of not being properly grounded "Love, Shamanism and Meditation" by Stacey Nemour at Daily Heal.

EDIT: 21st April 2013

Here is another explanation from Naisha Ahsian in The Book of Stones: "Smoky quartz is one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones available. Like the smoke of a sage bundle, the energy of Smoky Quartz cleanses and clears the aura and energetic systems. It assists one in connecting to the Earth and completing the electrical circuit between one's physical body and the planet. Without this completed circuit, one's energy systems are very much like a high-tension power line that has snapped. Though there is plenty of energy available, there is nowhere for it to go. The energy is released through the aura into the environment, which can cause unpleasant poltergeist-like effects - even energetic "burnout" and disturbance of the nervous system. By grounding, one completes the circuit, gives the excess energy a safe outlet and reestablishes a healthy energetic flow in the body."


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@Catherine I agree that grounding is important. Inner body meditation aka vipassana is also great for grounding. Do you refer to this book?

(09 Apr '13, 05:08) releaser99

@releaser99 Yes indeed and thank you for adding that link.

(09 Apr '13, 05:23) Catherine

@Catherine Thanks to you I decided to get back into my crystals. I have many crystals & stones, both raw & polished. Hematite was the very first stone I was ever attracted to & used it w/na. I have quite a bit of hematite, including jewelry. My class ring was hematite too - magical stone of transformation. I actually just got out hematite because the other stones weren't resonating with me. I nearly forgot about the grounding. I live in nature so I can ground myself any time. Great answer

(09 Apr '13, 05:44) ele

@releaser99 thanks for the Pleiadan workbook link. You certainly are an asset to this site.

(09 Apr '13, 05:45) ele

@Catherine unless you copied the info word for word, it does not need to be wiki. If you did copy it, you should provide a link. It appears to me to be in your own words. Undo the wiki..

(09 Apr '13, 05:47) ele

@Ele Thanks for that Ele - I actually love my crystals and I'm so pleased others are "into" them too. Have you ever tried scrying? It sort of fascinates me but I gazed into a piece of black obsidian once and got freaked out. The wiki thing - the wiki thing appeared to already be ticked (maybe I ticked it inadvertently) - I did wonder about it. I'll untick it. Thanks again.

(09 Apr '13, 08:20) Catherine

@Catherine I've been collecting stones & crystals most of my life. I'm happy to be actively working with earth energies again. TY! The only gifts I ever gave my mom in the last 30 years were either rocks, geodes or stones. Being Feb was her birth month, I have a huge assortment of beautiful, spiritual Amethyst. We both loved turquoise. I also grabbed hematite, tigers eye (one of my most fav), copper & for reasons unknown, pink rose quartz. Usually it's best to use a combinations of crystals

(10 Apr '13, 02:31) ele

@Catherine ...cont ... In the back of my mind tigers eye is also referred to as @Grace . I don't always go by a 'book'; I go by what 'vibrates' with me. You asked "Have you ever tried scrying? It sort of fascinates me but I gazed into a piece of black obsidian once and got freaked out." I answered your ? here

(10 Apr '13, 02:33) ele

@Ele Thanks very much for that - and thank you for the links too. I love amethyst too.

(10 Apr '13, 03:32) Catherine

@Catherine You're welcome. Luckily I was online last nite & saw your comment w/question. Otherwise I could not have helped you. I never received your comment or any comments other than comments made to my specific answers since yesterday. This must be the "change". I won't be hangin' out here like I do in the winter cause I won't be working online, so if you ask & I don't answer, you know why. AYK, amethyst is a spiritual stone. I sleep with one under my bed; gateway to lucid dreams.

(10 Apr '13, 04:15) ele

@Catherine. Thanks, I will take up your advice on grounding. The first and second time I communicated with my guide in a out-of-body experience during my sleep, I buried myself up to my head in the sand before it began. I had no conscious knowledge of this, but I guess I knew it by intuition. The third time there was a chair, very close to the same spot and he said "Do you know why "here"? And before answering I decided to close the door (it was just outside the house) and he vanished...

