Last night and Today, I am feeling uncontrollably irritable. Even the ringing of the telephone, the lag of my broadband connection irritates me. (I don't feel this way all the time, on rare days)

Even when I try to do White Light Meditation/ Energy Healing, I get impatient and pissed at not being able to do it

Is this negative energy? What are some methods of clearing negative energy (calling Angel's help?, certain visualization)?

Please help, it is driving me nuts.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hi @mskityin there're also "negative" energies inherent in the physical world ... especially vertical energies rising from underground natural structures that can have a disrupting influence on living beings, animals are particularly sensitive, notice how a domestic cat or dog carefully chooses where to sleep, here's some info

(01 Dec '15, 03:02) jaz

Vertical and horizontal energies can be detected using a pendulum, and any nocive vertical energies can be transformed into neutral horizontal energies.

(01 Dec '15, 03:19) jaz
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just accept it. don't resist it and don't try to change it. it makes it worse. just accept it in your mind and do whatever you want. go jogging, read a book, watch tv, meet friends. do whatever you want. but accept that these days are very natural.

and do focus blocks!


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Good advice. This has been difficult to get my mind wrapped around, but I know you are right. Resist nothing.

(26 Sep '12, 19:26) Grace

The faster we accept whatever we're feeling, the faster it fades away. Acceptance and allowing is the way. Well said @releaser99, thank you.

(26 Sep '12, 20:24) figure8shape

@releaser99 Thanks.I am reading about it now.... Just accepting it and I just drank alot of water and it just helped... So strange.

(27 Sep '12, 21:29) mskityin
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I know exactly how you feel...I used to go through "spells" of irritation quite a bit.

In this state, there is something deeper going is not the little things that are actually causing the irritation. Even someone who is just trying to be nice to you can suddenly sound patronizing, etc., and you find yourself being irritated by every little thing.

A zen student once told me, "Emotions are like the weather." Meaning emotional states come and go in waves. One day you feel irritable all day; the next day you're happy. Then the next day you're depressed...then the next day you're excited.

I think what a lot of us here on Inward Quest try to do is, to control the weather. And there are actually a lot of tools at your disposal to do that.

Meditation would almost certainly help you, if you're open to that sort of thing. That's a pretty big topic, but you can find a lot of different links and suggestions here.

Grace has provided some links to Vortex Meditations here which might help you out of the irritated state.

Also, when I find myself in an irritated, frustrated, or upset state, I often immediately counter with EFT. This usually gets me feeling better pretty quickly. Here are some EFT videos which might help:

Once you get used to using these methods, my feeling is that your "spells" of irritation will begin to subside. Kind of like exercise...just keep doing it repeatedly, and it may take some time, but eventually you will get stronger. Same scenario with this stuff. Hope this helps!


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@lozenge123, you are on a roll there buddy. Great answer. :)

(26 Sep '12, 19:25) Grace

@Grace - Thanks! :)

(26 Sep '12, 23:56) lozenge123

@lozenger123 Thanks! I will try it when I get these spell the next time. Tapping sounds interesting and good... I tried so hard to visualize or meditate and got irritated and angry with myself for not being able to do it...... You know what helped? I just kept drinking alot of water. Strange.

(27 Sep '12, 21:21) mskityin
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What you are experiencing is not negative energy. Energy just is and there is only one energy. We are the ones that label the energy as positive or negative. Feeling irritated is just that, feeling irritated. What can you learn from your feelings? If the phone irritates you turn the ringer off. If the internet connection irritates you turn to appreciation. Thank you


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@Brian I know what u mean. I guess we classify the energy that is associated with the feelings. Irritation is there even when I sat still...Thanks for your suggestion :)

(27 Sep '12, 21:26) mskityin

With calling your Angels you can never go wrong because they are always with you if you call them. They can be of a good support or give an advice.

Other thing to do is to try some of the Abraham processes to move up on the emotional scale.

You can also try visualization if you think you have around some kind of negative energy or what ever you name it that bothers you. You can imagine that irritating feeling or "energy" as something you can see, for example a light glow of a certain color and let it go away.

Or you can try to imagine all this irritating things that bother you written on a piece of paper and burnt in a fire (well this one you could do practically but to imagine the process is enough for me to put it to work...)

These are things that work for me in some situations. My answer is very general because your question is too:)


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Vanilla Sensation

@Vanilla Sensation Thanks! I tried calling my angel, but I was so irritable that I just kept calling and still felt irritable. So I drank lots of water and felt better.....Strange

(27 Sep '12, 21:22) mskityin

You could be interested in Doreen Virtue´s books if you´re not familiar with her work yet...

(29 Sep '12, 11:04) Vanilla Sensation

I would say it's more of a "reaction" to something you consumed that is causing the irritability.

I have been studying this for quite some time and I'm seeing proof that the food we eat is affecting our moods and behaviors. Foods that cause bloating, diarrhea, headaches, heartburn, irritability, highs, lows,....and the list goes on and on and on.

Just take note of when you get the irritable feeling and ask yourself "what did I eat today?", or how many coffees or tea's or soda's containing caffeine you consumed. Usually you will notice you consumed something you don't normally consume.


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@Eldavo Thank you. You have a point. I will take note about food consumed.

(28 Sep '12, 20:32) mskityin

Happy Holidays, when you are focusing on the issue at hand [irritation] almost automatically you'll judge it and attempt to ''clear'' it, but the truth is that it is not an issue at all, it just is, so the real benefit would be to let it be what it is and it will pass. All too often we fight against ourselves, we are human and there must be acceptance of the truth that we are not perfect and that's okay, it's all good, and when we come from a non-judgment perspective when it comes to our negative energies, we are allowing them to weaken and dissolve on their own, thus losing their hold/momentum on our very being. I wouldn't worry too much about being irritable from time to time, just don't be too hard on yourself because it truly IS nothing, don't ''try'' to do anything about it, just feel it and forget about it, either way it will pass.


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