Here is a demonstration of subtle energy fields created by two horse shoe magnets ;

notice there is already a flow of subtle energy between the (+)poles and the (-)poles without production of electricity. Robert Zamperini in his book "Thérapie de la Maison" (home therapy), clearly states that a magnet, like a battery, is polarized and possesses a dense current (that flows through matter) and a subtle current as shown on the photo.

here is a simple video about electricity

the first phrase states "electricity is the movement of charged atomic particles of electrons", later it is stated "the force moving the electrons is voltage" and finally "once the circuit is complete an electric current appears" ... i must admit i feel puzzled ... do subtle energies sometimes known as spiritual energy or dark matter, act as a carrier wave for electricity ?

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blubird two

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Energy, whether subtle or obvious, travels through the path of least resistance. Energy is activity. The dark matter of space is presently unobtainable for us to claim it as energy. Spirit is emotion and can be used in your analysis as emotional energy, but is not the same as the dark matter in space. Living beings are a plethora of energies. Emotional energy, caloric energy, synergy, etc. All of which, use the body as a path of least resistance as well as each other, leading into the infinitesimal action of energy. With the right properties, electricity can move through anything and so could you.


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Dark matter is an intrinsic part of our world. Dark matter has 0 gravity, allowing our planet as well as other planets to contain gravity. Dark matter is the foundation for life and all existence. As a picture must have a surface to be pictorialized, so does existence need dark matter to exist.

(27 Jan '12, 11:05) Constantine

First of all, a little disclaimer. I'm evidently not an expert on any of those subjects. I'm just touching the surface of all this with very small research in less than an hour and adding a little bit of my pre-conceived notion that this subject is certainly sudo-scientific.

You begin with a wrong assumption that subtle energy (or spiritual energy) equals dark matter. It just doesn't, and allow me to stop that comparison there. There is no comparison. And yes, wikipedia is your friend here.

Even if such a energy existed, it couldn't be proven scientifically because, by definition, it's too subtle to be detectable. And if it's not physical energy, it couldn't be detected anyway because it ain't physical!

If you, however, define it in a less loose way (this is just one of its many different definitions) it will first conflict with your another assumption that magnets produce subtle energies. Electromagnetism has no relation with oxygen whatsoever. Therefore it's again not related to electricity at all.

So, no matter how you look just a little deeper into it the answer to your question is always a big no.

P.S.: Please do read all links before assuming you know what each of its defitions are.


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Cawas - thanks for the "big no" ... the bigger the "no" the clearer things become ! :)

(27 Jan '12, 10:00) blubird two

And thanks for the kind words, @blubird ;)

(27 Jan '12, 11:05) Cawas

matter and energy may be one,
as ice is water and water is steam.

preprogrammed by instrument finiteness
will we accept to buy 'electricity'
from the most marketed vendor
or reflect inward to our source


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you have electricity in you it seams. smile.

(28 Jan '12, 19:02) white tiger

white tiger, we all do, each with its wraps of insulation

(29 Jan '12, 15:04) fred

The basic energies you speak of are Light and Life.

These are the basic energies that emenate from the Source and Center of all things.

Light (dark matter) becomes life (molds, virisus, elements, etc.) when it has slowed down to the point of being visualized (as ultraviolet light) under the right circumstances... Another downstep and it converts to Life, where it can then become important in the physical world of the plants and minerals that make-up our material world.

From there, it follows all of the known laws of quantum mechanics.

The mystery is in the formation of the very small basic units of energy... It is truly fascinating how these elemental particles can presume to (electromagnetically) interact with each other in the formation and interaction of so many other world-worthy substances.


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The Prophet

blubird, what are you agreeing with?... ;-)

(27 Jan '12, 10:43) The Prophet

Dark matter is not light. The sun is light, the stars are light and the elements in the universe act as reflective particles to light. The moon reflects light from the sun. The planets reflect and receive light from the sun and stars. The dark matter throughout the universe does not reflect light. It may receive light, but it is far more expansive than light. Light has a center of formation. The dark matter throughout our universe contains everything with a center of formation.

(27 Jan '12, 10:58) Constantine

You mean assimilated into dark matter. Dark matter is everywhere, so if light were to dissipate it doesn't add to darkness it becomes the darkness that surrounds us. Dark matter does not have a weighted balance as would light, which allows us to give a percentile of light over darkness. We are in the belly of the abyss.

(27 Jan '12, 11:28) Constantine

@Constantine - dark matter is of the same nature as light ... it permeates the entire universe ... including the physical world and our bodies, it fills the space between the nucleus and electrons of all atoms :)

(27 Jan '12, 11:48) blubird two

Correct, but it does more than permeates our universe, it engulfs our universe.

(27 Jan '12, 12:50) Constantine

Yes blubird...!! harmonies... all that's good and true comes in harmonies -- symphonys of light and life.

(27 Jan '12, 13:17) The Prophet
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This question brings to light a disharmony in the definition of electricity ...

electricity and magnetism are like two sides of the same coin, where there is one, there is the other ... electricity is described as being a flow of electrons suggesting that there should also be a flow of magnetism. René Descartes in his original drawing of a magnetic field clearly shows two subtle energies flowing in opposite directions

Dr. Tejman in his Grand Unified Theory, talking of the propagation of energetic matter states "energetic streams flow in opposite directions" ... (see picture 8 and comments)

All this suggests that a flow of electricity (electrons) is always accompanied by a flow of subtle magnetic energy.


answered 11 Feb '12, 13:50

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blubird two

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