(10 Apr '13, 09:49) Notgonnatellyou

(cont) Also I had a fantasy of being buried but with something to breath, buried like 10 inches down, but my friends would be around, I would listen to them talk and all. I felt very good during this visualizations, this I used to do years ago, before I tried any of this. And by intuition I also thought and practiced a little of feeling with my feet standing strong, I had decided the reason of having weak ankles was a belief of not standing strong. So, I guess grounding is something I need...

(10 Apr '13, 09:52) Notgonnatellyou

(cont) Just one thing, hearing those who channel, they say they don't worry about grounding and about "evil" spirits coming to them, as they don't have an intention of communicating with them. That the intention it's all. But I do have read about many who say grounding is totally necessary for this. I wonder what makes one right and the other not as much. Thanks for your response Catherine.

(10 Apr '13, 09:55) Notgonnatellyou

@Catherine "The wiki thing - the wiki thing appeared to already be ticked (maybe I ticked it inadvertently) - I did wonder about it." When you mark an answer Wiki, a pop up box appears & asks you if you are sure & you click yes or no. We were posting our answers at the same time. I had to redo my Answer several times before it took. I kept getting server errors & Gateway errors & the screen kept refreshing more than it should have. I know for a fact I marked my answer wiki. If I would have ...

(10 Apr '13, 23:53) ele

have ... thought of this earlier I could have checked my recent activity to see if I did it 'somehow'; but there has been too much activity on my profile to check. I checked your recent activity & it does not say you marked your own answer wiki. I think I may have done so somehow - up 20 & I do apologize, sorry Dear.

(10 Apr '13, 23:54) ele

@Ele Thanks. @Notgonnatellyou It could be that the channellers are referring to protection, rather than grounding. Protection is when you surround yourself in a bubble of light or ask only that those entities of divine light make contact with you. I would still do that but maybe if you've been channelling for ages you would instinctively know who you're communicating with. On the course the channeller (who has been channelling for sixty years) ......

(11 Apr '13, 04:25) Catherine

@Notgonnatellyou stressed the need for us to do that and he still does it. He did have a couple of scarey tales of people who have been casual about this aspect of channelling! Grounding is something a little different. I am going to put a link into my answer and continue above.

(11 Apr '13, 04:27) Catherine

@Notgonnatellyou I may be wrong about this. Just yesterday I heard Wendy Kennedy channelling the 9DPC and they mentioned that protection is no longer needed for the reasons you suggest - i.e. maintaining a higher frequency means that you wouldn't need protection. Perhaps someone else can answer this question .... is psychic protection necessary? If no one comes up with a firm answer, I'll ask the question.

(17 Apr '13, 13:49) Catherine

Wow, great answer @Catherine. I had never considered grounding to be so important as you mentioned - to avoid creating a vacuum. That makes sense. As one who is not managing a high vibration consistantly, I will pay more attention to it.

(17 Apr '13, 21:19) Grace

@Grace Thank you Grace. As someone who tends to skip the instructions and get to the main event on most things, I too had missed how important it is. Actually I did think of you when I was doing some reading on grounding the other day. A strong natural empath like you needs to pay extra attention to controlling your own space. I think this could make a real difference to you - I'm going to seek out some stuff and send it via email.

(18 Apr '13, 03:49) Catherine

That is so kind of you, @Catherine. Thank you. I have been wondering, since I spend so much time in water, can you ground yourself with water? Sorry if this is something already here, I tried searching with the IQ-Google search thing, but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment - or not with my browser.

(18 Apr '13, 18:01) Grace

@Grace Interesting question Grace .... I don't know the answer but I will have a look around for info. My gut feeling answer would be "no" - the only time I've ever seen it recommended for this was one grounding technique mentioned walking along a shore line and letting the water lap over your feet whilst being aware of your connection to the sand. I think it is that connection to the Earth that is important for grounding but I'm not totally sure.

