If it were possible to know everything, would that cause us a life of frustrating misery at being unable to convince others about the truth we know, or would it be a blessing, since we would be able to help at least some people to a deeper understanding? Would you want to be omniscient?

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There's a couple of good observations below, but I'd love to hear more from the rest of you viewers. You don't have to write anything profound (though that's fine, too), just share your opinion!

(08 Oct '09, 07:33) John
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It is an impossible scenario as the ONLY constant is CHANGE, :-), :-), :-) So.... What you "know" (omniscient) in the moment is "passee" the next.

Also, why would you want "to convince others about the truth we know"? For the Kudos; the I-told-you-so? Is it not a fact that what we so 'desperately' want others to embrace is merely a reflection of what we are seeking to embody ourselves?

Have a splendid day! Suzanne3


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Kudos, Suzanne! :-)

(09 Oct '09, 05:03) John

Seriously good points Suzanne!

(11 Oct '09, 18:25) Rebecca

It could take a lot of fun out of life


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I believe that omniscience is a quality that comes naturally with enlightenment, when the last drops of ego have been removed and there is no sense of separation from the universe. In this case there should be no problem as there is no "self" anymore that can get frustrated. Other qualities that follow enlightenment are perfect joy and compassion. Again joy excludes frustration...and compassion would drive the enlightened being to joyfully and tirelessly share it's knowledge with as many beings as possible.

If we can somehow get omniscient power while the ego is still intact, then I think all kinds of problems can arise. :)


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I think it can be a blessing or a curse. It depends on what you see. I have a psychic friend who saw her own death. She was never happy after that.

But, in a general sense, I believe humanity is walking to a path of higher consciousness and the messes I have seen on the horizon are rewarded with a better world.

Omniscience belongs only to One...


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I believe if we knew everything, we would not feel any frustration at all, but would just allow things to flow as they will, and we would already understand the why's of it.


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We are here for the joyous expansion of adding to all that is, and we never get it done and we never get it wrong. If we knew everything/were omniscient, we would be in another realm with all-that-is and Abraham Hicks for example ;>)


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If we were Omniscient it would be neither a blessing nor a curse. To reach omniscience we would already have made the three two and the two One.


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If there is one person who could be omniscient, this person will change the world. People will know that they are created even much more powerful then what any of us can ever conceive.

That person would also have reverential fear and love for God and respect and love will come out of him for his fellow man. Nations will seek council from this person and he will bring peace and prosperity on the earth. His enemies will be destroyed before him and he will be kept by God.

Because this person will know everything, he will have no doubt that God is the creator and that the power we are harnessing is because we are created in the image of God. He will know not to move from truth but keep it close to his heart for it will keep him safe.

This person will have abundant joy and will never fear nor will he be frustrated. His heart will be filled with compassion for the world.

I suppose the person that came closest to this was Enoch. Except for Jesus Enoch was the one man who knew most about everything because God took him on journeys and explained many things of creation to him.

I think I would have loved to be omniscient !


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No, it would not be an blessing in my opion for in ECCLESIASTES in the bible the preacher went around and check out everything to see about happiness and just discover all he could discover. He was upset that he was going to die and leave all he had worked hard for and probably and stupid person would get it. He said what does it matter we all going going to die the smart and the not so smart people. He drank wine an lot just mess with as must as he could to fine all of the happiness he could and in the end he said unless you have God you don't have anything. For all is in vain. Folly is no good.

It would be too much power to handle. It would be an curse.

Our subconscious mind could not take knowing all what God know for we can't even look upon God he is too powerful in our fleshly body. For Moses ask just to look upon his face and God said no one can look upon me but as I past by I will put my hand over me and only let you glimspe the back of me.

Just by my own expierence of learning more if you can't stop anything from happen just knowing it was going to happen and they are making the wrong choices because you shouldn't step all over free will. it hurts to know something and you can't do anything about it for if you tell them than it will strt hurting the person you told.

Too much power corrupts humans in an bad way most of the time.


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