What would happen if every tv channel, every radio station, every internet web page, could send a positive message at the same time? What if we also all tuned in and watched, or listened, or participated in a positive song all at the same time?

asked 04 Mar '11, 18:14

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Fairy Princess

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We'd feel connected - even if only for a moment we'd feel that Oneness. Nice thought :)


answered 04 Mar '11, 20:20

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Thank you! Maybe we CAN make it happen to some extent.

(05 Mar '11, 15:11) Fairy Princess

I agree with Michaela we would have that feeling of Oneness for that moment in time and even if it was only for 1 minute...........it would be truly magical


answered 05 Mar '11, 14:10

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Susan 1

It would be magical! Let us make it happen!

(05 Mar '11, 15:11) Fairy Princess

What a great idea! I believe it would not only bring tremendeous joy unto us but also allow us to feel a blessing just by being! and yes, I agree with Michaela and Susan that we'd be carried into a feeling of Oneness........

thank you, namaste


answered 05 Mar '11, 15:07

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You're welcome! Maybe we can make it happen to some extent.

(05 Mar '11, 15:10) Fairy Princess

I sure hope so Juniper!

(05 Mar '11, 15:33) daniele
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