Why trust that 'all-that-is' is good? If 'all-that-is' inherently includes all that is dark?

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It depends on how much work you've done on quieting your mind. If the inner voice comes from the silence and not from your ego mind, then it's the voice of your Christ-consciousness and can be trusted. You'll know this by how you feel about it.

Even if your inner voice brings something dark into your awareness, it's because at some level of your being you asked to be shown as part of your own evolution.

All That Is doesn't make mistakes. All is as it's meant to be and unfolds in perfect timing and synchronicity within the eternal - one same moment of now.

There's only one of us here. All facets are expressions of and contained within All That Is. Thus, there are no independent, external, evil forces at play that can affect you; unless you invite them into your experience for whatever reason.


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Great response.

(13 Jan '11, 19:46) The Knights Alchemy

If you can't trust yourself, who is there left to trust?


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I would never know the light without experiencing the dark.

I only feel so good because I have felt so bad.

I love going back to work so I can have another vacation.

Your inner voice is all you have. All else are just sign posts.

Yes trust the inner voice..except for Jake, he is naughty :)


oh and cool picture


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jim 10

You made me laugh

(11 Jan '11, 18:56) all2gethernow

@WD, Great sense of humor!

(12 Jan '11, 01:58) Inactive User ♦♦

all2gathernow... Not all is good... There is evil in this world.

But your own 'Inner-Voice' CAN be trusted -- IF you have some experience in 'hearing' it, or know of someone who can teach you how to do so.

Jesus said: "He who has ears to hear" when he switched to teaching the people in parables...

He did that, because his enemies were in the growd that he was addressing, and His enemies did not have the ability to 'hear' (in the spirit)... His enemies wanted to disrupt his discourse, so that the people would not learn the 'truth' that would set them free.

When you have learned how it 'feels' when you are truly in contact with your Inner Voice -- you will very soon learn to trust that Inner Voice above all others...

That's how you will earn all of the powerful and enduring self-respect you need to defeat your enemies and be truly successful in life.


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The Prophet

The inner voice gives us the words to speak in the outer voice; otherwise we would not have the privilege to inner voice expect through the outer voice for utterance to behold the words to be heard!

Therefore, if you cannot trust your inner voice then who can you trusts. It is like saying I do not trust myself, so where do I go from here, if I cannot trust my own self. The inner voice is also the same outer voice that speaks for us, as within, so as without, since it is all from the same source!

In terms of the dark side, remember you get to choose, so obviously it is your choice. In life there is both good, and evil, so you cannot disregard this fact!


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The inner voice is a vibration between the two hemispheres of the brain which are joined together male and female. The vibration is an idea that evolves from external stimulation. The inner voice can be a thorough expectation of reality or a fantastical fantasy. Acting upon either of the two can be a gamble. When gambling, who's to say your number is going to be the winner? The results will prove itself.


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yes always listen to it and act accordingly! people will lie to you! people choice will affect you! this voice sometime is trying to tell you about that! i know i have let many people chance to do the right things! and i have seen things happen that this little voice told me! so trust in it and learn to know it!


answered 27 Apr '11, 21:16

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white tiger

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