We cannot get away from it: bad things do happen to us. How can we get through the grieving process with grace and empowerment?

I cannot believe that my "vibrations" invited this to happen...but I am thinking about that, along with a lot of other stuff that is not making me feel real good right now.

I know that this question was answered in a book called "Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?"- I even own the book. But how do you all explain it in terms of vibrational living?



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(08 Jan '10, 02:55) Vesuvius

Everything in the universe has a very sensible reason to exist. Therefore if we want to give anwser to this question, we must think about the nature of negativeness. The easiest way to understand it is to imagine the world without evil. At first it would be a quite pleasing place to life, but sooner or later we would became bored by life. Beautiful and profound concepts such as bravery, sacrifice, honor could not be manifested. The spiritual development of human would be unbelivably slow, as he would not stumble across any grudges that make him rethink his beliefs or make him even more motivated in his mission. This is the main reason why spirit incarnates in our physical world, qabalistic Malkuth. It is the best place to evolve because obstacles and sorrows of this life are not present in afterlife.


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To deserve something implies that there is a value judgement; that you're somehow being punished.
But there is nothing to punish, and there is no blame.

Abraham would say that bad things happen to good people because they are more of a vibrational match to the bad things than they are to the good things. Put another way, people are responsible for everything that happens to them; there are no accidents.

Many people allow themselves to fall into a "victim mentality." This is an especially pernicious form of stinkin' thinkin': if you blame people and things outside of you for your lot in life, then you don't have to do anything to change your life or make it better, since you're not responsible.

Have you ever known anyone like this? Their life is a train wreck. From the outside looking in, you can see quite clearly that it is their thinking that got them there. These are not bad people; they're just intellectually lazy. They don't bother to change their life because they would have to first accept responsibility for where they are.

The word "accident" implies some random failure of a single component, or an individual human error. But ask any pilot or airplane mechanic, and they will tell you that it is never a single failure that brings an airplane down; rather, it is always a series of failures, what investigators call a "chain of events", where several things happen in succession that collectively conspire to bring an airplane down.

That kind of systemic failure only happens due to deliberate and systematic sabotage or neglect.

Your own life is no different, really.

So how do you turn it around?

You start by realizing that the pain you feel as part of your life experiences has less to do with what happens to you, and more to do with how you react to it. You feelings are a choice. At any moment, you can choose to feel good again, and by choosing to feel good, you embrace life again.

How do you do that? Like this.


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Free will factors in too. We all have it, and you're living in a world with other people.

As an example, my neighbor once decided to kill himself. This was many years ago. At the last possible moment, he deflected the gunshot off to the side. The round traveled through his wall, through the siding of his house, and into the window of our dining room. If me, or any of my kids had been sitting at the desk, we would have been hit. Did we ask for this fright or danger? No, of course not. The neighbor, with his free will, decided to discharge his gun. It was his choice. As it was, me and the kids were alright, but our pet parrot was so traumatized that he was never the same and eventually had to be put to sleep.

I think we have to be careful that we don't blame ourselves for EVERYTHING that comes our way.

Should cancer victims feel guilty that their thinking brought on their disease? Maybe it did, but maybe it was environmental, when the company they worked for decided to dump toxic waste out back.

I hope I am making sense here, of my point! Some of these books and ideas are a little harsh, and easy to write from the ivory towers that some of these writers sit in. To me, common sense dictates that the actions of others will at times impact us, with no asking for it on our part.


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LeeAnn 1

Point One

Why do good things happen to bad people? It is said that the subconscious mind do not know good form bad, so a person can ask the subconscious mind for either good or bad.

Point Two

Why was Jesus Christ nailed to a cross, and crucified? Did he cause this upon himself, or did it just happen to him? Could he stop what was happening to him, if so why didn’t he?

They say we are responsible for our spiritual journey here on earth, and we create our own life experience.

Now do I want something bad to happen to me spiritually, or physically; the answer to that question is “no.”

Can I plan my life, so that nothing bad happens to me? The truth is I can try to do everything right, and be the best person that I can be, but there is a saying you cannot cheat faith, and we do not know what destiny has in store for us. So, we may very well have to follow in the path that life leads, and figure it out for ourselves.

Point Three

The first sin was created by Adam and Eve, so the wages of sin is death and no one can cheat death.

There is good, and evil in life, and it is not your fault that there is good, and evil. You just have to continue to do good things in your book of life, and if evil come to you with no fault of your own, then as the saying goes this life is a daily spiritual war fare, you will just have to learn how to come against the enemy, and defeat the evil Satan.

Sometime, as the Bible teaches, God do test our faith. It is like a wake up call for us, perhaps we need to reassess what we doing in our life, or what we need to change in our life to get rid of the bad or the negative, and learn how to keep the good, and the positive.

So the answer to your question is: the bad is perhaps a wake up call for you to reassess yourself, or what you are doing in your life and make the necessary changes that are needed to turn the bad into something that is good for you. Life is a journey; life is experience we can learn from; life is good, and bad. Life is what you make, so get rid of the bad, and keep the good in your life.


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I know Dr. Joe Vitale says that we are 100% responsible for our experiences, That is a hard pill to swallow. I do see where we attract negative things from fear or worry, but things that seem to just happen seem to have no reason. But if we attach meaning to these things they trap us in emotions and feelings that can last many years, like why me? We all would like to know why we are the one's that experienced these things, but if we attach no meaning as this is something that just happened in the past, instead of to me it is something I experienced. The wording needs to be changed from victim words to empowering words.

I recommend EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) or Ho'oponopono to get through these experiences.

If you need a counselor then get one that can help you, maybe Hypnotherapist?


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Wade Casaldi

Bad things happen to everyone, suffering is one of our common bonds.


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