I have a relative.when ever i get close to him i feel a wave of negative energy. my mood disturbs.i feel angry without any reason.i also feel a strong urge to get away from him.

What is the reason for this and if the person has too much negative energy,how can i help him to get rid of this negative energy?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

What do you mean my mood disturbs. Are you referring to the angry feeling you are getting?

(08 Feb '11, 07:27) flowingwater

@Flowingwater-i mean that i feel irritation and uneasiness whenever i am near to him.

(08 Feb '11, 07:51) Zee

I have this same exact feelings toward my coworker. A lot of people doesn't like her. she has this negative aura that is affecting me for like more than 4 years. until now I can't overcome the negative energy...

(08 Feb '11, 09:02) Angelfire 1

I also want to know what is the problem with such persons? are they negative minded? sinful? or something else?should we tell them about their negative aura or energy so that they can do something for themselves? and worship to onse's religion is helpful for them?

(08 Feb '11, 10:39) Zee

Thanks zulu for clarifying your thought on my mood disturbs it helps to further my understanding of what you mean and are trying to say, thanks so much. I will attempt to answer you zulu.

(08 Feb '11, 10:58) flowingwater

If you know them well enough you can attempt to discuss with them about it but not before you put on your many shields of protection of different energy lights and The Whole Armor of God! For when you talk with them you may not being talking directly with them especially if they are possess you would be talking maybe to the evil spirit or entity. Something is causing that high surge of negative energy so be especially careful. You be the judge if you should approach them with a conversation about this. But if so thread lightly and pay strict attention whether the negative energy increases.

(08 Feb '11, 11:06) flowingwater

Or whether you start to feel worse and the urge to leave increase than by all means leave and leave in a hurry for self protection.

(08 Feb '11, 11:08) flowingwater
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Having this much negative energy is more than an energy thing, this person is he depressed?

Is he cynical of the world does he seem to think or talk like everything is against him?

He may need much more help than you know, but for now I recommend you do Ho'oponopono for him, think of him and when you are not together then say to the divine while thinking of him or holding his name on paper you say to God.

I Am Sorry, I Love You, Please Forgive Me, Thank You

This you repeat to God until you feel comfortable with his name in your hands, try this every day. This may help heal that for him.


answered 08 Feb '11, 07:08

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Wade Casaldi

Thanks wade.what is ho'opnoopono? and will this heal him or just heal my relation with him?

(08 Feb '11, 07:16) Zee

@wade-yes he is depressed.i think also in inferiority complex.can you please more ways how can i help him?

(08 Feb '11, 07:21) Zee

Joe Vitale teaches this, he was taught it by a doctor that cured criminally insane patients with this. It is love but it is said to God for the person, it is taking responsibility for our own part in this creation and saying no I don't like this I am sorry forgive me. The love changes the person.

(08 Feb '11, 08:47) Wade Casaldi

ok.Thanks Wade for your precious advice.I will surely do this.

(08 Feb '11, 09:04) Zee

http://www.hooponoponohelp.com/ and a nice little video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac5SGwRPv0o&feature=related

(08 Feb '11, 10:05) ursixx

@URSIXX-thank you very much for the link.

(08 Feb '11, 10:33) Zee
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There are a couple of defenses you can use, since perhaps avoiding this person may not be possible, as it is a relative. You can imagine that you are placing a mirrored dome over your solar plexus, to protect you from negativity. This seems to make people feel better almost immediately, and really will help. Keep renewing the vision from time to time as you are with the negative person.

Another scene you could imagine, is that you are surrounded by pure white light, like an aura, and be sure to affirm that the light protects you from negativity, and nothing negative can touch you or take energy from you.

These are simple, easy and do work. You can't change the other people, but you can protect yourself.


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LeeAnn 1

I know exactly what you mean about the negative energy, angry feeling and the need to get away from the person.. For some reason, that person is my father. My family all knows he's had HUGE emotional issues so I'm definitely not trying to insult him or anything. I can always tell when ever he's in the house even if I didn't hear him come in, because the overall atmosphere changes and I get this VERY unpleasant, uneasy feeling and it almost makes my stomach feel queasy, I can feel it physically as well in other ways too. I have a LOT of trouble being in the same room as him because the negative energy is so intense, it hits you like a brick wall. This is also why I quit my last job cause I couldn't handle all the interactions with people, ever since I've been working on my own I've felt a 1000 times better, knock on wood lol.

