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I have no idea how I ever got to this site, but I am very very thankful I did.

I am pretty sure it began with my investigation of LOA. Though it seemed to have somewhat of an answer I was not really comfortable with the "having more" will bring happiness. What I did get from it was that feeling good thoughts brought more feeling good and I also started to follow my feelings towards better situations. No i never got rich. No quirky story to tell about the shoes I got because I saw them in a window and appreciated them.

Over my life time I had the honor of being taught Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and a little Hindu. Trust me I got a little or a lot out of all of them. Even some "new age" stuff looked cool

The latter of them has been LOA and that has brought me to now. I am sorry to say that a part of me has felt that there is a marketing scheme going on to some sorts. Don't get me wrong, like all of the teachings I have seen I always pull out the stuff that resinates for me.

Today I stumbled on this video and I would really like your thoughts on this.

I have labeled this a community wiki

I love all of you and I thank you for your time.


I am including the original website link which you can read (at your own pace) what inspired the video. I think it better summates what is trying to be conveyed and takes the narrator out of the equation.

Thank you The Traveler for this suggestion.

Vail of Reality

Knowing Thyself

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jim 10

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Hi Wandering Dude.

Thank you Thank you so much for putting up that link to the video and the link to the website (in your response) from which the video was inspired.

I first watched the video 3 times, each time being more and more thankful that somebody put it together.

I read the information in the website that inspired the video 2 times very slowly, with the same reaction.

I made a copy of the contents of the website for future reference.

May I say again, thank you for sharing this information.

If you will allow me, may I explain why I feel so glad that this information was made available?

If you were upset by the information that you saw, then FANTASTIC! something happened within you.

You felt insulted, singled out, being judged, whatever!

Did you stop and ask yourself, why does this upset me so?

Much of the opinions presented in this video have been around just about as long as, and in many ways long before, Inward Quest has been around.

The criticism about the movements, leaders, and philosophies that you love and embrace have always been there. Did you ever allow yourself to see these criticisms against what you love and embrace?

If you haven't why not?

Oh...let me guess... it comes down to right and wrong doesn't it?

Since you love something must be right.

So now something else comes along and threatens what you have chosen to love and, oh my god, that can't be right!!! It has to be wrong.....because I feel so angry and upset when what I know is right is being questioned this way.

Isn’t that what it comes down to?????

So what will happen if you have the courage to look at the other side to what you believe is "right" and therefore love and embrace as the truth???

Oh let me guess. Or allow me to put some words into your mouth



So is that how you felt when you watched that video?

Are you afraid that this is what self-questioning will force you to admit????

To admit that whatever that you choose to believe, must pass the scrutiny of your analysis and the analysis of the people and ideologies that you love and embrace?

Are you afraid that you are judged upon the foundation on which you now stand, a foundation of truth, and that there are some things that must not be interfered with, for if you did then what do you stand for?

Do you believe, "if I don't have an understanding that defines me and who I am, then what is the point of my entire existence and everything that I have worked for?"

I'm sure the feelings that come up when, what you love is threatened, can be described in a million ways.

But if you really want to get somewhere, in my opinion, that is where you start.

You start with what upsets you.

Not in a conversation or an argument with another human being.

Do it in the safe confines and comfort within your own presence.

Explore within yourself as to what causes such an angry reaction within you when an external trigger pushes your buttons.

You will start to unravel the construction of yourself and the love you have developed towards the concepts and ideologies that you have chosen to embrace.

The more love you have within yourself towards an ideology, the greater your anger towards another who questions it.

Now you can spend years of effort to carefully map out all that you embrace to arrive at a "proper" understanding of "who you are"

That is not the point of the exercise.

The point of the exercise is for you to realize that, the entire layer of what you have embraced as the "this is who I am, for this is what I believe and stand for" is an artificially created layer within which you exist.

And within that layer we continuously suffer the consequences of trying to protect what we believe is "right" and the "truth", because our identity depends on it.

The real you is free from this trap of identity that you have to so carefully protect.

How do you know that you are trapped within this identity?

If you are angry because, either what you believed was right, is now wrong, or for that matter, if somebody is daring to question what you know is "right", you are very much suffering within the identity of your construction.

