I am having trouble with my priorities.

For example, I receive an alimony check. Sp far, all I have done is pay bills with it. I feel I should be setting aside money for later in life, but there always seems to be something more compelling to pay for. I know that paying bills is important for my credit. But something inside me is telling me to plan for the future- Wade's and mine.

I am only four classes away from my degree (B.A.), but school stopped me by presenting me a bill I cannot pay. Without my degree, I cannot get a job that will accommodate my needing to be in a wheelchair a lot of the time. I need to get back into school, but the $3,000 dollar bill might as well be a million to me.

I do not want to nag Wade, nor do I want to push him to do what he does not want to do. But we need more income....back to the school trouble....

Help me define what is important, if you can understand my rant here. I am all confused. What comes fist, second, third? I have tried manifesting on that school money, to no avail. I seem to have hit a roadblock. Thanks in advance for your advice.



asked 16 Jul '13, 03:58

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jai, you have time putting you in a box. if your responsibility work on saving one at a time, while watching that the others stay afloat. the harmony can return when enough is applied to adjust the deficit

(16 Jul '13, 21:00) fred

Feelings of being stressed, confused and scattered prevents you from seeing clearly and at such times you have trouble in deciding what is truly important, overwhelmed by external events. All you can see are problems that loop and turn in your head and your mind starts reeling. In such circumstances there are a few things you can do to regain perspective enabling you to decide clearly what is truly important.

That spiraling loop out of control is no good to you;

Relax and restore basic functions by first of all centering yourself on steady breathing; breathe in counting ... one ... two ... three, then hold your breath counting ... one ... two ... three, then breathe out ... one ... two ... three, repeat the whole process a few times.

Spiraling negative thoughts can be treated using the "red stop button", whenever you have a self-looping thought like "what comes first, second, third?" visualize a big "red stop button" and press it. Use in conjunction with the red button a phrase like "everything's coming out fine" that you repeat as often as you wish.

It's important to keep in contact with your senses and you can do this by naming five things that you can see, hear, smell, touch.

Ground yourself, stand with your feet slightly apart, feel roots going deep into the earth, see yourself as a solid tree, deeply rooted with your branches pointing towards the sky. Now you are grounded and can see clearly and are fully capable of deciding for yourself what is truly important:

alt text


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@jaz- Wonderful and helpful, practical answer. Thank you so much! Love, Jai

(17 Jul '13, 13:43) Jaianniah

my pleasure @Jaianniah

(18 Jul '13, 02:01) jaz

I think you know whats important Jai. But your priorities are slightly off kilter. I think you know whats wrong deep down,your more aware than you think.

The $3000 for the theology degree probably isn't one at the top of the priority list. After all, if the knowledge gained there was of any use, that knowledge would have helped get the 3K to you by now.

It seems your problems don't lie in knowing whats important or indeed your prioritising things. It looks as if your main problem is "manifesting" the things you want in life. Am I correct?

If that's the problem then I would advise getting back to basics. The only reason your not manifesting is the same reason that's often stops us all. Your not at the vibrational level of your desires, or to put this in a more old fashioned way, you havnt got to the stage where you believe you've already received these things. There cant be any other reason.

My advice is simple, go back to "Ask and it is given" or read "Transurfing the space of variations" and then practise what you've learned there. In fact make it a "habit".

That "habit" is the most powerful thing you can incorporate into your life.

Sorry if this hasn't been the most sympathetic post Jai. I do read your posts and feel for you.I can imagine your frustration, I really can. Your facing the same problem we all have or do still have. There only one answer to that issue, there always has been only one answer to that issue, and there always will be just the one answer. It just the way things work in this reality.

Go back to basics Jai. If what you've learned in college was of any use....be honest with yourself...it would have produced more results in your life than it has.



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Monty Riviera

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@Monty Riviera- Thank you for such down-to-earth and practical advice! I really will take a look at myself and my thinking. I think that you hit the nail on the head...I really do not believe that I deserve to have any money, so therefore, I do not have any. Thank you so much- both you and @jaz have given me much food for thought; and, I know that you do it out of real love and compassion. Deep thanks! <3 Jai

(18 Jul '13, 16:53) Jaianniah

Jai you DO DO DO Deserve this. Remember who you really are! Your Christ......nothing more...nothing less...nothing else.

(18 Jul '13, 17:00) Monty Riviera
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