In the past, before I even understood the law of attraction or even heard of it, I was manifesting without realizing it. Just little things, mind you, but they happened. Images were so clear, like a vivid day dream. It was kinda unsettling sometimes because the images were so clear. But, how can I focus this into monetary matters and do it again?

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Find out what you did...or didnt do the first time and try it again.

Why change a winning formula.

Not knowing anything about you i dont know what allowing,faith,vibrational work you were doing without your knowledge you were actually doing it.

I had my biggest manifestation before i had heard of LOA too.

Maybe theres something in that!



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For manifesting money itself, the basic idea is really pretty straightforward.

Most people agree that money represents, not pieces of paper and metal, but an energy flow of some kind.

So to increase the monetary manifestations in your life, just look for places in your life where energy flow is being squelched for some reason and clean them up.

Once you do that, the money will start naturally flowing into your life because you have eliminated the blocks to it doing so.

I do this regular vibrational clean-up using a method I call Focus Blocks but there are many other methods also. Just find one that suits your belief system and apply it consistently.

You'll notice that I've not mentioned anything about focusing...simply because it's an optional step.

What you want is already created in the moment you wanted it...the focusing bit is really just meant for you to enjoy the process of coming into alignment so if the focusing doesn't bring you any pleasure while you're doing it, there's little point doing it.

Once you've naturally got into the flow of drawing whatever you want to you just by allowing it, you'll also naturally want to become more involved with the process of creation itself, through enjoying the focusing aspect.

All truly creative people enjoy the process more than the end-result - and, as physically-focused humans, we all have that creative ability within us waiting for a chance to express itself.


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I had the same experience. In fact, I was essentially an atheist yet when some of my biggest manifestations occured and when I had no idea what I was doing, yet I was naturally visualizing things and situations that I wanted. Maybe we were more relaxed then and not trying so hard? Maybe we were not filtering sensations? I have often wondered about this as well!


answered 05 May '11, 16:10

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