Outside of this trap, it is not black or white.

Outside of it is between black and white.

You are still dealing with black and white, for everything is held in suspension from a place of nothing to a rainbow of colors between black and white.

Remember the statement "If you are not with us you are against us"?

That is the trap of identifying with one side as being "right" and "the truth".

And if upon reading the above statement, if you find yourself saying "OK SMART GUY If YOU KNOW SO MUCH YOU TELL ME WHAT THE TRUTH IS", you are forever within the trap.

There is a part of you that doesn't suffer this trap of judgment.

The part of you that is "trapped" is built upon this innocent non-judgmental self that is the extension of the "source"

The links that have been graciously provided by the Wandering Dude are trying to awaken you towards that realization.

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The Traveller

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I fricken love you man! At first I was put off by the ACCUSATIONS, and then an AH-HA moment. What if? Am I attached again to something else now? What am I defending? I need to try to OBJECTIVELY examine this. I am glad my 'being offended' was very short lasting. It was like I pricked my finger, shook my hand then gazed at my digit for a splinter. I can't thank you enough. Not for the defense but for...wait a minute. Yes, part of me feels good that I feel you get me and either it be my ego or not, it feels good. I am getting tired of seemingly portraying to be someone and just BE. We all do it!

(13 Jan '11, 05:49) jim 10

It's a difficult road, but the real work lies within us and only in conflict we get to glimpse at what is wrong and needs exploration. I wanted to paraphrase many sections from the page that you linked, but chose to allow the curiosity of the reader to guide them towards it. (Added later) about the comment from others on the video being "too deep", I don't know what the hell they are talking about. If that's too deep I wonder what they are doing on this forum??? (But I wouldn’t instigate reactions from others, to each their own...if you know what I mean)

(13 Jan '11, 06:27) The Traveller

You always come up with a very different answer to most Traveller. I like your answer because it provokes more questions. It challenge,its of the beaten track. Good take.

(13 Jan '11, 08:45) Monty Riviera

@Traveler. I called you man when you very well could be a 53 year old woman. Funny how the mind assumes things. And yes I know what you mean an I applaud you on how you handle 'that' :)

(13 Jan '11, 13:49) jim 10

I could also be a monkey in some laboratory vigorously typing away all this stuff in return for food rewards. You never know!

(13 Jan '11, 14:31) The Traveller

I didn't read anybody to say the video is "too deep." I said it is TOO COMPLICATED, and refuses to recognize that it is not OUR collective problem -- the problem(s) mentioned can only be addressed by each ONE of us taking their own prersonal moral responsiblity. That seems to be too complicated for MOST people... There's an opportunity here!

(13 Jan '11, 15:56) The Prophet

I'm sorry Neil. When I read some of the initial reactions, I was somewhat appalled that this excellent information would be reduced to irrelevance. It took me 3 times of watching and reading the information to understand the "intent" in the message. I was sad that it wasn't getting through, and I reacted to that. So I was suffering from the very thing I was talking about. The reaction was necessary at the time, and if I owe you an apology, I am sorry for my reaction.

(13 Jan '11, 16:54) The Traveller

Traveller, the comment I left for Graham this morning was actually intended for you - I was rushing to get ready for work ( Not in the moment again :) )

(13 Jan '11, 19:27) Michaela

Hi Michaela, It is often said that there are no "real" coincidences

(13 Jan '11, 20:48) The Traveller

I'd agree with that :)

(13 Jan '11, 22:04) Michaela
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The simple truth to the video is man is still searching for the truth, and has not found it as yet. So, life remains a complicated puzzle with no end in sight, unless of course the truth is reveled! But, how much longer is it going to take mankind to find the truth in our life time? Our forefather did not find it, and although this generation of people have advanced beyond what our fore parents perhaps would have never foreseen, but we are in deed the Master mind of our time. Excellence is given in due time, the mastery key is still missing, and man continues to search for the truth tireless. There are more questions than answers, indeed!

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answered 13 Jan '11, 03:13

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Inactive User ♦♦

I agree. "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." -Ecclesiastes 1:9. Although the spectrum of circumstances has changed, the underlying emotion has not. We continue to be what we have been.

