It's said that positive energy is atleast 100 times stronger than negative energy. And it is said that we can send energy to one another.

Does that mean if 2 people focused on the same subject or outcome (and they know one another and are doing it on purpose) that that outcome would manifest sooner? Because the energy is doubled? So that means if a third person joins, the energy would be tripled and the desire would come even faster?

For example: my friend and me, we both know about law of attraction and all of other channeled and spiritual stuff. He wants a specific red sports car and we agreed that I would help him. I would do that by sending some energy to his desire. And he would help me with my desires the same way.

My question is: is it even possible to send energy to speed up manifestations of others? Something tells me that the answer to that question is yes, because everything is possible. So my next question is: how can it be done? In other words, how can I send energy? Should I maybe simply picture him (in my mind) having that car?

Thank you

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yes .prayer is also a form of sending energy. Definitely there would be other method to send positive intentions metaphysically.

(27 Jan '15, 12:03) Zee
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you base your question on desire of someone else. what makes you think that you really know is desire 100%?

if two people talk with each other they share energy and information. if they have incompatibility or desire that block them in their sharing of energy and information they are missing some of the part of the sharing. or view things differently on the subject.

to totally view the same thing as someone else one needs to experience it for himself and even then because of taste or level of understanding and experiencing people might not go in the same way or cannot be in total osmosis.

but yes you can help someone and send energy to them every one is high and low.

if we take the example of a car that is stall if one as no energy left to push it up the hill someone else can come and give a hand to push it.

even if it is just for a short while on the road together. if you give a hand or help someone will do the same to you. of course they are some people because of bad experience that received no help or did not notice that some gived them some help and that will not help you. should that stop you from helping other when it is in your power to do so?

some are in darkness and as long as they view only there small self as good and that need to profit for their desire there is not much that one can do.

Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.

Therefore, if your whole body is full of light, and no part of it dark, it will be just as full of light as when a lamp shines its light on you."

well they have free will like every one. eventually they will realize their mistake and grow up(remove the hurdle obstacle in them that block them or slow them down and also slow other around them). and there is no need to push someone that does not want to be push. the more you try to push and the more he will put on the brake. also some might not need a push and you might view it as they need a push. again different view, different taste, different knowledge, different experience.

1:know thy self.

2:know other.


4.if it does not work and you are still in darkness return to 1 you missed something.

it as been also said in the bible:First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.

you see you have free will of your self to better your self and have compassion and help other. and other also have work on number 1 since number 2 you can help if ready and if there is a will that is there if not there is nothing you can do.

Let there be light. be the light that you can be . experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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thank you for your answer but I know people can send energy to one another. That has been discused even here on IQ several times

(27 Jan '15, 09:05) Marin
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