Here is a link from YouTube that shows a woman doing the "Bloody Mary" Ritual. WARNING: Video is frightening!

This is a legend that has popped up recently, and I remember doing it as a kid with my cousin-- and what we encountered was downright frightening. I believe that people do not realize that such rituals can open doors to the occult and satanic sources...but that is just my own belief. I think kids should be warned not to do this stuff, for it can be really scary.

But, people still do it. Why?



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The ritual of Bloody Mary is one I have often engaged in, and is one of my all-time favorites.

I think the key to good Bloody Mary is getting that balance of Worcestershire Sauce versus pepper right. Get it right and it's heaven in a glass, get it wrong and the gates of bland-drink hell can come crashing down.

From that video, I suspect the woman added too much pepper. The resulting mirror-based Tomato Juice explosion is what tends to happen in my case also but because I usually drink it in bars rather than facing mirrors, the results are even more horrifying...for the other customers in there that are standing nearby.

Okay, you may have noticed I've decided to interpret your question in a slightly unusual way.

Is there a point I'm trying to make?

I believe there is and it's not just related to drinking Bloody Mary cocktails.

The point is this...

It is just as "bad" for Light to judge Dark as it is "bad" for Dark to judge Light

It's when we let go of all judgements regarding what is Right or Wrong, Dark or Light, that we start to see physical life in the way our non-physical selves ("God", if you want) see it.


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OK you make a bloody good point +1

(28 Jan '12, 11:49) The Traveller

Hello Jai, yes an intriguing video ... i think people do this kind of thing because, well it's intriguing ... i suppose it all depends whether we believe, perhaps we should suggest it to James Randi, you never know if it works we may win the one million dollars !

There is obviously some kind of energy involved, either a known energy operated consciously or a natural energy, operated consciously or unconsciously, that has not yet been explained by scientific means.

have fun :)

p.s come to think of it this video reminds me of the Uri Geller levitation demonstration, this time the energies are directed towards the source of light, that is, the candles ... i do believe there is a phenomenon of subtle energy entering into resonance ... a mirror is a sheet of glass backed with a shiny metal backing and this set up is well known to create a subtle energy flow (similar to how a battery works), here's a simple model;

and mirrors reflect not only light but also sound ... light travels a whole lot faster than sound creating a tension (void) between the two energies ... and subtle energy (dark energy) rushes in to fill the gap.

Roberto Zamperini describes how to create a subtle energy flow using a pile of alternating small round sheets of paper and aluminium, a similar phenomenon is created with a mirror ... there is also a virtual inverted triangle effect, the triangle formed by energy travelling between the girl, her image and the light forces ... notice that this creates a downward gradient, that is, towards the hot center, and the hot air rising increases the void effect ... sound and light are always accompanied by large quantities of subtle energies ... voilà, i hope all this makes some kind of sense to you ... in any case that is how i feel it works.

If we can get James Randi to participate so that his energy actually accentuates the phenomenon then we come home with a million dollars ... pure folly :)

From a scientific point of view it would be interesting to have kirlian style photos of the circulation of energy whilst doing this experiment ... here is an example of a kirlian photo of the energy of a pyramid;

have fun


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I think that some of this stuff, as this scene from this movie, are intended to convince those who have induced split personalities to take the memories of what has, and is, being done to them and blame them away on the paranormal, allowing the actual guilty party to stay hidden in plain sight.


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If you need help interpreting go ahead in Google "induced split personalities" and "hidden in plain sight", and follow your heart for the meaning, not Wikipedia.

(28 Jan '12, 11:13) The Traveller
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