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What does seeing or dreaming of 333 mean?

Kinda weird I'm seeing this number sequence everywhere like on the clocks, license plate numbers, my account number ending 33, or even on the sheet number which was a typo error, it's pretty much solid since Christmas . Just lately I bought something my bill totaled 3,300 at 19:33 PM. Could it be something like a spiritual awakening?

asked 12 Jan '11, 14:06

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Angelfire 1

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Now you are going to see it way more often. Your subconscious knows it and will show it to you. Just watch.

(12 Jan '11, 14:40) jim 10

@ Barry Allen, Now I'm seeing your reply exactly @ "33 mins. ago" lol

@ Wandering Dude, you got it right ;)

(12 Jan '11, 15:09) Angelfire 1

Of course today only but a few times I checked my phnoe for the time, it was 3:33

(12 Jan '11, 21:42) jim 10

@Wandering: It will do that twice a day. :)

(13 Jan '11, 05:14) Vesuvius
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Depending on whether or not you believe in angels or messages from them (which I guess could also be understood as messages from God or Source), according to Doreen Virtue:

33 - many ascended masters surround you and assist you in all ways. They've come to help you with your mission and to answer your prayers. Tune to them now and ask them any question you wish.

333 - You've merged with the ascended masters, and they're working with you day and night - on many levels. They love, guide and protect you in all ways.

Numerologically speaking, 3 is the number of creation, expansion and prosperity.


answered 12 Jan '11, 15:58

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I notice that aquamarine has exactly 333 points right now :)

(12 Jan '11, 22:16) Stingray

Wow this is cool! Aquamarine's points is 333 :)

(12 Jan '11, 23:42) Angelfire 1

Thank you! I believe this is the answer I am looking for. It seems like the God source is opening up something to me.. Everytime I see these numbers my mind is saying "The spirit of God is in me..." It is also my dominant thought therefore I attract it... The Law of Attraction :)

(13 Jan '11, 00:03) Angelfire 1

I totally did not see my points being 333! How funny. I was probably too busy merging with the ascended masters :) Anyway, glad my answer was of some use Angelfire.

(13 Jan '11, 12:25) aquamarine
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Confirmation Bias

In short, you see 33 and 333 all the time now, because those are the numbers you are looking for. Try switching your expectation to 44 and 444, and see what happens.


answered 12 Jan '11, 15:12

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Vesuvius, Thank you for this info. maybe I'll try 44 and 444 then. lol

(13 Jan '11, 04:22) Angelfire 1

Deja vu! Try remembering what the number 3 and or the sequence of 3's means to you. Do not be surprised when the subconscious works beyond your conscious mind. This normally happens when you reach a state of relaxation. Once your conscious mind grabs hold of the subconscious idea, then comes the question(s). The constructs of the brain are very similar to the constructs of the man-made computer. Your spiritual awakening is your realization that your mind is manifesting things beyond your human intelligence.


answered 12 Jan '11, 15:50

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I've seen the 3's hundreds of times. Just yester day saw it on the clock 3:33pm with that said what about the 2's. Saw the 2's on the computer and cell phone time:2:22pm.


answered 01 May '11, 18:25

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Mari 2

Funny looked at the laptop clock and it was: 333pm. Hmmmmmm...wonder what that means?

(01 May '11, 20:35) Mari 2

I have experienced this also. I have periods where I don't see it then once I do, I see it all the time. I agree with what others have said, it's basically because you are expecting to see it and your subconcious directs your attention to it whenever it is there like on a clock or other digital devices.

Before I realised this I did a bit of research and the only thing significant about the number 33 to me personally was that my mother was 33 when I was born.


answered 12 Jan '11, 17:45

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Radius 7.25

This is not because you want to see it. If it's really happening to you, it will find you. I have set out to block this number out and it finds me. Cars will drive by w/333, I turn clocks around, Even on the internet it will find you. I don't know what it means EXACTLY, but i can tell you it has something to do with aliens. I know this for certain. No point in fear, just go with it. I figure one day the mystery will be revealed to those who have seen it.


answered 30 Apr '11, 21:02

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On the 333 view I felt the need to post. Hmmph


answered 01 May '11, 18:48

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