I've been allowing and it's been a huge help for the most part. But I find that when I allow completely that I lash out at people and I find myself acting out on negative impulses no matter how much I try not to act on them.

Today a number of things pushed my buttons and I felt way more bothered by them than I usually do. I regret my behavior and I would like to know why this sometimes happens.

I regret ever feeling entitled to act this way in front of others. I feel like I've hurt myself more than anyone else.

It's like one moment i'm in the flow and the next i'm in a terrible mood. I don't always act the way I did today. Today let let go and trusted completely and it put me in a very agitated state somehow. My fight or flight responses kicked in. And I started absorbing negative energy around me and acted on some of my negative feelings.

I would like some more clarity as to how I was led to what happened. I hope this can turn out for the better. I would appreciate some of your insight.

Thank You Much!

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Hi @TheCreativeOne You may find some helpful insight on this thread ~


BTW, I really like your pseudonym you chose :)

(23 Feb '17, 11:49) ele
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Hi CreativeOne!

Yes, that often happens when you allow, consciousness is bringing to your attention unresolved feelings in your closest relationships. I would advise you not to get too caught up in the drama that unfolds if possible, and with a daily practice of meditation or spending time in nature (anything that plugs you back into a contemplative connection with yourself), you'll gradually start to see the deeper meaning in those emotional patterns and extract some kind of learning out of it. From an expanded perspective, our issues can be finally seen through and let go of.

Be easy on yourself :)


answered 22 Feb '17, 16:59

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Thank You!

(22 Feb '17, 17:08) TheCreativeOne
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