I must admit to being pretty excited. I've been single for a very long time, nothing major. I got burned in a bad relationship then lost myself in my work. Anyway, I got it in my head that if I'm going to try attracting a girlfriend, may as well aim high and go for the soulmate. Over the past few years whenever I had time, I thought about how she looked and her inner qualities. I did try visualizing though I noticed I had a hard time imagining her. One of her traits is that she's from the UK but I couldn't even get the accent down.

Lately though, things feel like they've changed. For lack of a better description, I feel ready though it's hard to say why. I haven't even dated in years. So, I decide to do a long (2 month) process to attract her. Now, I find that when I visualize, I can see her face and hear her voice (mostly, it's hard to hold onto)... and redheads are everywhere (she's a ginger), like 3x as many as I'm used to, like a convention's in town. So, last night, I found your site and read several articles. I found switching from optimism to positive expectation very easy. Sometimes, I like to try goading information out of my subconscious and this time, I had the strongest sensation that she's days away or I'm days away from meeting her. Even had the sensation of her approaching my door, which was kinda freaky.

So, I'm willing to keep going. I want to master manifestation, as well as bring my soulmate into my life. What more can I expect? What other kinds of matches can I look forward to as I approach S-Day? What more can I do to make sure this manifestation lands?

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concolitanos, perhaps a respect and endearment to the use of free will when choosing

(01 Aug '14, 21:12) fred

I got myself into a very complicated situation. I won't go into the details, but I was basically acting as if I had a certain partner, for around 3 months. 3 months of intense focus, and then around 2 months of obsessing about him in general. I had never met him, but I could SEE him in my minds-eye, as if he were as solid as you and me.

He showed up on New Years Eve, 5 months after the intense period of focus. He didn't only match the feelings I had obsessed over, he matched what I saw in my minds eye, to the last detail. A few of the storylines I had going around in my head meshed together to make the storyline of our relationship. It was beyond what anyone could ever call a coincidence.

I'm hoping this little story might help someone who comes across it because so many times I hear people say that the LOA is wishy-washy, that you can't have exactly what you want, etc. But I rarely actually hear solid, concrete stories like this.

So the key to making it happen.

I wasn't using these techniques in the context of LOA, or to attract a soul-mate in any way. So I had no thought of lacking him or needing him. This meant I wasn't looking out for him on every corner, wondering if I would meet him in the next store or restaurant.

I had let it go, because he wasn't someone I was trying to attract, the intense focus on him was just a method I had used to get through a certain situation. He was REAL in my head, but I had NO thought of attracting him in my 'real' life. I'm not sure how much you've read on LOA but I hope you understand what I'm getting at.

The neediness people feel really does bugger up these processes.

FEEL it, and live it in every possible moment that you can. Get every ounce of enjoyment out of the vision as you possibly can. And then LET it GO! It actually takes a lot of pressure off yourself when you genuinely release it all to the wind.


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My first (and only?) success was fairly solid. I envisioned leaving my job of 10 years and all I missed were the colour of the taxi and the position of a pile of snow. When the snow showed up in my visualization, I took it as a cue from my subconscious that I was leaving in late March, early April but I left in late April.

But my question is did you spot any vibrational matches during your focus, like phantoms or intuitive cues?

(02 Aug '14, 13:27) Concolitanos

@Concolitanos The most obvious one was a dream about 2 weeks before we met where he introduced himself with his name. Do you pay attention to your dreams?

(02 Aug '14, 17:04) Bluebell

@Bluebell Used to but I haven't had many dreams lately. I should examine my sleep habits. Admittedly, I allowed my weight to sneak back up to an uncomfortable level so I haven't slept well in months. Body, money, love; it's all on the itinerary once I figure out a process that allows manifestations at a greater frequency than Fluke. I remember doing gratitude exercises and being on an emotional high for a couple months before my previous success. Abraham's EGS looks like the right tool for me.

(03 Aug '14, 21:14) Concolitanos
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Bluebell's answer is the correct way, although it can be delayed in arriving when you look outside of yourself. With your eyes closed, and using your imagination, see in your mind's eye with all the "sensory vividness" you can, something that would imply you have a girlfriend. Go to the end where you have a girlfriend, pick out something from that time that would indicate, without doubt, that you have a girlfriend. Then in your imaginative state see yourself as having that thing right now. How does it feel? You must imagine from the view of "your own eyes" not imaging looking at yourself, or her, in different scenes like watching yourself on a movie screen...that's looking outside yourself.

A lot of people figure they have to think of what the person is going to look like with features and hair color. Forget that! It causes delays and problems. Your imagination won't short change you with what arrives and what usually shows up is by far better than you ever expected.

When you do it like this she should arrive within a week or 2.


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Thanks Eldavo, actually, I have noticed that it's far easier to visualize her now. In fact, just a few minutes ago, I visualized just having a conversation. I could see her hair and her clothes. It is becoming fun, actually. It used to be difficult because my visualization was weak and I wasn't sure what I was doing. I've had only one obvious success over the past several years so it's still hard to accept that this works. This time though, it feels like it's working.

(02 Aug '14, 13:10) Concolitanos

Keep The Faith! Keep The Faith! Don't Give Up!

Love is too awesome to give up on!

If you feel all of that then you KNOW the manifestation is close.

Imagine the Wisdom of your Spirit/Higher Self/God/Universe?

It has everything taken care of. Don't worry and have fun. Have FUN and that FUN will keep it coming to you. That FUN instead of worry and lack means that you have FAITH.

It's coming, it's coming, it's coming.

Very Soon!


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what you are looking for does not exist in this world. even the best one you could find will eventually complain and blame you for all her choice and decision. she will also blame you for things that are not of your own choice and you cannot change anything about it neither can she. why judge and blame other people for stuff that you are no better or can not do anything about it your self? in this world you can go with the best wish and expectation their will always be someone to judge and blame you cause negativity and problem and throw obstacle and hurdles at you so they can show that they know more then you or are better then you. if they would really be better then you they would not do this and they would be able to be in harmony with you. know this no one is perfect in this world and any one from this world that think that they are perfect or better then the rest already are lower then any body else in this world that they judge, blame and cause problem and negativity to. if they would have a pure heart and go in accordance with the truth they would not need to cause blindness and darkness to them self and other.

Rather then expecting to much from someone else expect the best from you to be in sync with the best of someone else knowing that in this world no one is perfect, you have to endure and overcome and be as perfect as you can be as well as any one that you will meet in this world.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will.

the truth will set you free.

Let there be light, Be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Aug '14, 15:20

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white tiger

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