I love turning chaos into order! It makes me happy, and satisfies something deep inside me.

The problem is this: My physical disabilities make it seem impossible to make a living at something like this. Wade and I need an income.

Any suggestions?



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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Jaianniah, please refer to this information regarding how to choose useful tags on IQ: How to use tags on Inward Quest

(03 Jul '12, 04:41) Barry Allen ♦♦

Sure, Barry- I was so bleary-eyed when I wrote that...I will be sure to make better tags. Thanks for your input! <3 Jai

(03 Jul '12, 06:13) Jaianniah
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My physical disabilities make it seem impossible to make a living at something like this.

Once you no longer believe that to be true, you'll find many, many opportunities appearing right under your own nose. Really.

Manifestations follow beliefs.


answered 03 Jul '12, 09:37

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This is so true, clear, and straight to the heart of the matter. As always from our Stingray, thank you. :)

(04 Jul '12, 15:58) Grace

@Stingray, I thank you from all of us. I hope Jai and Wade finely get this. I especially thank you for reminding me that there is always an answer for every question, or situation. This is really the whole reason for this site, to share wisdom, and make self discovery.

(04 Jul '12, 17:09) Tom

First off cleaning is not humble. It is very honorable, my cleaning business has been my support for 30 years. If you are limited to what you can do physically. Try finding people that would like to work at cleaning and book the jobs for them. All you really need is a telephone, and some belief. Blessings!!!


answered 04 Jul '12, 16:45

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Great idea....This idea has not left my mind since I first read it...Thanks <3 Jai

(08 Jul '12, 06:09) Jaianniah

Have you thought about restoration? I'm thinking of all the happy, fully engaged folks on Antiques Roadshow. All that stuff needs to be painstakingly cleaned and generally fixed up or maintained. Any interest in furniture, clocks, ceramics, toys, historical artifacts, guns, quilting, Native American arts, folk art, or antiques in general could serve you well.

It would be great to work with something you find facinating, and you may be well suited for the work with that knack for cleaning and organizing.

Just a thought :) Good luck!


answered 03 Jul '12, 01:50

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A great thought, Grace! It would please me, indeed, to do such activities! Thanks for the answer...You are a wonderful and welcome addition to IQ!!!

(03 Jul '12, 02:02) Jaianniah

Jaianniah, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much. :) I love it here.

(03 Jul '12, 09:31) Grace
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