I used to not understand this and I admit I used to think bad things about him because of it, but now I understand that it's because he's got a lot of severe emotional issues, the only thing that sucks is that he refuses to get help.. So I can only turn to God.

Anywho, I see you posted this years ago and hopefully things have changed for the better for him and your relationship!


answered 23 Aug '13, 15:03

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I am going kind of two ways with this hopes one of them will help you. The First is......


You have a heighten sensitivity to energies; this sensitivity means that you may have inadvertently absorbed his energies which may make you tired, unfocused, or upset. Listen, because of your heighten sensitivity to energies, his anyway, just as you wouldn't walk outdoors in a rainstorm without an umbrella, its important to use an energy umbrella in the face of any emotional downpour.

It is vital that you need to shield yourself from this negative energy. Imagine a ball, bubble, or cocoon of a protective "white light" that surrounds your body first for a general protection, than a second layer of green light for healing energies, and last covered by a third layer of purple light for spiritual protection and psychic attacks.

I personally imagines these protective lights coming from God/JESUS. Just think of God and imagine the protective white light coming down from him all over your body as a complete covering of protection. These light shields lasts for about 12 hours, less time in harsh circumstances, so do them again often or as needed.

Also you can call upon the Holy Angels of God, the Arch Angels of God like Arch Angel Michael for protection. If you can't remember a name just ask Jesus/God and his Holy Angels to come and be with you and protect you for he will send them to be by your side as protection and help of all kinds if only you ask and believe in Jesus. Faith, which is believing, is the Key.

The Second is.....

I know I maybe going out in left field with you saying this but this is another direction I am going with this. And I might be terribly wrong but you said you have a strong urge to get away from him, when you are around him you become angry and you feel a WAVE of negatively which I assume just hits your presence like hot air out of a oven you being close up to it, which is strong and powerful. When it hits you I am sure it makes you take a step back for a moment.

I feel your friend is possess by a evil spirit or a demon. That is your spirit on the inside of you urging you to get away from this relative of your, I almost said uncle, because if you become angry for no reason just being around him and he disturbs your mood is not good at all. The demon or evil spirit is also drawing you to him, the demon, and he will take over you as well.

You need to put on the whole "Armor of God" (for protection for you), stay prayed up to God/Jesus, this is who I believe in you may or may not believe in someone different, pray for this person and ask Jesus to remove the evil or demon or extremely negative energy from this person. Pray for him everyday. Don't forget to put on the Whole Armor of God which is:

(1.) Belt of Truth (2.) Breastplate of Righteousness (3.) Shoes of Peace (4.) Helmet of Salvation (5.) Sword of the Spirit (6.) Shield of Faith

If this does not work and I am afraid it may not it maybe that you will need a human who has strong faith in the Lord Jesus, knows how to exorcise demons out through the power of Jesus Christ, and if you are not strong in the Lord Jesus Christ that person will become taken over by the evil, demon, or extremely negative energy or evil entity so be extremely careful for he already is trying to take hold of you by making you extremely angry the reason you feel dread and your inner self is saying flee from this person.

You might not ought to be in the room while this is being done if you are not prayed up, protected, and have on "The Whole Armor of God".

Please be extremely careful around this person even if I am wrong and it is not a demon it is something extreme powerful and I still believe evil, but I differently could be wrong. I am sorry I am not trying to scare you just make you very aware of the possibility that might be what is happening to your relative!

This is only a wild guess, I do not know why, on my part I have no knowledge of you or your relative; so I apologize ahead of time if I have hurt or angered you in anyway, form, or fashion!

                    **HOW TO PRAY ON THE ARMOR OF GOD** 

(1.) The Belt of Truth

Around my waist I put on "The Belt of Truth". Father, I commit my self to Jesus as the foundation of my life today. With your strength Lord, I will resist the temptation to stand on any worldly foundation. Jesus you alone is my foundation for any situation that will arise today. (John 14:6)

(2.) The Breastplate of Righteousness

On my heart I put "The Breastplate of Righteousness". I can fight any battle today because of the righteousness of Jesus, not my own. Jesus I declare that you are my righteousness and that threw the victory of the cross I can stand victorious against temptation, sin, and attacks of our enemy. (2 Corinthians 5:12)

(3.) Shoes of Peace

On my feet, I put "The Shoes of the Gospel". Father, prepare me by helping me know Jesus in a deeper way. Let your word become a guiding light for every step I take today and let the knowledge of the good new of Jesus' death and resurrection be my source of peace. (Romans 5:1)

