"Feather Magic" means that the Angels drop feathers in my path all the time. I have loads of feathers from all sorts of birds- just found, dropped in my path. I was taught by a Shaman who told me that the Great Spirit does these things as signs to us.

Apparently, it is rubbing off on Wade. Last night, he worked security inside a carpet factory. This morning, he found a Mockingbird feather in his pocket! He has no idea how it even got there! I know these feathers from my time in Mississippi. Who would think that he would find a non-native bird feather in his chest pocket (which has sealed flaps, by the way!)?

Have you had any experiences like this? And what does it really mean?

Featherly Blessings,


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Many cultures more in touch with nature believe in the spiritual significance of feathers. I think this is really a wonderful sign that all is well and the fact that the pocket was sealed and the bird is not native to your part of the US means that God/the Universe is trying to tell Wade to have no doubt about it!

My own feather story took place a month ago when I first arrived on Inward Quest. Somewhere I read a throw away comment about "blue feather manifesting". I had never heard of it but assumed it meant you asked for a blue feather and waited for one to turn up as a sign of encouragement. Most feathers in this country are either dirty cream or muddy colours - our native birds are not the most colourful and I couldn't remember ever finding a blue feather. About half an hour later I got into the car and found a blue (dyed) ostrich feather on the seat - a remnant from a hat my daughter had been making at school. The feather wasn't what I was expecting but the sign was unmistakeable - have more faith!

"Sacred Feathers" by Maril Crabtree looks like quite a good read.


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Thanks, Cath- you made my day! I sometimes feel like I am crazy, but I get these feathers every time I need a sign. It;s cool! I am glad you got your blue feather! <3 Jai

(03 Jul '12, 06:10) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - IMHO you are a real asset to this website with the questions you ask Jaianniah :] Try googling "Sacred Feathers" because that lady has a website - I think you'll find it really heartening.

(03 Jul '12, 06:20) Catherine

Yes many people I know have experience this, some in dramatic fashion. My wife ask God to drop a feather if she was supposed to go on with certain work. 20 minutes later guess what a feather dropped in front of her. I could go on with others. Blessings!!!


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Blessings to you, too! <3 Jai

(04 Jul '12, 18:17) Jaianniah
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