Why are indecisions considered as a splitting of energy? Isn't being indecisive actually considered as a decision by itself? The same as the desire to have no desires is a desire in itself, but why indecisiveness is not considered as a decision by itself?

Like in this video Any Path You Choose in Life is the Right Path, near the end he talks about a person who is indecisive might still end up being in the same place 4 years later, compared to someone who has taken any action or decision, no matter what kind. But why? Since not taking action or any decision is still a decision by itself right?

I understand how it feels to be indecisive and I can see why it is not a good way to live life. I understand the need to make decisions because it just feels great and as though life is flowing through it. But I just wanted to know why does it feel so different compared to just making any decision and going along with it, because after all being indecisive is still a decision by itself. Or is it not?

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kakaboo, yes not to decide is to decide, whether it be for insufficient data, a feeling the time is not right for a decisive intervention towards resolve or the belief that living as it is is ok

(05 Jan '15, 16:55) fred

Isn't being indecisive actually considered as a decision by itself?

I think you might be confusing deliberate non-action with indecisiveness. See this explanation about Wu Wei

Deliberate Non-Action is a decision not to make a decision, whereas indecisiveness is a tug-of-war between flowing energy in one direction and another...and ultimately not flowing it anywhere.

alt text

The "harmful" aspect of this indecisiveness is that you are not allowing life energy to flow through you. When life energy flows through you, you feel more alive. When it doesn't, you feel less alive...block it long enough and you'll feel dead :)

Making a decision (even a decision not to make a decision) allows energy to flow and it really doesn't matter what it flows towards because it is the act of allowing the energy to flow freely that is beneficial to you.


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well it depends indecisive might not really be indecisive. what if it is not the right time to take the decision? what if you do not have enough information to take a good decision? what if it is not the right time to take your decision and you are waiting for the right time to take it? in that case it could be seen as a decision to wait to make your choice. a rush action or decision is not better then waiting to take your decision. if you have no time and need to take one then try to take the better one on the spot. but if you have time take your time to take the best decision you can at the right time to take it.

quick example: you have two person waiting to buy a computer. one take a rush decision on the spot and buy one for 5000$.

and the other one wait and inform him self he buy it 3 month later for 2000$.

so you see the first one took a rush decision did not know what he was buying and paid to much for it. the second one took is time got inform and pay less for it also being more informed he could have buy a better one.

who said being indecisive was not a good way to live life?

you see being to fast is not good being to slow is not good either right in between is where you should be.

there is enough worry and stress in life. who can add a single hour to is life by worrying? go at your own speed. people always want more and faster. more and faster does not mean better. you know you have quantity and quality most often if you want more quantity well you will have less quality. and if you want more quality you will have less quantity. going in extreme is never good.


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white tiger

@white tiger understand where ur coming from but being indecisive sometimes feel really bad. maybe waiting to make a choice is still different from being indecisive

(07 Jan '15, 09:50) kakaboo

@KaKaboo why being indecisive make you feel really bad? often in this world if you make a choice people will not agree with your choice or will think that they could have done better. yet in truth they could have make the same or even worse. if you do not make a choice you will not make your self responsible of any thing except not making a choice. and you will not have any one thinking that they could have done better then you.

(07 Jan '15, 19:15) white tiger

also those that criticize are often people in power or that seek power and often they do not even know what they talk about. there only point is to show that they are better then you and it is not even true. one day they will learn to cry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39fHwaR2P40

(07 Jan '15, 20:16) white tiger
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