I would LOVE to travel as they do in Star Trek. But can space really be "warped"? Is this a possibility?

Blessings, Jaianniah

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If it can be imagined it already exists :)

(04 Feb '11, 02:28) Eddie

I believe so, I remember reading of John Searle built electromagnetic crafts that when he first started his first experiments the craft would rise and disappear never to be seen again. The craft seemed to jump into the quantum field similar to project rainbow (The Philadelphia Experiment).

So really those craft already reached warp drive, they are just not well known. The thing about these crafts are that the electromagnetic fields created an out of time and space environment free from inertia so these crafts could do stuff no plane could ever try because just the force of gravity would kill the pilots.

"He has offered it to the United States. He gave a demonstration at Edwards Air Force Base. During the demonstration, he made a remote control turn to the tune of 25 Gs, which would kill anyone inside a jet plane. The people at Edwards said, "Well that would kill anybody inside a jet plane, and we don't want to see it, because it's just too dangerous, we can't use that." Puzzled, he did a number of subsequent tests to determine internal G-forces. One which was fool proof. It had a vial of a radioactive element suspended in the apparatus that would break with a 2G force placed on it in any one place. He sent his craft up with that in place, and made all kinds of turns that should have just smashed it. When it came back, he tested it and it was still intact." Pasted from http://searleffect.com/free/articles/artextra.html

Then Victor Schauberger was working on a craft during WWII that was pretty interesting itself it worked on some kind of vortex engine. I believe we probably have craft today that can but it is top secret, remember our stealth jets are declassified 1960's technology, so if that is 60's and they feel they can declassify it what could 70's that is still classified be, how about 80's 2000, we are in 2011 now what could that look like? Well most likely there is no 2011 finished things but maybe some 2000 stuff that they just finished building now.

So I believe it is possible we will have it, and it is possible we do have it, only we wont know for many years to come what we now have that our governments don't want us to know they have.

The thing is if it is all for the preservation of humanity, peace and freedom then we don't need to know unless they need to use it to save us all. That is if it is being developed for good and not evil purposes of course.


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Wade Casaldi

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Yes, theoretically according to a show I saw last year on PBS, sorry no reference.

In short, imagine a piece of paper that represents a billion miles across. Now fold the paper in half and mile 1 is aligned with mile 999,999 - in other words they are at the same point in space.

The concept was to something of that effect.....

Hope that helps and if you figure it out let me know! haha


answered 04 Feb '11, 02:15

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