American Idol is back on in the US and once again the talent that some of the contestants have is, well, not what I would call remotely pleasing to listen to. The interesting part is that many of these individuals are astounded that someone is telling them they're not good at singing, because they thoroughly believe that they have the gift.

So the question is this: based on the absolute belief and desire of these contestants why aren't they better at singing than they are? In other words, can you manifest talent for something you love to do?

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The absolute belief and desire of these contestants to be talented singers may be a residue of a past life. Let me give you a brief example, when my daughter was barely 2 years old she told me of her previous life, how she swam under water for food. This was accompanied with other details, like her name......

When we finally had a chance to go to the pool, she was devastated that she couldn't swim! She'd look at me wide eyed and repeat "but I can swim underwater!" She couldn't even float! It hurt watching her coming to terms with her new reality.

The point is that some may have chosen a different path for this life but the resonance of past talents may still echo within them.

Can you manifest talent for something you love to do? I believe it is all about discipline and how much of you, you are willing to put into it. For there must be a reason why you chose not to have that talent along with you in this particular lifetime. Having said that, I do believe that you can improve whatever you already have, but will never come close to those who have chosen it as part of their ready make up and are using it appropriately. My advise would be to find the talents you already have and put that to its fullest use.

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Thanks for the answer daniele. It just makes so much intuitive sense to me; it really sent a shiver up my spine when I read it!

(16 Feb '11, 20:11) Salvagetherapy

Thank you Salvagetherapy! namaste

(17 Feb '11, 03:30) daniele

I believe that you can.I really believe that anyone can do what they want to do.

But the worlds full of people who dont do this.I see this everyday.

The way is open for us to manifest,but all too often people dont.There may be very many reasons for this,i believe many of them are answered on this site.

Its a question that deserves a million answers,because there may well be a million reasons why people dont align with there prayers,desires,ambitions and destiny.

But if they did align,they would sing like Whitney Houston,they would sprint like Usain Bolt and they would earn like Bill Gates.

Of course the many failures of people who never hit the mark will always be held up as the norm, and proof that LOA/praying/believing etc dont work.The so called absolute belief of some isnt absolute if they fail.Because if it was ABSOLUTE they couldnt by the law of God be able to fail.

But they will,if the rules are followed.There are NO unanswered prayers in this world.No vibrational mis matches ( i think i got that one from Stingray!)

Only the lack of alignment,faith and allowing.

Tough on some this notion is...its tough on me at the moment too.



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I have always loved to sing... yet never had training. I enjoyed it so very much. When my resistence began to lower i found i was able to sing very well and had a feeling of exhileration and of enjoyment flowing through me. (i almost felt as if i was chaneling various artists he hee)

In the last year i have spent my free time playing the guitar and singing. It's my greatest joy. i just kept doing it for the pleasure of the experience.

Great Question!


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I think the world needs a lot of different talents. I do not believe you can do anything you want that are based on physical limitations. We all can't slam dunk a basketball. Not everyone can sing the American national anthem with grace. The beauty of living a life fulfilled is finding what your special talent is an sharing it. The sad part is many never get to share their beautiful talents because they spend their time chasing something else.

What's your talent?



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