I'm trying not to limit myself, in changing my reality. Mostly I've used Law of Attraction, with great success, but find it hard to sustain, without changing my overall reality. I'm interested in using other techniques with LOA, to metaphysically see-around-corners, and have more influence on my desires.

Other principles we should master?
We're got everything we need in the Universe, just for the asking. LOA seems easy to use, but isn't there other principles we should master? Some us are manifesting great things, but failing to change our overall condition.

Easy to use principles, based on vibrational energy
If other principles where represented in a easy-to-use fashion, perhaps we'd use those just as effectively (divination, time-field-manipulation). LOA seems based on science and vibrational energy, rather than superstition.

Holistic Approach
Regardless, I'd like to see more of a holistic approach in achieving our desires. Any thoughts or research you could share would be appreciated. May love and desire manifest your dreams.

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@Alician- Investigate the 7 chakras.

(03 Aug '12, 23:12) Nikulas
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I will be honest: Stingray and I do not see eye-to-eye about the LOA....I once said that it seemed to me that using the Law alone is kind of like pulling a handle on a slot machine....Which, of course, it isn't, but I did say it once...

I have learned to combine the LOA with my belief in God and also my Faith. I pray for what I need, and then put it into God's "IN-BOX" and then let go of it...I believe God already knows my wants and desires, as would any Father. I have had pretty good success with this, combining the Universe's hard-wiring with God.

This seems to make more sense to me than just believing in a dry law and a Universe that just delivers the goods like a Pizza. I have to factor God into my beliefs!

Perhaps Stingray does the same. But I hate it when we call our God "The Universal Force" or worse, just "Universe". I have had many personal and direct experiences from God not to believe in Him!

This is my own personal belief, and you or everyone else may not agree.

But this is what works for me: God, The Bible, Christ, Faith, and the LOA.


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@Jaianniah, just reading this. See my very recent post about researches into the Anima Mundi. God and the Universal Force are not the same thing. The latter was created by the former to be an operating agent or principle. Might clear things up.

(04 Aug '12, 02:03) lozenge123

Look at it like this. At whatever vibrational state of being you are right now. It is sum of habitual activities you have created over some time. When you try to manifest a thing out of that place, you are using various techniques to change your vibrational level to match the vibrational state of the desired thing. But sometimes, after manifesting whatever you wanted, you may fall back to the vibrational plane you were at the start.

Why? Because your habits create vibration of your day. All those little things you do and don't even think about add up and make your day what it is. If you want to manifest a different state of being and make it permanent, you must re-create your habits to match your desired vibrational plane.

First you have to become aware of all of your habits. When you got them all pin down, you can start to change them through will power. But notice that you only have this much of will power for a day. If you focus it on several habits at once, you'll make small progress and will most probably give up soon. Therefore, try to change only one thing at once and add another only when you feel your new approach in that thing has became habitual. Eventually, you can push one habit after another to a different reality, thus having them re-created to match your new vibrational state of being. Once they become AUTOMATIC (habits).. they will sustain your vibration.

In short -> Vibrational state of being A -> identify all your habits -> which create your vibration -> push them through one by one using WILL POWER -> to desired Vibrational state of being B. Once they start to "root" -> they will sustain your desired vibration -> and use of will power will be 0 when your new habits settled fully.

As always, there's much more to this, but I hope this basic info answers your question sufficiently for now.


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