As some of you may know, Bashar's spaceship closeness to Earth is an indication of how ready we are for contact.

Did anyone notice as of April 13, 2013, Bashar's spaceship is 1,936 miles above Earth? Proof:

However, in “Through the Looking Glass Again” that took place on Dec 22, 2012, his position was at 1,000 miles?

Does anyone know why it went back up?

At 1hr 45 seconds into the 2nd disc "Through the looking glass again" on Dec 22nd, 2012 - Bashar states:

We are now in our ship over Sedona approximately holding 1000 of your miles…

The second idea we would like to add, in your year of the upcoming 2013, there will be, we are not say exactly when...

There will be sightings from the Yahyel...

He basically said there is likely to be contact in 2026 double that of 2013.

In 2013, we will be introducing the 3rd hybrid race.

There are 5 hybrid races, and we will introduce to you the 3rd hybrid race.

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Interesting observation. In the "Bashar Above Sedona" workshop in 2008, he said the craft was 2500 miles above Sedona so it's still closer than that.

(19 May '13, 15:45) Stingray

Yeah, I recalled he was at 2,500 miles as well.

(20 May '13, 13:09) iqjim

It might be worth reminding some of the folks here that Bashar's spacecraft distance from Earth is a symbolic representation only. You won't see it if you look out at that distance with a telescope :) Bashar exists in a different dimension to us so what he is giving us is an overlaid representation of where he would be if he existed in our dimension (which he doesn't). Same goes for his home won't see it there (or him on it) if you look from our dimension at that location.

(20 May '13, 13:25) Stingray

Indeed, he's able to phase-shift in and out of physicality. Some space ships can and do go through Earth because they're able to phase-shift.

Often the grays will zap a beam to lift us out of our bed and phase-shift us through our own walls and into their ship to operate on their agenda.

(20 May '13, 17:19) iqjim

Update, I found the exact spot in which he stated he was at 1,000 miles: At 1hr 45 seconds into the 2nd disc "Through the looking glass again" on Dec 22nd, 2012

(21 May '13, 15:39) iqjim
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Because Daryl imagined it went from 1000 miles to 1936 miles . The spaceship was created from inside Daryl. Its his spaceship, and he can do what he wants with it!


answered 20 May '13, 02:02

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Monty Riviera

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@Monty you took the words right out of my mouth :)

(20 May '13, 02:26) ru bis

@Monty Riviera Bashar claims his space ship is his physicalized higher mind. So in a way, you're right!

(20 May '13, 13:11) iqjim

If this is the case, then it means humanity is less ready than before. Remember, energy is always changing.


answered 19 May '13, 15:09

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Yea, sorry 'bout that. I'll get my **** together and align myself properly to allow for the contact as soon as possible.

(19 May '13, 17:08) CalonLan

A 93.6% decrease in a matter of 5 months.. did our energy change that much.. and why? Someone needs to ask Bashar this.

(20 May '13, 00:16) iqjim

Someone also needs to ask him why he cant go to Japan, Norway or Holland and let Bashar speak thru him in THEIR language. Of course Bashar being an alien from the future would have had plenty of time to learn all these languages! But of course Daryl cant! so neither can Bashar. I love what this guy teaches, it resonates, i like it. I just wish he would stop dressing it up with all the alien **.

(20 May '13, 02:31) Monty Riviera

@Monty Riviera Simple: Daryl is Bashar's past self. He's able to connect to himself much easier than other people. Bashar doesn't know English, but uses Daryl as an interpreter of his thoughts. His communication is limited by Daryl's knowledge. If Daryl knows Japanese, then Bashar can communicate with them in Japanese as well.

(20 May '13, 13:08) iqjim

Bashar doesnt know English!! His communication is limited by Darylls knowledge!! Daryll is Bashars past self!! iqjim , i agree with you....its all Daryll.

(20 May '13, 18:32) Monty Riviera
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maybe some relaxed too much after the 2012 prediction. Some of us kept going forward with our studies ,progress ,growth and expansion in appreciation and new ideas though. We are having all the good stuff that all that is wants for us. :)

Maybe Daryl is sensitive to all the vibrations. Or maybe it was specific for that event.


answered 20 May '13, 05:36

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well he's been seen at 70 feet off the ground, so he's been at a variety of levels i suppose, for what reason i don't know. where did he say contact would come in 2026? i will have fun as much as possible, and love more and more everyday.


answered 16 Jun '13, 09:24

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I do love this,a great idea for me too :) > i will have fun as much as possible, and love more and more everyday.<

(16 Jun '13, 09:51) clearheart

@eventhorizon - "well he's been seen at 70 feet off the ground" - Not heard this one before. If you are referring to Darryl Anka's initial daytime UFO sightings from many years ago, I've never heard Darryl say that was Bashar's ship, only that those sightings were intended to grab his attention so he would start to investigate these non-mainstream ideas

(16 Jun '13, 12:42) Stingray
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