The LOA is MUCH more clear to me now then ever before. I'm more happy then I've ever been.

Okay here goes. Ever since I started ridding myself of bad beliefs and "stepping out of my own way" with the LOA, I've been more happy, and I've been attracting more money to myself. It started with small amounts like winning 1$, $5 dollars. Then, I went out with my aunt and got a scratch off and won $40 and she was shocked because she said it was rare. That same night she won $10.

Then I believed and allowed the universe to give me more money today. We went to a gas station and I wanted a specific scratch off because I like it. Before she was able to buy the scratch off, the gas station owner kicked everyone out of the store and we ended up going to another gas station. She got my scratch offs at this new station instead. I ended up winning $10. I'm very thankful and believe the universe was going out of it's way to help. :)

Later on tonight (Same day) I focused my attention on a "drawn" lottery. My grandma showed me her ticket and said "you want to put some luck on it?" (I don't believe in luck :P) Instead I held the ticket, I was already feeling great, and put the intention out for her to win this drawn game. I then let it go into the universe's hands.

The drawing happens, her ticket gets no numbers. Then all of the sudden my aunt says, "Wait what were the numbers?" My aunt actually ended up getting 3 out of 5 numbers. I asked her if that happened often and she said no. I believe that I allowed the universe to help her get 3 out of the 5 winning numbers. She was like "yeah, but I only get $20 dollars." But all I was thinking was how grateful I was that she got 3!


If someone buys a lotto ticket, scratch off, whatever. Can you only influence what their ticket can get, or can you totally shift it? Like, can the person that bought the ticket's energy get in the way? Because my aunt has the losing mentality, so I don't know if that means I can only influence it so much.. I would think if you can shift realities than someone else's energy shouldn't matter, but I don't know.

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A more simplified question would be, "If you can just shift realities, than does that mean it's not really about influencing/ruling/having less resistance than someone else's energy, and just simply shifting to a reality where the outcome you want happens?"

Like playing the lottery and thinking you need to compete with everyone else's energy that is playing, but instead just shifting to a reality where you're the winner.

Sorry for any confusion I'm just well.. confused. :P

(04 Sep '13, 15:52) PowerWave
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Here you go:

Just uploaded this one two days ago :) This database is already proving useful far sooner than I had anticipated lol.

And yes you can, because even though it is "her ticket", this is occurring within YOUR universe and you always have the ultimate say in what happens in your own reality that you are experiencing at all times.


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Good, that's what I was suspecting. That it's MY universe and I'm just interacting with people's parallel selves. By the way, that bashar video was one of the ones I have already seen that really made me perceive things differently. :)

I'm still interested in hearing other's answers as well. :)

(04 Sep '13, 01:04) PowerWave

Ah cool, yeah I honestly forgot all about that one til a few days ago. Its a really good one. It gives you a really good insight on how parallel reality shifting works.

I'm sure you'll get some really great stuff from the other people on here too.

(04 Sep '13, 01:06) ikaruss21

LOL my grandma just said to me, "oh, she always get's those kind of numbers" I wonder if that means I still had an impact on this? ugh that put me in a bad feeling place.. >_<

(04 Sep '13, 02:47) PowerWave

ugh ignore that last comment i feel much better now, it's even more clear to me after watching some more bashar! thanks for your response! :)

(04 Sep '13, 17:07) PowerWave

Glad I could help!

I also don't know why I didn't remember this until now, but about two months ago I met someone at a meditation group I was going to who was telling me how he had been having this weird streak of whatever he just wanted to happen just happen. He was telling me this because it was very eery how unreal it was to him, it was actually part of why he started going there.

Part 1

(04 Sep '13, 18:40) ikaruss21

He had a co-worker he was friends with that actually was the one who told him about the meditation group and got him to come and he butted in saying, "I've seen it myself, it's actually pretty eery how he does it, I don't know he does it."

So his co-worker/friend starts telling me about this raffle. How he told his co-worker I am gonna see If I can make this other employee "Ronnie" win, since I already missed my chance to put in for it because I got caught up with work.

Part 2

(04 Sep '13, 18:46) ikaruss21

SO guess who's name gets pulled out as the winner? Ronnie. He told me that his friend/coworker's face went completely deadpan when they said Ronnie's name and his friend looked straight back at him, the hell do you keep doing stuff like that?

Because Im a super technical nerd, I asked what you did and how much time did you do it before the raffle name call occurred.

He told me, "It was only 15 minutes before they called names, I just kind of visualized for a few moments him

Part 3

(04 Sep '13, 18:52) ikaruss21

sitting at his desk, and then the announcer pulling out his card and calling Ronnie out and then saying how he saw the announcer congratulate Ronnie and saw something like, "He finally won one!" What was even weirder with what he was telling me is that Ronnie ran up to the front and they had the same conversation of the announcer congratulating him with the same words he had visualized 15 minutes before.

So it is most definitely possible and has already been done before.

Part 4

(04 Sep '13, 19:02) ikaruss21

Thanks for sharing that story! It's very inspiring to me. :) Just goes to show that once you get your limiting beliefs out of the way, you can let yourself get whatever you want in life.. while simultaneously shocking people that haven't caught on yet. :P

(05 Sep '13, 04:33) PowerWave
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You can arrange to receive a ticket to fit in with your wish ... matter, energy and the whole universe can be expressed in purely mathematical terms, there are mathematical principles within sacred geometry forms. Using a mathematical code we can arrange whatever we wish to manifest in our lives.

Here's a simple method of establishing a structural mathematical link between your wish and your target

alt text

reference from the book "l'influence des nombres" edited by servranx

On "S" you place the witness of the subject(in this case a ticket), on "R" you place a short written explication of what you wish ( in this case win the ticket) and on the central circle you place the mathematical code

alt text

To establish the code use a pendulum to select the numbers on the dials ... start with the dial on the left and write the number on the central card, then establish the second, then third, then fourth numbers in the same manner. Leave everything in place for about 15 minutes.

Remove all the cards from the graph, then place the number on the witness and leave it in an undisturbed place ... for the next day or two you may need to readjust the numbers using the same method ... after a few days the numbers will remain stable.

If you prefer to use a ready made radionic device there're many to choose, keep in mind they all function on the same basic principle and are only as good as the person operating them, that's you.

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lol I was really confused at first when I read this, but thanks for the info. I personally don't think I need any methods others than feeling good, believing, and allowing. :)

(04 Sep '13, 15:49) PowerWave

@PowerWave "feeling good, believing and allowing" ... you'd make a brilliant radionics operator :)

(05 Sep '13, 02:17) jaz

I find this stuff very interesting. Do you have any good materials you could link to a noob like me on this stuff?

(05 Sep '13, 03:46) ikaruss21

@ikaruss21 to start with try taking a look at the material here on IQ tag "radionics" :

(05 Sep '13, 13:47) jaz

"are only as good as the person operating them, that's you" If radionics does not work - blame it on operator error.

(16 Sep '13, 01:18) ele
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No, everything happens according to Law of Karma, which is omnipresent and omnipotent. Anything that happens to you is what you actually deserve. Hence, if you try to attract what you don't really deserve, it will not get attracted to you. On the other hand, even if you don't try to attract something, it will come to you if you deserve it. This I have observed in my own life and others' lives around me!


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T D Joseph


Thanks for your answer. But this sort of goes against most of what I read here. I believe that the only thing limiting what you get is what you "believe" you do and don't deserve. Even though to me it's about wanting and appreciating and not really deserving :P

(04 Sep '13, 15:47) PowerWave
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