(13 Jan '11, 19:26) Constantine

Like Graham says there's an underlying, perhaps unintentional, implication throughout the video that the narrator is more aware than us "deluded ones" (my words, not the narrator's) who are being tricked by all these Self-Helpers and New Agers, maybe unwittingly on their part.

But is the narrator's reality view any more valid than any of ours?


...rather like the recent brilliant, mind-twisting film Inception, has the narrator gone so far into the depths of the illusion of conspiracy that his reality is now less real than our deluded illusions, even though he thinks and proclaims the opposite? :)

Personally, I love a good conspiracy theory.

I can happily spend days (and occasionally do) studying the latest and greatest machinations of The Illuminati, Reptilian Shape-Shifters, Zeta Reticuli or whoever the bad guys are meant to be these days. Just don't get me started on HAARP and weather/earthquake weapons :)

Some part of me just loves all this stuff...BUT...ultimately I will always trust myself to know what is right for me at any particular time and no conspiracy theorist (or evil organization for that matter) is ever going to convince me to do things or become involved with things that don't feel right to me...that's my guarantee of freedom for myself.

The implication of the video is that we cannot trust that inner guidance without doing the true, deeper self-work, whatever that work is meant to be.

Like the multi-layered dream-worlds of Inception, you may be living within the illusion without realizing it but, like the implied ending of that movie, does it ultimately really matter whether your life is really reality if you are genuinely happy? ...

...since happiness is what every living human being is craving from cradle to grave whether they are honest enough to admit it to themselves or not.

For as long as we are physically focused, we are always going to be living in some form of illusion you might as well enjoy it while you are here :)

Interesting video and worth watching and thinking about. Thanks for sharing it, Michael.

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answered 12 Jan '11, 19:03

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Your very welcome Stingray. I watched it again and tried to just as a 'conscious observer'. I did not get much (but yes did see) much of the conspiracy theory part. What I got the most was (even if he was talking about us), is that we really have to go maybe deeper.

(12 Jan '11, 21:25) jim 10

I understand what you say about going deeper but I don't see insight there...I see instead a limiting belief that implies that life is difficult. And I also see many people today who are leaving those limiting attitudes behind and being "condemned", for want of a better word, by those who make videos like this one as somehow "shallower" for doing so. Just my controversial twist on it :)

(13 Jan '11, 01:07) Stingray

don't forget the UFO stuff Stingray

(13 Jan '11, 13:20) ursixx
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Yes thanks for sharing this Michael. Definitely worth watching and contemplating.I'm at a point now where I can honestly say I really don't know what's right or wrong and I've totally given up believing what others say. If something feels right I go with it and that becomes My Truth for now until I've evolved a bit more and something else resonates with me.I'm finding more and more that The Divine has it's own way of showing me what I need to know and the more I can trust this the more I grow.

I'll add to what Stingray said about every human craving happiness, although I think you could easily substitute that word for meaning or peace. I think this journey opens us up to the war within our own pscyhe, and until we all begin to resolve that individually, I don't think we'll resolve it as a species. And because we are all One, when I genuinely focus on my own growth, I naturally want the same for others

As for what the narrator said about the New Age Movement. I'm sure there are many teachers out there who are aware, and others who jump on the band wagon to make a buck. There may even be a third group whose intentions are good but don't fully comprehend themselves what they're trying to teach - no different to those in any other walk of life

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answered 12 Jan '11, 19:30

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Michaela, in my opinion you are touching on some deep understanding of yourself through your answer. Your "war within our own psyche" is a perfect illustration of that. I think the posting of this video and the subsequent reaction to it by others is a great starting point to understand the nature of the self. I am also glancing at Wandering Dude's answer as I am writing this comment, and I am in agreement with the both of you. I have such an urge to share something about this. I hope it will still be there when I get home.

(12 Jan '11, 22:56) The Traveller

Machaela, I too feel that the "war within our own psyche" is a great place to focus attention on the problems that the video forced us to look at... I know how much we all love to delve onto exotic theories with psychic solutions, but, in my own experience, the resolution to the right/wrong problem is very much a personal responsibility with a personal solution... The problem responds to simple direct-logic, and is quickly relieved thru a simple process that I developed to reconcile the many moral dilemmas that I have faced in my own life.