(19 Apr '13, 05:35) Catherine

@Catherine Great research. Thinking I know a little poltergeist. He's better since they moved. Never thought of grounding. I'm going to tell his mom to stuff his pockets with smoky quartz till I can find smoky quartz jewelry fit for a male. He's loves neck chains & bands. Thanks. Keep going Kate. Much appreciated.

(21 Apr '13, 23:54) ele

@ele Just found out you awarded me some rep points (assume for this) - that's a first for me and much appreciated.

(01 May '13, 16:38) Catherine
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I'm wondering if you are dehydrated. Are you using breath work to increase your vibrations? Being dehydrated or doing breath work could account for spacey feeling. Here is an article about how it feels to be in the vortex. When my vibes are high - I find clarity & feel joy and love. The Hicks call the Vortex the magical swirl. I love that - magical swirl!

"When I'm in the vortex I feel satisfied. When I'm in the vortex I feel good. When I'm in the vortex I feel ready for more. When I'm in the vortex I can do anything. When I'm in the vortex I feel eager. When I'm in the vortex I love myself... It feels like power, it feels like clarity, it feels like love, it feels like solution..." -Esther Hicks

Abraham and Esther Hicks talk this concept in one of their books, The Vortex. They say, "When you ask for something everything that is necessary for the fulfillment of this that you have asked for is being summoned to the vortex.The vortex is the 'vibrational place' (escrow) where you are accumulating all the things you have asked since you were born. Nobody has access to it but you. Nobody can get in and take your things. You need to get in the vortex to get all the things you want. When you are in the vortex you are in this magical swirl of all things working out for you."!&id=4246236

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@ele Very good point. Hydration is so important for vibrational work.

(09 Apr '13, 03:27) releaser99

Thanks, I'm a huge water drinker @releaser99 I wonder if the spacey feeling could be a feeling of detachment or out of body sensation due to his expansion IDK, thinkin' out loud.

(09 Apr '13, 04:15) ele

I was sure I marked this wiki when I answered the question. @Barry Allen you should take back the 20 points. In fact I'm absolutely certain I did.

(09 Apr '13, 04:20) ele

@ele Me too! I feel so much better when I drink "lots and lots of water". I had this spacey feeling also and I think it could be because of dehydration. Usually when I drink 2-3 glasses of water, I feel better again. In fact the feeling of being larger is delicious if it isn't accompanied by feeling spacey.

(09 Apr '13, 04:37) releaser99

Absolutely I can not say enough about water. I love how it makes me feel. Best energy drink by far. You are right; when I'm feeling a bit off, I reach for a glass or two of water. I carry it with me where ever I go. Great Abraham video. Valuable link. I hope many IQ members see it. I'm well hydrated. Point taken - sleep - go to bed Ele. Thanks @releaser99

(09 Apr '13, 05:10) ele

@ele Funny, I read your response yesterday morning, upon waking up and before reading it I felt very thirsty, so I drank 1 liter of water right after I got the second clue. I didn't know about this, but I know now, that I need to drink a lot of water if I'll be doing this. Thanks for your response.

(10 Apr '13, 09:45) Notgonnatellyou
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Every since I have been doing brainwave entrainment, well, I dont exactly feel "spacey" but I have experiences of..... how can I put it into words? Ok the feeling of being awake for over 24 hrs and feeling like you are going to crash and burn if you don't get sleep soon?? But not as extreme. Weird, I know, but I feel like that, even when I'm not tired, whiling I'm standing, when i get in bed, its like not being in my body totally. Like my Soul, is like wearing a body 2 sizes too big, along with that feeling of crash and burn!! I hope no one thinks I'm crazy, but last night, I tossed and turned all night, I tried holding myself, contorting my body, so I felt more secure in my body. To no avail! what is this feeling? Does anyone have any ideas besides me being dehydrated?


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Welcome to IQ @free2b_me. Catherine mentioned the importance of grounding, did you read her answer?

(11 Apr '13, 08:59) ele

Just a thought - perhaps you should stop listening to the sound waves for a couple nights & see how you feel.

(11 Apr '13, 09:08) ele
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