For anyone familiar with the teachings and lingo of Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks): Is the purpose of all of the processes given by Abraham (such as the ones given in the back of the book, "Ask and it is Given") to "close the gap", as they say, between your desire and your belief that you have your desire so that it will manifest?

I know they are meant to raise your vibration, but I'm wondering if they will also close the vibrational gap between where you are and where you want to be by solidifying your belief that you already have what you desire.

This is a simple question but it will help me to understand the law of attraction and the teachings of Abraham so much better. It seems as though the goal in attracting what you desire is to get to the point where you actually believe that you have what you want so that it will manifest.

I'm aware that Abraham says to focus on feeling good, but I am wondering about this aspect. I hope this makes sense and hope to get some answers!

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The whole purpose of the "Ask And It Is Given" book is to help you physically manifest your desires.

Pretty much all the Abraham teachings are tightly focused on this aim. The channelled precursor to Abraham - the entity "Seth" - was tightly focused on the theory behind "You Create Your Own Reality" but Jerry Hicks (Esther's late husband) had huge desires to understand the practical aspects of the theories and his desires summoned Abraham through his wife (Esther).

It seems as though the goal in attracting what you desire is to get to the point where you actually believe that you have what you want so that it will manifest

Yes, that is the goal.

Though there is a shortcut to doing all this manually matching up of belief and desire (to get your manifestation) and that is to simply Dominantly Feel Good...which is basically Abraham's core message.

The reason that this works is that your Higher/Bigger/Broader/Inner Self automatically guides you towards the vibrational frequency where your desire has already vibrationally manifested through a process called Emotional Guidance. (Your desires automatically vibrationally manifest in the moment you first desire them)

Emotional Guidance means that as you feel better, you are aligning more and more with the frequency of your desire. As you feel worse, you are diverging more and more from the frequency of your desire.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that emotions are annoying by-products of some bizarre and worthless brain function. So there are entire schools of philosophy based around overcoming or suppressing your emotions.

The Abraham teachings, in a practical way, demonstrate that emotions are actually a communication mechanism from the non-physical part to the physical part of you. Since you cannot think two thoughts at once, there needed to be another way for the non-physical part of you to "comment upon" the thought that the physical side was thinking without interfering with the thinking of that thought (which would be a violation of freewill). Emotional Guidance was the answer.

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