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I was struck down by the elevators after a visit to my neurologist. A great-no,enormous!-pain walloped my head, and I fell to the floor; It hurt so very bad. When I could open my eyes, I had no vision at all. None. Everything was black. I was terrified! My daughter ran for help; they took me back into the office. My blood pressure was 214/132. I did not know what was wrong.

Slowly, I realized I could see a small area directly in front of me, as if I was inside a tunnel looking out. As time has gone by today, my vision has slowly returned...Thank God! They did a CAT-scan; it showed nothing. But my eyes were leaking great gobs of liquid, and the doctor stayed with me until my vision had come back about 50%.

All of this has really made me appreciate my life as it is- problems and all. I can see!!! I did not have a stroke (it was a bad migraine headache.). I am now seeing everything with new eyes, as it were. Have you thought about how suddenly life can change? I have---now! I certainly appreciate being able to see again. But it is more than that.

I am grateful beyond measure for ALL that I have.

So- please please take a second to consider everything you have right now. Please stop arguing for a sec, and let me know what YOU have to be grateful for- right at this present moment! I especially want to credit all the prayers and healing that went out for me. (Thanks, Wade!) I am sure they helped.

What are YOU grateful for???

Blessings (and I mean that!) and Love, Jai

asked 06 May '11, 03:41

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Yes jaianniah..we have countless blessings of our God which we ignore in our daily life.and we alwyas looking for the things we dont have yet.we should take notice of that which we already have .We oftenly recognize the importance of such blessings once we have lost them.this is regretful.

There is a verse in Holy Quran meaning."How many blessings of your God, you will deny".

I recite this verse like mantra and continued to meditate over this.

It enabled me to focus on the things/blessings i have already been the result i feel grateful to my LORD for His countless blessings upon me.

Happy to know that you regained your sight.A lot of prayers for your health and happiness.

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answered 06 May '11, 06:09

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I lost my sight once, it was terrible.

No Jai, i havnt counted them for a while.

But i will.

Im looking out of my bedroom window now,its beautifull. The weathers warm and im going to sit in the garden soon and read some more Neville lectures.Pat my old dog a bit and enjoy the birds and squirrels.

I have an old fridge in the garden and i think theres still a few cold beers still in there.

Thankyou Father.


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answered 06 May '11, 09:03

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Monty Riviera

I don't usually count my blessings, even though in the morning I say "I love......!" and go on to all the things I can think at that time. (I awake very drowsy, this is no easy task lol) For instance, I go: "I love my mum!, I love my dog Ruby! I loooove to have had such an excelent father, I was so affortunate!, I loove all my books...! and so on. I think you have a pretty good idea.


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answered 06 May '11, 13:17

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This is great advice to wake saying I love .....! or I am thankful for ......! I think that is part of where Grace comes from the more we appreciate what God gives the more he sees us happy and says "Would like some more? Have some more there is plenty!"

(06 May '11, 16:17) Wade Casaldi

Thanks for sharing Jai and I'm sincerely glad that you're feeling better and your sight is okay.

Something like this does really make us stop and think. I think we are often temporarily blind when we fail to appreciate or see what we have. I do try to write in a gratitude journal at the end of every day and I've come to realize that it's not the things in life that I'm most grateful for but rather the people who mean something to me and how I feel. Often we don't really appreciate something until we lose it.

Thanks again for the reminder :)

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answered 06 May '11, 13:25

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Yes Jai I know it was terrifying for you to go through, so much can change in a second. We do not think of this but so much is in our lives that relies on our senses. In that one moment life changes drastically, independence goes out the window, internet means nothing, computers mean nothing, books, movies, driving, personal freedom, all with the loss of sight. Hearing is bad too, no phones, no verbal communication, movies mean nothing without subtitles, I suppose hearing is not as devastating as sight now that I think of it.

I was with you in spirit and on the phone in prayers and reassurance to help calm you and keep you trusting God has this, God is in control.

I am blessed with you in my life.


answered 06 May '11, 03:56

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

I feel greatly blessed by you, too, dear! Thanks so much! Your Jai

(06 May '11, 04:00) Jaianniah

What I am grateful for tonight:

I am in very good health for someone my age (51)

The love of and for my adult children, who are awesome people.

My wonderful 2 labrador retriever dogs.

The wisdom, light and knowledge I have (and it is ever growing, although you could still fill a universe with the amount of stuff I don't know!)

Many nice aquainances and neighbors; a few close and cherished friends to have in my life.

Having had an interesting, fun and secure childhood with open minded loving parents who gave me both confidence and humility.

For having my husband in my life, and his infinite love, patience, forgiveness and flexibility.

For my safe reliable Jeep that gets me where I need or want to go.

For our new house. The longer we are here (a couple months now) the more I appreciate the layout, size, area, backyard, view, location and etc. and I am so glad we moved to this community and subdivision.

That my father insisted I take music lessons as a has enriched my life beyond measure.

My talent for becoming lost inside of books, allows me to travel to any time or place in my head, any time I like.

For my wonderful (and only) sister.

For my teachers back when I was a school-girl, who infused me with a life-long love of learning.

I am grateful for all I have learned from others at IQ, and grateful that we still have Jai as a contributor despite all that she has been through recently.

My complete freedom.

All the knowledge, people, fun that the internet has brought right into my home office. Just a few short years ago none of this was even possible.

There are a thousand things more, but this was a good start.

You're right, Jaianniah, it is good to count blessinngs and I am so glad it was something you were able to recover from.

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answered 06 May '11, 04:21

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LeeAnn 1

Thank you, LeeAnn, so much! Such a wonderful list! Mine is quite long tonight!!! Blessings to you, and congrats on your new home>>>>>>>

(06 May '11, 04:36) Jaianniah

Thank you, Jai...blessings to you as well.

(06 May '11, 14:52) LeeAnn 1

Im thankful for the blessing bestowed upon me,That goodness is only at falt.I have one of the greatest gifts of all.All i have to do is think of something and the answer comes to me.Of course it has its days,When myself gets in the way of whats to come but the rewards are outstanding.And im thankful for my life,even though i don't really understand why people are the way they are.Im thankful for my new understanding of life.And all the things i now am one with.

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answered 19 May '11, 16:25

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randy 8

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