There are many references to subtle energies in various domains including the sciences, arts, medicines, metaphysics ... what are these subtle energies and how can we use them ?

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According to yin yang the cosmic origin of subtle energy forces can be represented by a circle of which the surface is split in two by an S shape, it is the figuration of the male and female principles.These forces are essentially living and spiritualized, the material energies are just aspects of them.

The earth is transpierced, as all things that exist, by an initial flow of this subtle energy, sometimes named feng shui ... it can only be perceived by it's effects. Depending on our belief systems is also named prana, ki, chi, spiritual energy, magnetic energy, orgone, conscious energy etc.

There is however a fundamental interaction;

  • All matter is held in dynamic equilibrium by equally opposing electromagnetic forces.

The simple fact that we exist means that we are constantly putting this energy into action through our physical bodies ... so we put this energy to good use by ;

  • conscious thinking

  • simply going about our daily lives, as René Descartes said "i think therefore i am".

    - we can consciously create new ideas, objects, machines etc. , we can do this by mentally concentrating on the object desired and when we concentrate we are impressing the mind ... it's the method to create new inventions and as inventors it enables us to convert the subtle and invisible force of desire, faith and confidence into actual real concrete facts in the objective world ... let's remind ourselves that we are in presence of principles of life and thought that manifests itself through all physical matter.

have fun :)

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If you're at all interested in the subtle energy pathways in the body, I'd really recommend the book 'Energy Medicine' by Donna Eden. The book describes all the usual energetic systems like the chakra system, the meridian system, the aura, and many more, along with practical exercises to strengthen them and to learn to feel the energy. I practised her chakra exercises for a while, which made me more sensitive to feeling and recognising subtle energies. Very cool. All in all, it's an excellent book and one of my favourites out of all the metaphysical books I have.


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I had read someplace that Nicola Tesla was working on ways to harness this energy. He and Edison noticed blue/violet sparks when they started up a generator but Edison worked on ways to suppress this whilst Tesla was intrigued by this and worked on ways to harness this and use this mysterious extra energy.


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