This is a word used a lot here and I am about to introduce this site to a couple of friends. Please explain in simplest terms.


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The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, pp. 63-126

inner reality contains the creative source from which we form all events, and that by the proper focusing of attention we can draw from that vast subjective medium everything we need for a constructive, positive life in physical reality.

You meet with others, who for their own reasons are interested in the same kind of drama.

it is not neutral, but automatically inclined toward what we will here term good or constructive developments.

(13 Mar '13, 22:30) don
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It is Abraham's analogy for a state of alignment between your Physical Self and your Higher Self. You can identify when you are in this state because you feel joyful, excited, passionate, thrilled etc. This is how your Higher Self "feels" and when it flows through you, you feel it physically. In short, you feel a sensation of "fullness". Contrast that with a sensation of "emptiness" you feel when you are depressed, angry, guilty etc...that is the exact opposite state because your Higher Self is not aligned with (or flowing through) your physical self in that moment.


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Total emersion in the timeless eternal moment of now.


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Being fully content right now, and knowing that all's right with the world.


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LOL I see you followed the "rules" Great answer!

(05 Feb '11, 00:29) jim 10

Duh!- Brain fog ! Thanks Michael :)

(05 Feb '11, 14:36) Michaela

Please see my question about what I call "flow". I found out that this describes what you are talking about...This is the question to look for: I experience something I call “flow” when I am doing something I love to do. Do you know what this feeling really is?

Thanks and Blessings,



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(07 Feb '11, 02:17) Vesuvius

Thanks for posing that question Jai , it was lovely reading the answers and comments. Isn't it interesting the path we are lead down reading these threads that wander through others lives :-)

(15 Mar '13, 20:21) Starlight

I am one with my infinite self and my infinite intelligence: a place of non physical entity, a safe place, a quiet place, a place of love, a place of peacefulness, a place of inspiration, a place of spiritual enlightenment, a place where I create my reality, and a place where the universe will attract and manifest my desires for me!


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Inactive User ♦♦

A place deep within the infinite you of who you really are. An incarnated soul residing inside a human body. Within the real you full of energies and knowledge. A quite place you travel too within your soul of infinite portals of the many realms of your spiritual life connecting you to the invisible cord of your creator and you are one with the infinite God and the heavens he dwells in. A place of knowledge if you only had the keys and understood the meanings and the universal laws and do not disturb or miss with what you shouldn't.

It is a wonderful place, a place of healing and learning. A place so far and yet so near.


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Abraham-Hicks "Getting into the vortex" is a way of thinking. A guided linguistic meditation.


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Watch Gregg Braden's videoThe Science of Miracles. If this link doesn't work, search youtube for it.


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Fairy Princess

perfect harmony The sun has one kind of splendor, the moon another and the stars another; and star differs from star in splendor.


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white tiger

({I got an answer for ya, and I can even do it in a single sentence! " A 'vortex' is a type of storm that is so strong that it has no way out, only a way in. Think of it as a black hole. "

Sorta like the idea that the 'eye of the hurricane' is the safest place to be.. Because the winds are centered around it instead of in the middle of it. )}


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Yes, a drawing is worth a thousand words, just place your photo on the drawing of the servranx graph no.43 and leave it there for as long as you feel comfortable, doing is understanding;

alt text

How about this, replace the word vortex by toroid or humpback whale bubble ring, crop circle


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ru bis

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Do you always use a current photo?

(05 Apr '13, 00:05) ele

@ele what's important is that it contains your individual characteristic energy, your individual soul energy if you prefer, so any photo should do. In practice i use a recent photo that is at least three days old or that has been valorized.

(05 Apr '13, 00:57) ru bis

@ru bis bonjour . . thank you . . . 3 days old? . . . to valorize? Like the death & resurrection of Christ? You must take a lot of photos of yourself. I was actually thinking of using a photo from when I was very young.

(05 Apr '13, 01:26) ele

@ele why 3 days? because a newly fabricated "signature" enters into resonance with what it signifies in the invisible world and thus accumulates energy within it's physical structure, this process reaches it's maximum after 3 days. This process can be compared with like when you by a new pair of shoes, a shirt or whatever. To start it feels new, after a while it feels like it's yours, it has been impregnated with your own personal magnetism.

(05 Apr '13, 02:46) ru bis

@ele servranx name this processus "valorization". Instead of waiting 3 days, small objects like photos can be valorized in just a few minutes using a decagon graph.

(05 Apr '13, 02:48) ru bis

@ru bis thank you. Makes sense. What no is the decagon graph? I want one. I also want a copy of the book even if its in French. Not making lite of this; but thinking I could prevent blisters in my new hiking shoes with that graph.

(05 Apr '13, 04:46) ele

@ele the books, graphs(decagon no. 52) and a lot more can be obtained at the servranx shop

(05 Apr '13, 05:05) ru bis

@ru bis I know this - I've been there a no. of times. Yes, I could have looked. I don't know which book you were talkin about before. Thanks for being a sport.

(05 Apr '13, 05:44) ele

How about this, replace the word vortex by toroid or humpback whale bubble ring . I don't know about anyone else; but I like it ru bis - transforming.

(17 Apr '13, 04:28) ele

toroids, bubble rings, smoke rings, hydrogen bomb, crop circles, nassim haramein's dual toroid

the link has got to be manifestation of global magnetic subtle energies

(17 Apr '13, 04:49) ru bis

I was just going to edit my comment when I saw your amazing link & I've been there since - totally mesmerizing. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible link & there are so many fascinating links to go to from there.. I think it's one of my fav's & I've missed connecting with you. Thank you - much appreciated.

(17 Apr '13, 05:11) ele

here's another link that i feel sure you'll enjoy, it corroborates the shape of the servranx graph no.43 "vortex"

(17 Apr '13, 08:58) ru bis

You know me well. Dance from your Heart & the Hoop. Of course I loved it! Just reading this I could feel the warmth, my energy expanding, radiating & haven't stopped smiling. "As you hoop, imagine the spiraling energy waves of your heart field being vortexed." This is going to be one of my "go to articles" whenever I need a bit of help with my vibes. It had an amazing effect on me & now I understand why or 'me' better. Anymore, I never get in my car or appear in public unless I feel

(17 Apr '13, 11:24) ele

feel.... like this. I needed this today. Thanks.. Taking off now, doesn't feel so cold dreary & wet now. I'll be Singing/Dancing in the Rain as I drive. Thanks ru bis... I'm familiar with meditative, Native American hoop dancing & obviously Hula Dancing; but this was new to me & again I love it.

(17 Apr '13, 11:28) ele

Doing is knowing, you can also specialize your "vortex", what I mean by that is that there're as many different vortexes as you wish ... there's the hullabaloo and there's specialized meaning having a specific function

(10 Jul '15, 07:37) jaz
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