Ok, since my outpour of circumstance of my last question, I feel like I've been letting go. Letting go of trying to control people, letting go of anger, resentment, just letting go. Now, this is the kicker:

Just a few hours ago, I was on my way to pick up my little brother from school when the battery in my car died. I got a jump from some men from the parking lot where I had swerved the car into and back onto the road I flew. After picking up my brother, about a half a mile from his school, the car cut out big time. I mean it would not start up AT ALL. So I called my friend, and she ended up pushing me, in my car, the five miles to my house.

Normally, this would make the average person (or perhaps, me) go through panic, despression, anger, everything on the lower end of the vibrational scale. When I sensed the fear in me, I just said I was excited and happy and ended up laughing all the way through (My mother, on the other hand, was scared outta her wits and called me like every five seconds, lol). Now, I just feel calm and serene, but happy.

Now, my question is, is this sort of like driftwood from my desires? I've been focusing my thoughts on a new car, new house, new me. And it's like I'm just really happy about the situation when most would be in fright.


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Hello again RaVonn, interesting story ... living through pleasant and unpleasant circumstances with a smile ... great way to live ... keep on focusing positive ; new car, new house, beautiful companions, beautiful self, happiness and fulfillment, and whatever else we could wish for ... as Anthony Robbins says "nothing has any power over me other than which i give it through my conscious thoughts".

have fun ... a toddlin' one year old :)


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blubird two


yes be positive. experience and enjoy.

(26 Jan '12, 00:41) white tiger

I think that's wonderful how positive you're being :) I used to own a terrible truck that always broke down... it used to frustrate me because I needed it but it never worked right. Well, it ended up getting totaled in a wreck and I was incredibly broke down and depressed because nothing at the time was going good at all. Well, after researching and applying some intention manifestation and staying positive, I cleared it all up very quickly.

I make a point to always be happy and turn a bad situation into a humorous one. I even laugh about the wreck when I talk about it now... and if your situation happened to me I would have sooo much fun telling that story. I make my life a comedy sometimes (lol). And I can confirm your desires happen when you do this. I now have 3 reliable vehicles that have never failed me since. :) So just keep smiling and thinking about what you do want:) You're doing great!


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