Religion seems to tell us that we make three (3) primary decisions in life:

  1. Grow spiritually.
  2. Become re-born to the spirit.
  3. Learn of our 'calling' into the service of others.

What do you say to good people like us, who want to know where they stand in the growth process, so they can go ahead in making the decisions that will enable them to plan for their eternal future?

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The Prophet

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True Religion is not the pious and pretentious recitation of memorized knowledge... True religion is the living and original revelation of God, through men who can discern and experience the greater good in doing His will.

(17 Jan '11, 11:18) The Prophet

@ The Prophet, I like your new name, may I ask why did you choose this name?

(20 Jan '11, 02:12) Inactive User ♦♦

I've done what I came to do... God Bless You.

(20 Jan '11, 11:11) The Prophet
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I'd say Do what you can, with what you have, where you are right now.

When we first begin to walk a spiritual path,we want to move mountains. However, until we can incorporate what we've learnt into our everyday life, there's really no point trying to fulfill some bigger calling . I think God, Source, The universe, will provide us with our next assignment only when we've mastered the current one. So it's for each of us to perceive, as much as possible, how we can grow and learn from every experience that comes into our life.

Planning for your eternal future isn't something that I or anyone else can really help you with - that's between you and God. How you feel and how you show up in life on a daily basis will let you know what direction you're moving in. Treating others exactly how we would like to be treated should be first and foremost ( from the drunk on the street to the president of the company ).


answered 16 Jan '11, 17:35

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Very well put Michaela.

(16 Jan '11, 17:49) Tom

"Until we can incorporate what we've learned..." Are you speaking for me, or everyone, or yourself?

(17 Jan '11, 11:34) The Prophet

@Tom Thank you. @The Prophet - I'm speaking for everyone, but probably mostly myself since we can really only write from our own perspective.

(17 Jan '11, 12:23) Michaela

Thanks... Great answer.

(17 Jan '11, 15:40) The Prophet

@The Prophet - You're very welcome, and thank you :)

(18 Jan '11, 12:59) Michaela
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Yes, the universe is like a master teacher. You will repeat the grade until you're better at or mastered it, or improved, or better your self, until awareness fully sets in.


answered 16 Jan '11, 18:39

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Maribel 1

This is my opinion from a Christian point of view of the three (3) primary decisions in life based upon religion, and this is with all due respect to Christians and non-Christian alike!

  1. Grow spiritually one example: When you can discern between the truth and the false prophets you are on your way to growing spiritually!

  2. Become re-born to the spirit one example: Unless you can confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ died on the Cross etc, for our sins, and redemptions, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of God etc!

  3. Learn of our 'calling' into the service of others one example: Once you have received the calling to become a messenger, and server to the people of the land, there is no turning back to the old ways of life. You have made a commitment to serve spiritually, and you will commit to this to the end of time in truth, and honesty!

To plan for our eternal future one example: One can be diligent in their work of service to others, continue to perform at their best, administering service to promote the best interest of the people, the church, and the community in a professional, and ethical way, leaving no stone unturned!


answered 16 Jan '11, 22:04

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Inactive User ♦♦

I must be honest Vee,point number 2 isnt really applicable to non Christians.Its purely an idea written in the bible and accepted by most evangelical Christians.Many other religions certainly dont accept that one has to be reborn spiritually.Many people believe were acceptable to our maker very much as we came out of the womb. Im one of those BUT i do see the above points would fit into evangelical Christian doctrine and broadly speaking would be acceptable to most. But not all Vee.

(17 Jan '11, 15:39) Monty Riviera

I appreciate your honest opinion, well taken. And I understand that we are all coming from a different place, and that is okay too. But sharing our values, and beliefs with others, could be a turning point for us to grow, and learn from each other. In general, I am always interested to hear someone’s point of view respectfully! Thank you.

(17 Jan '11, 23:36) Inactive User ♦♦
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