I have this problem with family and loved ones. They somehow affect my energy field with this almost bipolar kind of energy. I would ultimately like to know how I could find out why this is, but that is something I probably will never know, people have the tendency to tell you what they want.

I am ok with the fact that people want to keep their lives private, but when it comes to the point of them actually mixing with my energy I can't shake it and I'm obsessed with how their energy feels to me, I constantly find myself trying to figure out the unknown.

They may throw you a line like "I'm just tired, I'm just stressed", but that kind of energy should never feel confusing or daunting. It even gets to the point that I am questioning myself as if I did something wrong. I just want to be able to disconnect myself with that energy, because it stresses me out. I need to remain natural in the presence of others and at the same time be open to feel empathy, identify and understand them.

I feel like a sponge for other people's energies

alt text

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wow..... thanks so much. I see alot of these traits in this person. im watching the documentary i psychopath amazing thankyou @wade casaldi

(24 Feb '14, 23:05) Ilovetruth718
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As I'm sure you know, Inward Quest is full of information about dealing with issues like this on a permanent basis i.e. avoiding becoming a vibrational match to those who make you feel uncomfortable.

Your question, however, seems to be about how to deal with the situation when you are currently in it and are feeling like you are drowning in other people's "negative" energies. (I put the word "negative" in quotes because the truth is that everyone else is just a reflection of you...but that's that another story :) )

So here's a simple, but powerful, method you can use whenever when you are having to interact with "negative" people but don't want to...

  • Imagine the other person becoming enclosed in a light-bluish forcefield (like in science fiction movies) or even encased in a block of ice

  • When you've managed to get into that visualization (or the approximate feeling of it), imagine that forcefield (or ice block) getting darker and smaller and fading into the distance and out of your field of view. In your mind, it's almost as though you are pushing them out of your reality. Also, simultaneously, try to make that forcefield (or ice block) as cold and icy as possible so it "freezes" them in place.

  • You will find that, within a few minutes, the other person will find a reason to go somewhere else (away from you) or they will suddenly quieten down with their "negativity" for no apparent reason.

ice block method

The method also works with groups of people, or even if you want to remove a particular "negative" person from an existing group you are interacting with. You'll find lots of uses for it once you understand the principle of it :)

It might take a bit of practice (though not much) to get into the feeling of the visualization at first but, once you do, you'll find this to be quite an effective method for "forcing" others out of your reality and giving you some breathing space...temporarily :)


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@Stingray-Lovely answer....

(25 Feb '14, 00:14) Zee

yes absolutely @Stingray this kind of technique does work, however it does set an alarm bell ringing in me ... for me projection of energy in this way is using power to capture and control other people ... don't forget the "boomerang" mechanism, "whatever you emit eventually always comes back to you" ... in other words this seems very much like a mechanism of self-imprisonment, a negative synchronicity loop ref; bashar brick wall beliefs ... you must live in the house that you have built

(25 Feb '14, 01:22) jaz

@jaz - If one is already playing the game of believing that there are things "out there" that are asserting themselves into one's reality (as most people do) then one is already self-imprisoned. And if one is already in prison then even a short walk around the prison yard at lunchtime is welcome relief :)

(25 Feb '14, 03:07) Stingray

yes @Stingray thanks for the clarification, in other words those that believe they need to protect themselves are creating the energies "out there" from which they wish to protect themselves, in this case i plead guilty :)

(25 Feb '14, 04:18) jaz

@Stingray - I LOVE this. Thanks so much for sharing. @jaz - Call me crazy, but this method actually seems far less rude and abrasive than forcing the issue physically, i.e. telling the person to get the heck away from you, or to shut their mouth. :)

(26 Feb '14, 13:37) lozenge123

yes @lozenge123 "this method actually seems far less rude and abrasive than forcing the issue physically" agreed :)

(26 Feb '14, 14:23) jaz

@Lozenge123 and the little blubird again rang the bell, whispered to me "protect, project, projectile, block ice, put up shield number six"

(27 Feb '14, 00:09) jaz

@Stingray - Thank you for the good advice, and for providing tools that can meet us where we are right Now. I really appreciate that. I don't usually think of things as "out there" asserting themselves into my reality (well much less often than I used to), but I do want to know ways to stop the annoying effects of my unintended prison bars once I am face to face with them. :)

(05 Mar '14, 12:40) Grace

and the little blubird again whispered in my ear "while we think that our circumstances are the cause of our frustration, the real source lies in not being aware of our higher self" - Pir Vilayat

(05 Mar '14, 13:07) jaz

@jaz-I can see what you are saying, I just get stuck in places when I haven't been doing my best, and appreciate learning a way out...like a roadmap to get me out of a neighborhood I would not have gone to if I hadn't got myself lost. I should have prevented myself getting lost, yes, but I'm not perfect-see what I mean? I meant no slight on the truth of what you gave to the conversation, though I am sorry, I neglected to say, I appreciate the wisdom you shared just as much, and thank you. :)

(05 Mar '14, 13:48) Grace

@Grace me too, i am not perfect that's why i sometimes use what i name the "love shield", the 6 hexagon shield, it sends the negatives back to where they originated and at the same time lets pass any positives :)

(06 Mar '14, 02:42) jaz

@Stingray Recently in a spiritual development class a similar situation was discussed. The answer given was to build an imaginary brick wall between you and the, in that case, potentially violent person. The teacher said that we needed to be careful though and take down the wall, energetically, once it was no longer needed otherwise it would remain and could potentially cause a problem by coming between, say, a mother and child. I'm no expert but I would be cautious about these techniques.

