Consider: And do we need both good health, and happiness to have wealth in our life, or do we need to choose between good health, and happiness,to have wealth in our life?

asked 02 Feb '11, 03:45

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Vee, this is riddle we each need to solve on our own, at different occasions we may be tugged by wealth, yet who do let define it, what the neighbors say or intuition. fred

(03 Feb '11, 02:18) fred

@ Fred: Sometimes it takes more than one person to solve a riddle, and I am a great believer in two minds are better than one; also it is always great to have a second opinion, and I appreciate your opinion! Thank you.

(03 Feb '11, 02:36) Inactive User ♦♦
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When we are fully in alignment and living life from a healthy and happy state, wealth will be a natural by product. When we are in a state of flow what we attract will always be a vibrational match. However, I do think it's important to remember that, for each of us, our perception of wealth may be different.


answered 02 Feb '11, 13:32

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I agree. Especially the perception of wealth part. Some might not agree, but I am filthy rich :)!!

(02 Feb '11, 17:59) jim 10

I think the following three things are important for true happiness.

1.Good health 2.Wealth 3.Love

If youve got this trinity of blessings in your life then it will be a good one.

Im sure those 3 things would cover 99% of what most IQ members would want to see manifest in there lives.

Im also sure that they would be put in differing order according to personal circumstances.



answered 02 Feb '11, 11:20

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Monty Riviera

You are right with the word love added to the list; it is the perfect Trinity of blessing in life, great stuff! Thank you.

(03 Feb '11, 02:53) Inactive User ♦♦
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