(13 Jan '11, 14:54) The Prophet

If you've got a 'simple process' Neil, please do share. For me ( and I think most people ) this spiritual journey and going within has been anything but simple. If I'm making it 'too complicated', I'm always open to suggestions :)

(13 Jan '11, 19:32) Michaela

@Michaela I admire your words. Very much :)

(13 Jan '11, 19:41) jim 10

Thank you Michael :)

(13 Jan '11, 22:03) Michaela

I'd be glad to share more... Just click on the field (on this site's profile) that's listed as my website... I'm the world's leader in that particular field -- I have been for more that 30 years.

(14 Jan '11, 12:43) The Prophet
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Some Truths In Every Teaching...

J. Krishnamurti was my first real teacher. My ego fought against his teachings from the outset, but I did get it eventually. Although he was right in saying that I'd probably see what he was saying intellectually and then carry on as normal. Synchronistically, years later when I was ready, Eckhart Tolle and to a lesser extent, Deepak Chopra entered my world and hence, through these three teachers the foundation for understanding ego had been laid.

Then the real work of observing my thoughts and ego action had begun and still continues...

Although the video seems to suggest that many new age, metaphysical and The Secret kinds of teachers are in it primarily to make money, that’s not my view.

To me it makes perfect sense to use money as a carrot as an entry point into understanding how reality really works (it worked for me). After all, most people are heavily burdened by debt for whatever reason, so offering them the chance to help themselves to solve their financial challenges is an act of kindness.

And the fact that those teachers have become wealthy can be seen as proof that they actually know what they’re talking about. Of course, if we choose to believe that it’s all rubbish, hype and marketing, we’ll find evidence to support that belief as well, guaranteed!

As we inquire, learn and know more and more about how life works, we receive more and more data and points of view, so for me the bottom line is discernment.

I could actually continue writing all day, but will cut it short and make it simple. One of my goals is to be surrounded by happy people who’re not living in fear, pain and suffering, so I leave you with a simple message that came through today:

Divine Wish

From a place of deep pain, the sufferer cursed the Divine:
“Why must I endure this constant pain? Haven’t I already suffered enough for you?
What more do you want from me and how much longer must I suffer on your behalf?”

And a soft clear voice echoed a divine message in the sufferer’s ear:

“After all these years of pain and suffering, have you not realized that I am but a reflection of all that you voice inside? Seeing the constant turmoil in the external circumstances of your life, do you not know that I, the Divine am but a mirror of your thoughts and beliefs? I have no power over you and I demand absolutely nothing of you."

"My divine wish for you is simply and eternally - I want for you what you want for you and nothing more. This is true for all beings every-where and every-when, now and until the end of time and even, forever more.”

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answered 13 Jan '11, 10:13

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(13 Jan '11, 13:13) ursixx

@urisixx. Now that's quite odd. Was Krishnamurti mentioned in the video? Cause I somehow ended up watching videos of him last night. Dang rabbit hole:)

(13 Jan '11, 13:44) jim 10

Eddie,thank you for a thought out response. I was eagerly awaiting your thoughts on this. I intend on spending time with KrishnaMurti. Namaste

(13 Jan '11, 13:55) jim 10

That wonderful word 'discernment'. I love the 'Divine Wish' - It's so true that we each have to realize what it is we 'Truly' want. How can we expect the Divine to give it to us until we've figured out what it is we really want?

(13 Jan '11, 19:36) Michaela

Thanks for the link ursixx :)

(13 Jan '11, 19:37) Michaela

I just got back from the bookstore and picked up one of Krishnamurtis books. Thanks again.

(13 Jan '11, 19:40) jim 10

Thanks guys, it's my pleasure to share. JK isn't easy reading, but may help you to: observe ego action in yourself, understand oneness, authority, and being rational. "Think On These Things" and "The Krishnamurti Reader" 1 & 2 are good books to start with. I'd love to know your thought them... :)

(14 Jan '11, 01:02) Eddie

Here’s a couple of links - -

(14 Jan '11, 01:13) Eddie

Eddie. Thank you for sharing those links. I checked out every one of them.