(06 Mar '14, 03:56) Catherine

@Catherine - That is something I've never heard of before - the need to take down the wall when you are done with it. Thank you, that makes a lot of sense to me.

(06 Mar '14, 15:54) Grace

@Catherine - "The teacher said that we needed to be careful though and take down the wall" Before accepting the limiting/superstitious beliefs of others :) I generally find it helpful to apply a little bit of critical thinking. Take a look at the ideas in How does a person protect himself when he feels under spiritual attack? and then consider how likely it is that your "teacher" is telling you the full story :)

(14 Mar '14, 06:04) Stingray

a little blubird keeps whispering in my ear "a flow of energy can only be positive or negative ... positive is expansive, supple, warm and tender ... negative is limited, rigid, chill and rugged ... in which category is a block of ice, positive or negative?"

(29 Mar '14, 03:54) jaz

block of ice category? it all depends from which angle you choose to perceive it - ice is on the same continuum as water, it can be a cube, crystal diamond shape, temporary, transparent, multifaceted, honed and shaped, negative, positive, neutral ... etc

(07 Apr '14, 02:15) jaz

put down shield number six ... in other words put down the imaginary barrier designed to prevent psychological aggressions

(20 Apr '14, 02:43) jaz
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Our Teacher left humanity instructions over 2000 years ago on how to handle situations and reach Union with God.

Now from the sound of your speech it sounds that you are wise in looking for advice, for "a wise man shall hear and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels" provrbs 1:5,

Now our Lord Jesus had said, "Bless those that curse you, and pray for those that despitefully use you" Luke 5:28.

In this way you can roll off your back the negative vibes that you receive from people by directing yourself towards them in doing good, cause the All Mighty said once "If you turn to doing good, will you not be restored to favor?" Gen. 4:7,

In the same way you my brother, if you turn to these people in a good way, won't you feel good about your self? You may not worship God, but that doesn't mean His counsel won't help you in your life :)

You can say something nice or counsel them or hear them out maybe, these people with negative vibes are just like you, you feel down when other people send negative vibes to you, they feel bad when other people send them negative vibes.

alt text


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We live in a sea of energy, everyone naturally automatically connects with everyone else though these connections are largely unconscious, this is how we are built, this is how we function. Feeling overloaded with the energies of other's is useful feedback and indicates where and how you can make progress.

It shows that you are becoming more aware, more awakened and sensitive to subtle energies and the awakening process can be quite bumpy, confusing and daunting as you are experiencing it and trying to reach a new equilibrium, empathy is the first thing that wakes up when caught up in the energy tides of others.

You can learn how to manage and use this sensitivity. See it all as energetic connections and let in only whatever you choose, whatever suits you at the time, whatever energy feels beneficial and right for you. Seeing things as energy flows is completely different to seeing things as personal interactions, you no longer need to take it personally, you no longer react personally and thus are no longer caught up in a conflict, in the time it takes to "snap" your fingers, by changing your focus, your attitude you can mentally shield yourself.

Here are two energy devices in the form of graphics that i can certainly recommend having used them successfully for myself;

The first is designed to eliminate from your whole organism any energies that are disturbing it's normal state of functioning

alt text


The dimensions of this graph is 19cm x 12cm and should be drawn on size A4 white drawing paper using a soft graphite pencil or better still using indian ink. To activate it all you need to do is place a small photo of the person to be treated on the center of the larger lower circles, with the head of the photo directed towards the smaller higher circles. Leave the photo in place for 24 hours. If need be you can repeat the treatment after 10 days.

The graph can be obtained directly from servranx


The second graph is an effective shield that protects your whole organism. It consists of six concentric hexagons inscribed in virtual circles of 30, 50, 70, 90, 110 and 130mm diameter. Draw the graph using the same material as for the first graph. The small circle 12mm diameter placed 4mm from one of the points, serves to automatically line up the device with the earth's magnetic north.

alt text


To activate it place a witness of the person to be protected on the central cross. Ten minutes of treatment will provide 36 hours protection. The best witness to use with this graph is a piece of tissue paper such as kitchen towel freshly salivated like as a lump of chewing gum, then put into a small glass container and closed with a cork.

How this graph works fits in perfectly with the form of the bashar positive and negative synchronicity reinforcement diagrams

alt text

The supple expansive circular shape positive vibes pass through the graph unaffected. The rigid hexagonal shape negative vibes are of similar nature, of similar shape to the shield and are thus detected (like attracts like) by the web-like shield and reflected back to where they came from. Vibrational medecine

alt text


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@Jaz-how to prepare n use these graphs...

(25 Feb '14, 05:58) Zee

@Zee i will shortly edit my answer to explain in detail how to use these graphs, thanks for your confidence :)

(25 Feb '14, 06:17) jaz

a little blubird whispered in my ear ..."listen to the rhythm of Stingray's words ... most people prefer being captured"

(26 Feb '14, 01:17) jaz

@Jaz-Thank you for detailed answer....:)

(27 Feb '14, 01:44) Zee

@Zee and thank you for understanding :)

(27 Feb '14, 01:55) jaz
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