Consider: Or do we consider wealth to provide security, or do we try hard keeping it from slipping away?

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I think Vee taht many are very afraid of being without.They fear losing the stability and security that money can,in some ways provide.

Is it an idol.? Yes,by and large it is.It is this way because the world has evolved the way it has. We simply do live in a world where the folding green ,blue and brown stuff gives us CHOICES,OPPORTUNITY and FREEDOM.

There is conclusive proof that wealthy familys live longer in their bodies than poorer people. They, on average give their kids a better education,their kids then gpo on to live longer lives, and so the cycle continues.

Money is completely spiritual,it is suported by an economic system which has more to do with feelings,confidence,fear and emotion than most imagine.

Lets be honest here,most people on this site would be a damn site happier if they had a couple of million quid more than they have at present. Hell, i would be too,damn right i would.

But i will say that without the health to enjoy the things money brings, and someone to share it with even the greatest of wealth would not always bring joy.

Wealth is an idol for most,it will continue to be so for the rest of this earths lifetime.There will always be the have and have nots. The have nots will always want to be haves.

For me,i must confess that most of my prayers and focus is upon gaining the means( ie money ) to fulfill my desires.I would guess most fall into this catagory, but not all.There are and have been souls who have not been driven by the money machine.



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A very impressive answer! Thank you.

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yes for many wealth (of money and material and power) is the basis of their growth when it should be unity and love.


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Great point! Thank you.

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An old saying is that, "What you have on your mind most is your God." So it can be seen for many that is money, it is in this way that money becomes like an idol of worship first before everything.

There is nothing wrong with going for money but remember to always put God first in everything.


answered 24 Feb '11, 07:04

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I agree totally, thank you.

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