(4.) Helmet of Salvation

In my hand I take of "The Shield of Faith". Father, by faith, connect me to the power of Jesus. My desire is to trust in you and your strength alone. Protect me from the arrows of the enemy today as I rely on your powers. Give me faith so that I may go forward doing your will. (Hebrews 11:33-34)

(5.) Sword of the Spirit

On my head I receive "The Helmet of Salvation". Jesus, you are my salvation. You are my deliverance. Delivery me from all sins and weaknesses - spiritual, physical, and emotional. Cover me with strength, peace, and anointing and bring me to complete wholeness in you. (1 Thessalonians 5:8-9)

(6.) Shield of Faith

In my hand I take up "The Sword of the Spirit", the powerful word of God. Jesus, you are the living version of God's Word. May God's Word give me wisdom to applied the Word to life's situations and today's troubles. (Hebrews 4:12)

Hope this helps here is a link to more information about "The Armor of God":



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Thank you Flowing for your kind response.i think he is a patient of stronge inferiority complex and depression with a poor self esteem,which filled his aura with so much negative energy..i am normally hopeful and cheerful that why my aura rejects his aura.

(08 Feb '11, 11:11) Zee

Thanks I tried to give you two avenues of answers and hoped I did not offend you with one of the answers for I did not know how close you were to the relative. Your sensitivity has been heighten around this relative and you are picking up a lot of this very negative energy you need to protect your self from the energies before it gets lodge into your auras and you begin to feel really bad, angry, and depressed on a prominent basis. You have seemed to have figure out on your own what is wrong with your relative, and I still want to say uncle, than you can send him love, clearing and unblocking.

(08 Feb '11, 12:03) flowingwater

First of all, please trust your gut!!! I do not know what relationship you have here- brother, uncle- father...but you are feeling an emotion that you must trust! I felt this way for years around my uncle- he scared me, and I felt uneasy around him...turns out that he was sexually abusing me, only I would not let myself know it until I was old enough to handle the knowledge...

I think it may be that there is something in him that you know is wrong. I don't think it is any more complicated than that! All this hocus-pocus is really covering up the simple fact that you are getting a warning about him (or her) from your insides, and I think you should trust yourself and stay away as much as you can.

Our inner senses about people are usually pretty much dead-on. Trust yourself. Your are not feeling this feeling for nothing. Look inside yourself; write about this person; and let the feelings come until you figure out what it is aout this person that you really are feeling. Is it fear??? Anger??? Allow yourself permission to feel what you feel. It's okay. Just try to figure out what is really going on...

Blessings, Jai


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possibly a few thing,
maybe it is the feeling that you broadcast that sets off a repulsive response,
or an oversensitivity to receptions of the negative vibrations of others,
a third, it is the real (accurate) perception, that you are accurate.


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Here is an exercise that you may want to try: stand back to back to this person, start walking ahead of you, if he turns around and touches you, you will be fine, if not continue walking ahead of you until you can no longer feel this negative energy, and you will be fine!

The next time you see this person face to face this energy will be positive!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks to all of you respected teachers for your very informative and helpful insights.

(09 Feb '11, 04:28) Zee

I felt the same exact way toward the sister of my husband. Just the sight or mention of her, brings out these intense negative feelings. I couldn't understand where it came from, for none of her bad attitude warranted it. For the longest time I couldn't make sense of it and thought it was all in my head, blamed myself for it and tried very hard to befriend her. Her constant rejections finally stopped me and made me to simply accept that you can't get along with everyone no matter how hard you try. When I got into spirituality I wanted to know the root of the conflict for it truly baffled me.

Having the knowledge that it had something to do with a previous life, I asked my higher-self before going to bed to take care of this relationship on that level for I wasn't able to in the physical.

On the rare occasion we get in touch, I visualize myself beaming Love and Light and work on my breathing. She drains me and I have to recapture my balance afterwards but it works.I feel that whatever I needed to do, had been done regarding her. I hope this was helpful zulu, for that's how it works for me.

thank you, namaste


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Thank you deniele for sharing your personal experience.I also feel drained after meeting him.as he sucks my energy..

(11 Feb '11, 04:17) Zee

Have you done any EFT? EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, is a fast, easy, free, way to eliminate negative emotions, fears and phobias, limiting beliefs, etc... Here http://www.fastereft.com/ you can learn how to do fasterEFT. You would feel the feelings, while tapping and telling yourself to let it go, then when you have peace on the matter, you change it to a positive statement like Peace, or something.


answered 08 Mar '11, 19:22

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Fairy Princess

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