I have been meditating for years and recently bought CD's of binaural beats to open my chakras. Having done the first 5 openings, I started on the 6th third eye chakra and shortly had the experience of being in a black space with starlike missiles shooting towards me this lasted a long time. Similarly, when opening the crown chakra, the same thing happened only this time the showering missiles were colored. Can you help me understand the meaning of this please?

asked 04 Oct '09, 21:21

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Which CD's did you get?

(25 Sep '10, 04:21) Vesuvius

Hello Tamara ,

Every experience is different for everyone but you were deffenetly opened the Third eye chakra for a moment there...i honestly advice you ground yourself (1st chakra) first before working with the Third eye there are alot of people in Mad houses by opening the third eye without proper knowledge.

I recommend you Samual Sagan and his book on the third eye , best i have seen out there and also is universal mind meditation.



answered 04 Oct '09, 21:55

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Thanks for the book recommendation. I will try to investigate further. Tamara

(05 Oct '09, 00:43) Tamara

Thanks will try to locate the book

(09 Oct '09, 05:27) Tamara

I can't explain the experience to you but I can tell you of a similar one. I was meditating and somehow I turned back in on my self as though I was looking through a window. I saw a pin point of light explode into a universe of planets and stars. The lights came rushing towards me so rapidly I got a shock and 'pulled my head back in.' I don't know how I did it now. I've tried since but have never been able to find 'the window' again. I think I saw the beginning of creation.

Perhaps the Binaural beats are opening that window for you.


answered 04 Oct '09, 21:41

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Thanks for your insight. Tamara

(05 Oct '09, 00:42) Tamara

I have another one. Once when I was visualizing, soon after I closed my eyes I got a feeling like I am rotating. That was against my will. I tried to influence and rotate in another way but I did not work. I needed to open my eyes or sometimes I needed to actually look around myself to stop this rotation. And then again when I closed my eyes this rotation continued. So you say that the problem is not-grounding?


answered 06 Oct '09, 17:46

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Thanks for sharing, I had a similar experience where the bed sheets were swirling around and I had to sit up and hit them till they stopped.

(09 Oct '09, 05:28) Tamara

Are you experiencing vibrations in the body with that rotations?That dscription sound like the beggining of Astral Projection... yes you should be grounded with Mother Earth first of all i can recommend you a very good product for it (Shalila Sharamon - Chakra Meditation) its a rare product but its the best i have worked with.

Most people dont understand the importance of grounding , first it shifts the energy flow on your body , gives you spiritual , mental and Body deffenses, and so on... very important.

I recommend you ask for protection from mother Earth everytime you meditate, you can imagine the red energy coming from the deep earth and entering your first chakra until your 8th Chakra and ask with all your heart for proctetion... also you can chant the Vibration of the chakra at the same time you do this...it works for me :)



answered 09 Oct '09, 17:31

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Grounding to the Earth is the wrong solution. That is why your experience was unsustainable. You want to ground to Heaven. I would suggest you first find a practioner of neuro-emotional technique and sytematically work thru the images and feelings you experienced. After your crying is cancelled out of your system, you should become aware of your electrical tail continuing where your tailbone leaves off. You should not find it overly difficult to unplug your tail from Earth ground and plug in to Heaven. Enjoy!


answered 16 Apr '10, 21:24

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mister truth

wow! should try it!

(13 Sep '10, 06:53) daniele

You were starting to astral project, now here is a very interesting thing if we take feeling out of the picture and we jump out of an airplane we can perceive we are moving toward earth or earth is moving toward us. We would be right either way as one can not happen without the other so it is all a matter of interpreted perception.

While it felt like you are floating in space and the universe was moving toward you, others would say it felt like they were moving through the universe, and both would be right of course because it is all relative to experience. It is in this state that you can go flying to other dimensions other places and times, if you fear at any time you will be yanked back into your body aware state so fast it will feel like you fell into your chair, in other words your whole body jumps. Boom you are back! If you do not fear you might even make it to the gates of the astral plane, there you will meet a being taller than you wearing a robe, depending on your fear he may be a giant or slightly taller. You may have a conversation with him and he may let you through the gates or not, if you get through the gates the universe is yours to explore any planet anyplace.

The most important thing is to always have no judgment of anything, because judgment creates experience.


answered 16 Apr '10, 22:15

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Wade Casaldi

Very interesting! thanks for sharing, namaste

(13 Sep '10, 06:52) daniele

I agree with Yathnos, it would be helpful to ground yourself first


answered 06 Oct '09, 13:17

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Thanks for advice. Will focus on grounding. I did enjoy this experience after the initial shock.

(09 Oct '09, 05:29) Tamara

i see a window its in a heavy forest where it is green.. but it fades away..


answered 14 Sep '10, 23:02

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I feel like the "black" nothingness becomes more clear and detailed.

Like I am seeing the blackness in HD, if that makes any sense....

I use to see this tall white line standing vertical, then break off into 2 at the bottom and then surround me, as a think white line all around my mind....


answered 17 Sep '10, 00:25

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i decided to try meditating. i sat down, achieved perfect posture, closed my eyes, and started breathing quietly through my nose. i began to see a jungle, and i.. was a tiger. i was pearched on a tree, looking around at the jungle floor. for some reason, i had a very depressing thought of deprivation, sadness, almost as if i felt bad for someone. i almost teared up. any explaination?


answered 25 Sep '10, 00:44

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mike mahon

The lights represent spirits about,They are allways there,it happens when you are leaveing this area to pass into the other area.You must have a spirit guide that want to meet you.The white light is good, and the colors is the "being" itself.I would just relax,and yes you do want to stay grounded.You don't want to pass over,you just want to meet.You got to stay grounded to this side of life,you can loose yourself easly if you let it happen.Concentrate on the colors,try to vissualize each one as it comes to you,and you will eventually meet,and have a good expierance.Im happy for you,its great progress in your life,and soon good things will take place.


answered 19 May '11, 16:14

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randy 8

i would like to know why when i meditated only for one week, then one day i experienced something i stopped, i have not meditated for 2 years and i am still experiencing the vibration and black matter moving i need to know why is this i am afraid of the dark because its when its dark this experience takes place.....


answered 18 May '11, 04:41

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