A question That was A truth I recognized became mine the moment I wrote it so why should I have to repeat where I read it when their is no one looking for credit from the gods honest truth or actually lets say perhaps I do not need answers for double sided questions with more that one answer.I doubt very much god wants credit for anything and I am the ome who put it on the question block so I sincerely doubt I should further confuse my awakening spirit by remembering wher instead of what because frankly what and where are two complete opposites what signifies the same both ways whilest where is ever changing based on molding circumstances within full control of the power of integrity so no I was not trying to be a copycat or imitator or mimic anyone in any way so the right is mine to speak what feels correct without possible infringement thats the mind mentality stuck in greed unaware of harm.

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While you may think that you are justified in copying the work of others and claiming it as your own, that's not what we permit on Inward Quest. As I mentioned previously ( http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/11353/these-notes-are-written-only-for-those-who-can-read-what-i-have-written ), Inward Quest is intended for spiritually-related questions and answers, not for copying and pasting from other websites without comment or explanation

(22 Jan '11, 19:46) Barry Allen ♦♦

...plus it would be so nice if some punctuation were used...

(24 Jan '11, 12:37) BridgetJones09
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Copyright violation" by Barry Allen 30 Dec '11, 11:44

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