Is the world in more chaos, unbalance and unrest than in the last 100 years?

If there was a scale, where is it and how does it compare to other times in the world, i.e. during WW2?

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I have been thinking over the past few months that worldwide drastic upsets are happening more frequently (or maybe i am just noticing them more)- be it climatic, political or otherwise.

After a bit of research i found one explanation: the world is apparently ridding itself of accumulated negative energy in order to make way for the vast positive long term changes heading our way in the not so distant future.

Ordo ab chao- Order from chaos. :)


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that has been consistent with the reaching of the midway point of the effecting cycle, the earth doing her evolving

(09 Feb '11, 01:17) fred

I believe not that the world is in more chaos than it was 100 years ago, the problems are different than there were in 1911 but I believe there has always been a certain chaos around the world. But the interesting thing is as we grow in technology things changed so more people can get involved in the conflicts.

For example 1911 a wagon wheel breaks, the man complains he had an accident because this company sold him a bum wagon wheel, he buys a new one half price since the old one broke, he paid for his own damages just as the other driver that was hurt did.

Same thing now 2011, a tire blows out a man gets in an accident the insurance companies of the two drivers determine the fault so they can pay the damages and the medical bills. It is determined that the company that makes the tire is liable and next the news gets wind of this the tire company issues a recall of brand x tires because they are dangerous. People everywhere panic and go out and buy new tires from some other company and then boycott brand x tires. There is a man that is on the news saying brand x tires kill! Don't buy them! The brand x tire company gets sued and has to replace all tires they go out of business many lose jobs then are jobless, because they are out of work they stop buying so much, this causes other business to suffer, soon the economy starts going down.

See same problem different result because we now have instant news not like in 1911 word of mouth news. One little news story can cause a huge uprising in people if it is the right one, Kmart is having a blue light sale! Everyone runs flooding Kmart the doors are busted in people trampled! this is just a silly example but not so silly is maybe Black Friday, people have been killed trampled on.

So because of the news I think we have the same problems it is just they are magnified 100 times because now with instant update news they involve much more people. Think of it someone rips someone off in 1911 through word of mouth it may eventually put him out of business, someone rips someone off in 2011 it could bring instant massive reaction from thousands of people he never even heard of! Back then the "I don't think that is right" crowd had to grow at a snail pace and since it was word of mouth many even wondered if it was just a lie anyway. But now 2011 one new broadcast to millions and you instantly have millions saying "I don't think that is right!"

Now you also said 2011 compared to 1940's WWII time wow that is a big big difference compared to now, then the whole world was in a complete mess, Hitler had a whole country unified as one but it was not a good thing that is for sure.


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Wade Casaldi

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I believe in some ways it seems to be in more chaos, and my opinion on this is the fact that we are starting to remember where we have come from. The reason for this chaos is resistance. That is the only reason, I believe. Like anything in life...when we resist, our emotions let us know that we are not in alighnment with who we really are...anger, frustration, despair etc. We are entering a whole new phase right now and people are feeling the shift, some are welcoming it with open arms (all of us on here for example) yet some are still trying to hang on tight to their old ways of thinking, purely out of the fear of the unknown. "Life's meant to be hard' "Your meant to work hard" "Life's always been a struggle for most, therefore it will be for me too" "I know no better way so I will continue on in my life like my parents did, or worse, what they expect of me" Who they really are KNOWS none of this to be true...hence the emotional state most find themselves in. When we can all GET that we are all loved unconditionally, we each have inside of us the power to create the exact life we DESIRE, no one else is EVER responsible for the bad things that happen in our life, only our own thoughts can be blamed. Then and only then will we have complete peace here on this amazing planet. Until that time comes, and it is coming :) we all need to take FULL resposibility for our own lives, happiness and love for self. Because until we can completely love ourselves, we can never truly love others. And when you can't show geniune love to others, they have none to give back to you. Start loving yourself NOW,TODAY! Not tommorrow, tommorrow never comes. When we learn to love ourselves today, tommorow will be a much happier place for all. We may not know each other but I send my love just the same.xx


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The world has always been the same. Nothing new under the sun. Nowadays people are more aware of all the bad things happening because of the tendency of the media to focus solely on such items and thus suck the viewers into it. When such news items reach you, just send out a prayer to all involved and let it go.

Life is beautiful and all is well (this is coming from someone who spent eight years in a war zone!) Focus on Your life and all the ways you can make this world better! (you already help many by participating on this site for instance.)

Thank you, namaste


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which war zone??

(11 Feb '11, 17:18) Back2Basics

i can compare what i experience today and what digested history i have consumed,
we are on a newer level with different choices to make,
how do to assess what you experience against something pre-classified, most likely on expert opinion lets say, the amount of energy needed to be expended on making a proper decision has changed minimully, yet decisions needed to be made have most likely changed over time,
is that then, relative


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