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EDIT: Added a few short videos!

Warning: The sound in the video may be loud, watch your speaker volume. And the "best" example is the video with the lighter table background, for those who would like to see that first.

I didn't upload videos of this before because [to put it bluntly], I'm paranoid and wasn't sure I could trust the people here. Since I feel very comfortable here now (Thanks Jai especially for that), I figured I would go back to this and share the videos I have. They are of the 'lighter trick'.

Unfortunately the one time I actually bothered to record it the best example they could give would have only been about a "7" on a scale of 1-10, if I were to rate against the best examples I have seen personally. The individual in question claims that he is not exceptionally gifted, and that others can do multiple times better than the best I'd seen from him myself. I also included the videos of very unsuccessful attempts, for comparison purposes.

I can attest to the fact that I personally checked up down and around everyone's hands, clothing, pockets, et cetera to search for an explanation for this. I personally was (and still partially am) convinced that it was a trick (slight of hand) of some variety, but when a group of people sat down in a circle and more people ended up able to do it (though not NEARLY as well).. I really don't know anymore. I've even done it maybe half a dozen times myself (out of hundreds of tries), though they would have been as 'weak' as the weakest example shown here.

Also, if anyone here has any video editing abilities I'd prefer that one of the individuals in the background be edited out, as I did not ask their permission (I don't even know who it is...) but I'm not particularly concerned about it.

Also also, I would like to move these videos to a location where only members of this site above a certain karma could see. (My paranoia speaking again). Any suggestions on how I could accomplish this easily and effectively would be GREATLY appreciated.

Just wondering if anyone could come up with plausible explanations for the following two scenarios.

First, one holds any lighter from any source in front of them and proceeds to (in their own words. At first they just offered to show me a 'trick', and when I asked for an explanation that is what they gave.) "focus their chakra", and flick towards the flame. No contact with the flame is necessary, contact with the lighter doesn't happen, the person themselves does not need to hold the lighter themselves, others can hold it for them.

The result is a series of sparks that are similar to the ones that appear when you first flick the lighter to make it light. The intensity of the sparks varies, sometimes as extreme as a series of sparks that work their way all the way up the flame causing it to "disperse outwards". These more extreme examples are coupled with very audible crackling sounds, if that is relevant. Other times it can be so slight that few sparks are observed at all, if any.

When others attempt to recreate the process it is generally uneventful, though in a group of ~5 people trying in a circle each with their own lighters generally 3 out of the 5 will successfully be able to create sparks (eventually, after trying and failing for five minutes, and then finally giving up shortly after their successful attempt), though considerably less intense than the experienced practitioner. Out of larger groups there will rarely be at most one other person who can produce a very noticeable result, greater than a "weak" result from the experienced one but not as strong as a "strong" result from them.

The second scenario, one holds a touch based cellular phone in front of them. First, they use their fingers at a slight distance from the surface of the phone to manipulate it, a simple task that just about anyone can do.

Then, they increase the distance slightly, form a circular shape with their palm, and are able to "slide" the phone from one screen to the next. A very general and unprecise command for someone actually touching the phone, for those not experienced with technology. A touch anywhere on the surface that is then slid to the other side of the phone will register this result.

Finally, the person will use only their eyes to move the screen, though the phone is moved closer to their face.

Any thoughts or ideas of how either of these two scenarios are possible?

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From my advanced studies of the elements I remember as I learned that fire has a very interesting property closest to spirit. I had never heard of this experiment before, I suppose it could be done better with a candle. But it seems as if that fire is closest to spirit in nature then it would be fitting that spirit (or the energy from the chakras) would have an impact of the fire.

As for the touch tone phone that seems almost as the telekinesis of the mind wheel (but being solid state that needs contact) there is a different spin on it that seems to make it different. But then again that is another experiment that is easy to attempt for everyone.


answered 20 Dec '11, 16:04

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Wade Casaldi

Hmm. I'd never heard that correlation between spirit energy and fire, but it makes a whole lot of sense. Regarding the energy wheel, yes, it seems very similar. My understanding was that a mind wheel was powered by the heat emanated from your hand, and the more focused you were able to come the more heat you could produce, causing more results from the wheel. I too thought of a similar explanation, but I've always been halted by the logic that the distance between the phone and the practitioner was too far for the normal heat their body was producing to be effective.

(20 Dec '11, 20:51) Snow

So every time I try to understand it I am confused and stumped, and unable to follow the source to a logical conclusion that satisfies my excessive need for understanding.

(20 Dec '11, 20:52) Snow

Yes I believe it couldn't be heat, I agree the distance is too far for it to be heat.

(21 Dec '11, 03:18) Wade Casaldi
  1. Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon the world, and look, I'm guarding it until it blazes." well leo when you have read this you must have scratch your head alot?
(25 Dec '11, 05:55) white tiger

Not quite, WT. It actually gives me a headache. =S I have difficulty comprehending new information at times, comes largely from some pretty severe brain damage I got when I was a child. So I have to learn very slowly otherwise I can't retain it and remember any of it. =(

(30 Dec '11, 08:47) Snow

@ Snow Wow when I see this about brain damage when you were little I have to say what I see you write and answer you have done very well and are doing very well. Don't let your past dictate who you are now, I grew up dyslexic going to LD classes in school myself. Our problems we can triumph over and raise to heights we want if we put forth the effort as you obviously have done yourself. :-)

(04 Jan '12, 23:26) Wade Casaldi
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Here is a site that should provide a few answers ;

happy hunting :)


answered 20 Dec '11, 19:07

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blubird two

Every time I try searching the internet for anything on this topic I always end up finding very obviously joke sites intended to scam the gullible out of their money. How do you always end up finding things that actually make sense, or are helpful? Is there a compendium of non-fake supernatural sites that nobody told me about?

(20 Dec '11, 20:54) Snow
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