Can we teach kids in conflict ridden areas such as Jerusalem, Africa, India-Pakistan etc the basics of Law of Attraction and EFT and hence bring about a change in the future of these places? I am a consultant and trainer and have wanted to work with such kids but wasn't clear on what to do. Do you think this is a workable idea and if so is there anyone who would like to work on this project?

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The children would have to have their basic needs met first, i.e. food, clean water, shelter and a basic education and medicine. You can work with organizations like World Vision to accomplish this. As little as $35 to $50 per month can take care of all of these needs for one child.

I can see potentially huge problems with teaching the children LOA directly. Their elder generation will see it as you teaching them your religion. Ultimately, you have to be a role model first; if the children like what they see in you, they might be open to your ideas, and volunteer service is a foot in the door.

As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.


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Teaching them EFT could get them where they need to be to make the LOA work for them. They would need to tap on limiting beliefs and emotional traumas, etc...


answered 19 Jul '11, 02:04

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