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What movies really make you feel good when you watch them? There are some movies that I watch that just make me feel good. So what movies make you feel good?

asked 11 Aug '12, 16:09

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Fairy Princess

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@Fairy Princess- Here is a link to your other question about movies....Just so people know that this question is a bit different...Also, so they can refer to that question as well...Love, Jai

(11 Aug '12, 18:22) Jaianniah

Thank you @Jaianniah Yes, it is different. This one is about movies that make you feel good. The other is about movies that had a spiritual message.

(11 Aug '12, 18:29) Fairy Princess

Revenge of the Nerds

(12 Aug '12, 04:16) Nikulas
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  1. Lots of cartoons. (Lion King, How to Train Your Dragon, Lilo & Stitch)
  2. Crude humor (Family Guy, South Park, American dad)
  3. Prince of Persia, Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. Avatar
  5. Super heroes! The Dark Knight & Iron Man especially.
  6. Friends with Benefits
  7. Pursuit of Happyness (the ending makes me so happy:)
  8. Crazy, Stupid, Love
  9. The Change-Up
  10. Forrest Gump
  11. Eat, Pray, Love
  12. Little Nicky
  13. Just Go With It
  14. Water for Elephants
  15. Tower Heist
  16. Anger Management

answered 11 Aug '12, 19:07

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How to Train Your Dragon

Finding Nemo


Flight of the Navigator

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrove


answered 11 Aug '12, 18:09

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alt text Image copyright by 20th Century Fox and James Cameron, from Avatar

  1. Avatar
  2. Burlesque (at times)
  3. Avatar
  4. The Abyss
  5. Titanic (at times)
  6. Avatar
  7. Alien and Aliens....but not Part Three
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Singing in the Rain (only when I have the flu)
  10. The Sound of Music (only when I am feeling insane)
  11. The Great Debaters
  12. Avatar
  13. Anything Christian done Well
  14. Avatar....
  15. Lord of the Rings Extended Version watched all in one day; then watched with commentary all the next day;....Then the editorial discs the third day....Total LOTR Bliss
  16. Pretty Woman (when I obsess about my failed marriage and my ex)

List subject to change without notice :)

Love and Peace,


P.S. Did you figure out that I like James Cameron Movies???? LOL


answered 11 Aug '12, 18:35

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I see you like Avatar

(12 Aug '12, 01:22) Fairy Princess

Nah, she's just in love with the Blue Man ;-)

(12 Aug '12, 02:26) Starlight

@Fairy Princess @Starlight- I just love the whole planet! I wish I could go there!

(12 Aug '12, 03:29) Jaianniah

I saw Avatar at the theater in 3D. This guy comes walking past me to get out, so I reached out and said, "Wow, it looks like your really there." LOL from everyone in earshot.

(12 Aug '12, 09:49) Fairy Princess
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The Matrix Trilogy

Star Wars Collection


Forrest Gump

The Last of the Mohicans

Dances With Wolves

The Shawshank Redemption

Back to the Future

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Terminator 2


40 Year Old Virgin

Christmas Vacation

The Great Outdoors

The Longest Yard (Old and New)


answered 12 Aug '12, 01:43

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answered 11 Aug '12, 16:23

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Fairy Princess

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@Fairy Princess - While you were sleeping is my all time feel good movie. I also love Dan in Real Life (music is fab in that) and The Wedding Singer. On the strength of these recommendations I am going to check out some of your other favs - thank you.

(12 Aug '12, 03:30) Catherine

Adam Sandler Fan then,so am I, he is great! Have you seen Click?

(12 Aug '12, 07:40) Satori

@Satori Yes, I saw Click. I should watch that again now that I know about the LOA. That one was not a vortex movie for me though. It was kind of stressful if I remember correctly.

(12 Aug '12, 09:48) Fairy Princess

This is true, a good ending though.Im going to watch Dan in real life, thanks for recommending:)

(12 Aug '12, 10:11) Satori
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Top Gun - When I was a kid, I wanted to be an air force fighter pilot. Seen it 14times, in 4 languages, 2 of which I didn't understand at all and without subtitles, but I didn't mind.

Shaolin Soccer - As silly as it gets, one of the most frivolous movies I've ever seen. Used to be a perfect vibrational match with me.

HIMYM - Watched all seasons in row for 4 days. And watch it whenever I can. It's legen...never gets old...dary. ;-)

Hercules (Disney) - Well, who wouldn't want to be a hero?

Duck tales; Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers; Simpsons, Gummi Bears; Smurfs - In that order. lol. I don't have TV, but when I get to watch it, I tune into cartoon channel, they usually play one of these. Hands down better than late night news.

Other than that, there's hundreds of nice movies, many of which I watch repeatedly.


answered 13 Aug '12, 02:44

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Good meaning, and it might inspire you specifically dude,

(16 Aug '12, 21:49) Nikulas
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I have been watching a lot of Christian movies lately. I find that these movies leave me feeling wonderful and inspired more than any worldly movie ever does. I feel so enriched and enlivened watching these rather than just entertained like most worldly movies do.

The Genesis Code (The most important movie to humanity that I believe proves God himself exist by proving through Science that Genesis is fact!)

The Perfect Stranger (Rev 3:20 Have you ever wished you could dine with Jesus for an evening? Now you can, this is an amazing movie that feels like you are dining with Jesus! A wonderful movie that changes a non-believer's life and saves her soul and probably her whole family as well.)

Another Prefect Stranger (10 years later her daughter meets Jesus and has a talk with him about God and Religion, about having a close personal relationship with God)

Finger of God (We have the power of the Holy Spirit with us through Christ to heal ourselves and others)

Furious Love (God's love expressed through us is the healing balm to cure and bring peace)

Fireproof (That when we put God first and care enough to love others as we would love to be loved we can not only heal relationships but grow together as well.)

Amish Grace (Forgiveness is the key to moving on and being in God's good graces, it not only heals others it heals ourselves as well.)

The Climb (We can save someone not only physically but emotionally, spiritually and soul wise as well, this can not only save his soul but his marriage and family as well.)

Facing The Giants (Never give up and always give it your very best, praise God whether you win or lose.)

The Way Home (Do not lose faith, when we pray God will send the help we need.)

Gifted Hands (We can change the world, one person can change the world, yes you can! A mother's love not only impacts her children but everyone her children ever touch for life.)

Flywheel (The power of redemption and honesty to change your life.)


answered 12 Aug '12, 12:38

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Wade Casaldi

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