The other day I had a surge of energy and confidence that I do not usually experience like that.

Problems that seem heavy most of the time felt very light. I also didn't care what others thought of me. It just lasted that day.

What was that all about? Chemical imbalance, God trying to show me something, random food?

(Note, I did not do anything consciously to trigger this.)

asked 28 Jan '11, 01:14

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Your question is a good one!

I have a vivid memory of a day long ago when I experienced absolute, complete and total perfect peace....

I was sitting in my rocking chair, after just putting my youngest child, who was a baby at that time, down for a nap.The whole day seemed like bliss....I was breast-feeding, so perhaps you can say it was hormones, but it did not feel like that at all!

It actually was just an ordinary day in most respects, but I sensed that something was if an angel was with me, or God, or Jesus, or Mary...

I never will forget that day.

The important lesson that I learned was this: I did nothing to achieve that peace. It just happened ! Now, since then, I can see that the day was a Great Gift from God, for it actually gave me a glimpse of what heaven must feel like. I guess I must digress a bit here....

When I was between the age of two and five, I used to "travel" out of my body and journey all over, and I loved it so very much! I felt that very same peace while I traveled as I did the day in the rocking chair. I remember when the angels told me that I was getting too old to "travel" and that it would not happen anymore. I was devastated. So, when I felt that day of peace, I was so grateful for it, and for the confirmation that Heaven does exist, and there we experience perfect peace, as I said.The traveling was also a gift, for I carry with me always the knowledge that my soul is separate from my body, and will go on after I die.

So, keep your memory of that day close to your heart, and enjoy it. When you meditate, that is what you are striving to feel! Take care!

Many blessings, Jai


answered 28 Jan '11, 04:21

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Yours was more bliss, where as mine feels like high energy. Like just now I felt so pumped up I grabbed my guitar and played Come Sail Away the fast part. I don't know how I do that but it just came through even though I never played it before. Plus I feel like yeah yeah YEAHHHHH I feel incredible like I think like when I used to have Hyperactivity as a child. I hadn't felt that in years!

(28 Jan '11, 05:24) Wade Casaldi

Very interesting relating it to heaven.

(28 Jan '11, 21:46) Back2Basics

Sounds like you were in touch with who you really are, or in the latest terminology of Abraham - you were in the Vortex.

I often find that it's when I'm not consciously trying to trigger something, that's when it happens. We forget and give up trying so resistance fades and we step into the Vortex without even noticing. I think when we try too hard we keep ourselves out of the Vortex.


answered 28 Jan '11, 02:11

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very good point about trying too hard

(28 Jan '11, 21:44) Back2Basics

Yes I have been experiencing this for over a week now. Every day waking up feeling incredible, with rock songs going through my head like, Living In America, Dance To The Music, Celebrate Good Times, I Want To Rock and Roll, I Want To Take You Higher. Real good time music that is very uplifting, and up beat and I feel like yelling Whoooooooooooooooah! Just feeling really great.

I don't know why myself but I am really enjoying, and if I feel myself slipping down I clear it away in Jesus name then if I am not up I start to think of happy songs myself and before I know it I am back on top of the world!

It might have started when I did a Reiki teaching session on a Saturday two weeks ago. Then I had a spiritual experience after that and have been feeling on top of the world ever since.


answered 28 Jan '11, 03:53

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Wade Casaldi

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wow, very cool..............

(28 Jan '11, 21:49) Back2Basics

Yes, I can appreciate where you are coming from, and it is like waking up suddenly only to realize that the grass is much greener on the other side of the fence. The feeling is Euphoria, Anointing, and it is a Spiritual Awakening connecting to our Higher Self!!!


answered 28 Jan '11, 05:19

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Inactive User ♦♦

Yes, it is like waking up in a spiritual way. Now, what do you mean "only to realize that the grass is much greener on the other side of the fence."

(28 Jan '11, 21:50) Back2Basics

As I see You have got answers for my questions.

You've been waiting for this message.

It has All started with You, so show me how?!


answered 28 Jan '11, 01:38

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Not sure what you're trying to say Wildlife or why you would vote B2B's question down ?

(28 Jan '11, 02:13) Michaela

Yes You do Michaela.. you're a Player in my dream and a part of You knows it. I helped You re-member some of Yourself right Now and Now You do the same for Me !

(28 Jan '11, 09:30) wildlife

ummmmmmmm....OK? Should I be concerned for you?

(28 Jan '11, 21:51) Back2Basics

wildlife you make no sense!!!

(10 Feb '11, 13:38) realityVSimagination
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