If the best thing anyone can do in life is to make the world a better place, then once the world is better the following generation continues to try to make the world a better place. And the cycle just continues. What is the point of making the world perfect or 'better' if that is the whole purpose of living? To rephrase the question: If everyone makes the world a better place, then no one actually benefits from the better world, and even if they do benefit, how does that make living significant?

Similarly to the question: I live to bring children to the world, and so do they. But nothing else actually happens. It's just a vicious cycle where nothing greater ever happens.

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When the world is filled with Personal gain,It will allways be a circle We as people want to be at the top of everything,we all have differant beliefs.If everyone had enlightment in their lives,to were their working on a differant level,not just the one they can see,they would be in for the change that one gets when they try to open their eye.Meening the third eye of course.We can do all we can to help change things,but as long as others see,instead of listening it will be the same.


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I like except for the part of "people want to be at the top of everything. I do not want to be at the top of anything. ANYTHING

(05 May '11, 18:22) you

I think what you're really asking is what's the purpose of it all? and I'm not sure anyone can really give you a definitive answer to that one.

I don't think it's necessarily about making the world a better place but more about making or creating our best self through introspection and our own self realization. The world becoming a better place is a natural by-product of this individual growth... our old world begins to crumble and is replaced by a better one.

I think this is also happening to our species and world on a collective scale as more and more people begin to wake up.

Unless we reach complete enlightenment as a species there will always be room for growth and expansion and always someone to benefit from it. And even if we ever do manage to reach that stage of full enlightenment I don't think we'd even be thinking of benefits or something being significant because everything would be perfect just as it is.


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I agree. So then why bother? Making the world a better place is a lot of hard work. :)

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Life is a process, a journey. If we are consciously making an effort to make the world a better place, then our little world will be a better place while we are in it. The way to make the world a better place is by our thoughts collectively. We can only start with ourselves. By changing our own thoughts, we create better life experiences for ourselves and those in our little world. As we positively affect the other people in our little world, their little worlds will be positively affected, affecting the other people in their little world. However, if we become discouraged, and don't see the bigger world as positive, then we allow the negative bigger world to affect us instead. When my son goes to his friends' house I remind him to be the influence.

Life happens around us and people do things that affect us. How they affect us is our choice. We can continue in negative thoughts and beliefs from those around us, or we can change our thoughts to positive, good ones. It is our reaction to events and people that matters the most. As a whole, we still let others bring us down. We are far from perfect, so I don't think there is any worry of us becoming perfect and therefore obsolete any time soon. I don't mean to project that negativity out there, but there are so many people that are ready to be negative instead of positive that this is gonna be one big nut to crack. I do believe that we can do it. We just need to stay positive in our little world and allow that to influence other peoples' little worlds which collectivley affects the bigger world that we all share.


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you are correct, one the world becomes a better place, we will no longer need the existance of it, but trying is the TRUE reason for us to be here! that is what the term assension and raising the densitys comes from! and assension is raising your vibrations and entering the higher densitys :-) love n light, rob

explination of densitys on my answer here


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each of us is here now learning who we are and then how to become what we are then conscious of,
what in life is worth living for may be an outdated question, as if you are entitled.
take this time to understand more of the picture, not just to listen to the theories presented by others,
you were concreted into nature for a purpose, learn from your experiences and transform yourself,
the path may lead you to acts of compassion instead of selfishness,
and that is why one chooses to do the.m


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Here is a story of making things better.

Many years ago, cave men counted rocks and this progressed for maybe hundreds of years. One day, a man said, "I think I can make something better." He came up with an abacus! This existed for hundreds of years and one day someone said "I think I can make this better!" He invented an adding machine, The adding machine existed many years and one day a man came that said "I think I can make this better! He invented the calculator! Next the calculator existed many years and one day yet another man decided he could make things better and he invented the computer! Next Bill Gates invented Windows and it kept getting better and better and the computers kept getting better and better. In fact, the computer you are using right now exists because someone has said at one point "I think I can make it better!"

I see a steady progress for humanity upward not a vicious cycle we do not keep inventing the same wheel over and over again. Look at our space program, is it better than it was in the 50's?


answered 29 Apr '11, 02:10

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