(14 Jan '11, 04:33) The Traveller

@The Traveller - Cool, I trust you didn't react ;-)

(14 Jan '11, 12:36) Eddie
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Hi Dude Ive just watched the video.

Some thoughts.

The narrator thinks that were not seeing the world as it really is. Thats a wee bit presumptuous of him. I see it as i see it. Whos to say im not seeing it accurately.

He then talks towards the end of the video of reaching ( or not ) a GOLDEN AGE. Or rather of the world reaching a golden age. I think this point of view looks at the world very GLOBALLY.

I cant speak for anyone else but i view the world very much from my own microcosm. Im not very interested in a world wide golden age,im not too worried about global levels of consciousness. I wonder if many are. I also wonder it many people worry to much about the powers that be pulling the wool over their eyes.

I think the maker of this video makes a sweeping assumption that we dont know whats going on in this world.He also assumes that he does and we ought too!!

The desire thing coming from our egoic self i can understand. I can grasp the concept but try as i might ive never managed to be able to stop desiring things that stroke my ego in some way. I know some people go down the route of denying or surpressing desire. Im not saying their wrong either. I can only speak for me. I like having desires,i like having them fulfilled,i believe they contribute to the forward movement of the race and myself.

I noticed Esther Hicks was on the video just as the narrator said many were making millions out of self help gurus. Co incidence ! ?

Bit unfair on old Esther really. She helps a great many people help them selves. She concentrates very much on the individual and their relationship with their maker and their oneness with him . I would have thought this revelation was infinitly more valuable than some esoteric rather vague conspiracy theory that does rather patronise us poor fools, who are apparently labouring under so many mis apprehensions.

I did find the wholw thing stimulating. It piqued my interest and it was worth watching. BUT i find the whole world conspiracy thing a little overdone.

I didnt come to this world to attain some higher form of consciousness,i had that before i came here.

The reason im here is to have a truely unique and joy filled journey. I never trouble myself about the worlds level of consciousness,its golden age,its end or anything else.

Well Dude,theres my thoughts. A little negative maybe, and only as i see it. I feel sure many will disagree . And theyve every right too. They might even be right!

Thanks for sharing the link. Graham

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answered 12 Jan '11, 17:51

Monty%20Riviera's gravatar image

Monty Riviera

Simply wonderful Graham. I needed to bounce this some of you. I have mixed feelings about this but some of it hit me hard. I love the Hicks they have helped me greatly.

(12 Jan '11, 18:17) jim 10

Might I add respectfully tat I am not sure what the narrator 'think' and I was not sure he was talking about 'us' :)

(12 Jan '11, 21:21) jim 10

I ll be honest Dude,i wasnt able to understand ALL the video.I listened to it and picked up on a few things. Its probably like a good book. When you read it a second or third time it sinks in a bit more and you get more of the meaning. There is a LOT in that video,and i must say its started a very productive thread.

(13 Jan '11, 08:41) Monty Riviera

Yes! We all want the "Truth" but when it's presented to us, we don't always want to hear it, we'd rather be 'right'. Real growth can only take place when we're willing to move beyond this.

(13 Jan '11, 12:37) Michaela

Sorry Graham, I meant to leave the above comment for Traveller - rushing again :)

(13 Jan '11, 19:28) Michaela
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I appreciate the video, but it's way too complicated...

The simple truth is: the world builds on a foundation of morality: order, loyalty and truth.

And, doing what's RIGHT, is a moment-by-moment, day-by-day decision, that is YOURS to make...

The decision is yours -- the consequences God's.

The catch is: we reap what we sow... In the end, we are all held ACCOUNTABLE to a LAW that is consistant and immutable... God never changes His mind.

Keep that Truth in mind, because in another few minutes, you'll be asked to make another decision... Will it be a moral one...?

Remember, your life depends on it.

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answered 12 Jan '11, 18:16

The%20Prophet's gravatar image

The Prophet

I agree Neil. I listened to it and frankly it was WAY WAY above my head. Any teaching thats really going to impact anyones got to be understandable. This stuff would have your average rocket scientist rubbing his head.

