The Bible says not to put anything evil in front of your eyes. Some churches don't watch tv for this reason. There is also the argument that watching violence on tv and in movies desensitizes people to real violence. They use violent video games to desensitize military. But on another level, every time a horror movie is played with people screaming bloody murder, saying and doing gruesome things. These are vibrations that are being released into the environment. This surely has an impact on the behavior of people and animals, not just the ones watching it, but all, no?

Here you can find Dr. Emoto's experiments on how our thoughts and words affect our environment.

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Fairy Princess

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Close cousin of

(14 Apr '11, 23:13) Vesuvius


(14 Apr '11, 23:13) Vesuvius

Yes, similar, but different. I am asking about the affect of the recorded horror affecting the environment and people, on a molecular level. Affecting the water and everything that contains water.

(14 Apr '11, 23:34) Fairy Princess
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We all live in different worlds. There are people who like horror movies for some reason I can't fathom. Maybe they think being horrified is a good thing for them.

I don't go to horror movies. I see the ads, but I pass on to something I like better. There have been instances where I accidently got a horror movie from Netflix or somewhere, I just turn it off and find something I like that I feel good about watching and putting my focus and energy there.

But since we all live in different worlds, horror movies cannot affect the mass consciousness of my world (nor yours) unless you or I give them our energy. Unless I push against something, it can't affect me or my world. Remember that being against anything, particularly a negative is as close as you can get to it!

Focus on the positive. This is simple. Positives connect you with your Source. That connection feels good. Be selfish with your world. Am I in denial? I sure hope so!

People used to tell me there are bad things going on (in their world) and I should fight to change these bad things. That I have abundance and I should share my abundance with those less "fortunate". Yet I know, down deep, that looking at peoples' faults and trying to repair them will not work.

I feel the best I can do is see their strengths, their joy, their power. This amplifies their strengths.

We have the power to create worlds -- and we are using this power, right now, all of us! It is easier to create a happy world because this is next to Source. This is what we came here to do. Source has a good time through me, or Source withdraws and that does not feel so good.


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Dollar Bill

I love animals. Pure spirits that really understand the here and now. I support organizations that send me pictures of happy animals. I refuse to support organizations that send me images of hurt animals. Does this make sense?

(01 Mar '12, 12:07) Dollar Bill

I totally agree with you Juniper and frankly speaking since we stopped having tv about 4 years ago, our lives have changed dramatically. Everything that you choose to bring into your attention does affect you. And yes all that violence and horror does something to one's psyche, especially to the children who still have hard time differentiating between what's real and what's not.

thank you, namaste


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yes and no. I try to avoid the news on Tv because of its misrepresentation of the truth and or just the constant repetition of bad news. If you think back to some of the major atrocities that have happen in the world over the last 100 years 9/11,Rwanda and the genocide in Nazi Germany. I do not think that horror movies play into the mentality of the participants .It was more of a collective consensus behind a fundamental leader.
We as adults need to tell our children that these film depict a fantasy and that killing is wrong. War is wrong that there are consequences to many people when a person losses this life .And when you lose your life on a battle field you don't re-spawn and start over. You go home in a box at best or worse you are blown to bits.
IMHO horror films are terrible cinematic art.So I don't waste my time on them.

Hiding your head in the sand is never a good answer.Taking personal responsibly is.



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To think that everything is NOT interconnected and that every object is not affected by the whole would be quite insincere.


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I do not believe that watching horror movies makes people go out and commit acts of brutality. First off, you have to have something wrong in you head to even think about committing the crime. It is not something that just goes and happens. Three kids usually won't go to the theatre and watch a scary movie and then get the idea of murder. Previous thoughts are what lead up to acts of crime. They had to previously meet up to consider the act of crime and maybe the movie could influence how they would carry out the crime but it won't make them do the crime.


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The words that are spoken while the movie is played, goes out into the environment. Dr. Emoto did experiments where thoughts and words affected the crystalization of water. That means that the spoken word, whether recorded or not, has an affect on the environment, at least the water in the environment.

(14 Apr '11, 14:43) Fairy Princess

Here are some examples of what I mean. Since we are mostly water, this affects us. Some people put on relaxing sounds to relax, this shows how sound affects us physically. The sounds of people screaming bloody murder surely have a negative affect on us, even if it doen't make us go do crazy things, it still affects us and stresses our bodies.

(14 Apr '11, 14:47) Fairy Princess
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