(12 Jan '11, 19:41) Monty Riviera

@Neil, who are the rest of the group?

(13 Jan '11, 05:36) jim 10

Im very glad this question and video was shown. Judging by the reponses,all of them very carefully thought out this must be the best thread ive seen in a while.It seems to have provoked all kind thoughts,viewpoints and positions. I like it when a questions upvoted and responded to in this way.Lots of comments,lots of answers.Its what makes this site what it is

(13 Jan '11, 08:19) Monty Riviera

Of course, the critical content of the video is true... The point that seems to be missed is that the solution is much simpler, more practicable, individual and personal than you seem to think... The days of "WE" solving such problems is long over... As individuals, our personal morality is not relativistic -- There is right and wrong, and each individual is completely responsible for righting their wrongs... The overwhelming majority of human problems can be solved at that level -- without resorting to complex, exotic and impressive new-age theories.

(13 Jan '11, 13:10) The Prophet
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Thank you so far for your responses. I do not like to answer my own questions but since this is community wiki...

I think many of us see that there are many facets to this process. I was not offended in any way about the way the narrator portrayed things and I also think that there are many people who are looking for a quick fix and that some of his statements probably apply to them.

I have been on this journey for almost 20 years (though I might have started when I was 4)

And like Stingray said the true deeper work is truly at hand.

Another point of the video I got was that we might have noticed, there is a movement going on now more than ever and it is called people 'awakening' and some people I am afraid will be caught up in the marketing of that.

I think I too have slightly become a little narcissistic in my inward endeavors. I want to strip away more of the junk (i might portray) and go to that place where I might not like what I see,

This is why the journey is so incredible.

More light pops through a crack...I might seal it up or break it through, but only after I see what is on te other side.

Much love everybody, your insight and opinions help me grow.

Michael "Don't mind if you call me dude" Wanderer

By the way here is the web site where this video was inspired. Bernhard is not the narrator. Vail of Reality

Sorry, one more thing. Bottom line(I think of this guy) is This shit ain't easy!

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answered 12 Jan '11, 21:41

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jim 10

edited 12 Jan '11, 21:47

Hi Wandering Dude. If you don't mind, could you please include the link to the page (Vail of Reality) under your question??? That page reveals the heart of the message with much better clarity and can be consumed at the pace that is comfortable for the reader. Thanks in advance ;)

(13 Jan '11, 22:35) The Traveller

Done :) My pleasure.

(13 Jan '11, 22:56) jim 10

To me this question means we are all on the road to self discovery...some of us search actively others stumble along...why are we here, where are we going? these are eternal questions beyond our capacity to fully understand for the moment...

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answered 13 Jan '11, 10:51

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blubird two

edited 16 Aug '11, 17:20

The dude wants you to watch the video in the link and state your opinion.

(13 Jan '11, 13:23) ursixx


(13 Jan '11, 13:40) jim 10

The world within is a place that has no reference to our senses. In this place, there is no right or wrong. This is the world of The Akashic Records. You must be colorless, odorless, tasteless devoid of all senses to understand the laws here do not apply. We are caught up in our comparisons of what is more, what is hot, what is green, what is fat. There, everything has been recorded. All possible actions in the past present and future have been recorded and are validated. We think in linear time, but the Akashic Records are linear AND parallel. We are just along for the ride to hold the Universe together. This is where seers go to read the future and the past. Our reality is made up of many levels, but this question points to this area. We are creators, a reflection of the infinite on a journey of return. We manifest through our intent which has already been chosen. It is difficult to understand because our frame of reference makes no sense there. Change your idea of what perception really is. Step outside of who you think you really are as an independent with no judgements and you will understand a different set of rules. And when you apply them there, you get results here. When a soul decides to choose, that soul has all of eternity to figure it out. We are in the game of making money off of that freedom with a time limit on when it should be done. It does not make it right or wrong, the system will correct itself. Our society is caught up in controlling one another and that is against nature. It is okay to help one another and teach that person to be self sufficient. It is a violation to help with intentions of controlling another like ALL governments. Our power of creation is within. But in order to get there we must expand up our old belief system into something that does not make sense.

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answered 13 Jan '11, 18:02

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The Knights Alchemy

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