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I have a mental list of questions for Jesus when I die. Seriously, I do.

The biggest question I have is why He took my Dad so suddenly and so relatively young. But I also have bigger questions, such as:

1. Do we go anywhere after Heaven? Is there another level, or many levels?

2. Are our souls immortal?

3. And so on.

So what would you like to ask God?

Blessings, Jai

asked 07 Mar '11, 23:53

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Thats an extremely good question.

If the question relates to a question AFTER our death i would not really be that bothered. My feeling is that after return to the Father we may very well know a lot of the answers to questions that we dont just now.Or perhaps we do know them in our higher selves but not on a physical conscious level.

If the question related to asking something in this reality it would almost certainly be "what are next weeks winning lottery numbers".

This physical reality seems to some a desperate search for much knowledge. Theres a place for that but also a place for enjoying our time here as much as is within us.

The lottery winnings would enable someone to experience many new and exciting things and would,if wisely used lead to a larger more fulfilling experience.

The answers to all question will come in their own good time.Im in no hurry personally for these answers,but of course there will be many who are, and who have good and valid reasons for wanting to know.

And i respect that.


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answered 08 Mar '11, 13:37

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Monty Riviera

My questions will not be necessary after I die, for they will have been revealed to me by then. The questions I have are pertinent only for this life. I woule ask God what is the secret of the kingdom of heaven? What is it? How do we get there? What would Jesus be doing in today's society? What was Jesus' message?

These are questions that many people think they have the answer to, and there are many different answers that cannot all be truth. I am sad that the Christian Church has strayed so very far away from what Jesus taught. I want to get back to the real message that Jesus came for. Mankind has created a new veil. Jesus came and tore the veil that separated us from God. We no longer need the priest and prophet to communicate with God, we have direct contact through Jesus Christ. However, the Church has built a new veil, one of doctrine and rules, like the pharisees. Jesus had a message and they didn't even have the word sin, they missed the mark. The words we use paint a picture in our minds. The picture we have of Christ is all wrong, and so I would ask God questions that would help us as a people to get back in the presence, inheritance of God.

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answered 09 Mar '11, 15:02

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Fairy Princess

^_^y Aye, agreed. The Christian Church is an excellent example of a very important lesson that seems to be one that people forget more than anything else.. "The path to hell is paved with good intentions."

(26 Dec '11, 20:39) Snow

Good question. I would ask him if we live this life over again and get to make different choices. And I would ask why my injury happened. Also, I'd would really like to know if he loves me. That may sound sad and "poor me" but it's not meant to. Everyone talks about how God loves everyone unconditionally and completely, even if we have made bad choices. I wish I felt the love that so many say He feels for us and not feel so alone and punished sometimes. Yeah, I think that would be the #1 question. Do you really love all of us and if so why don't we always feel it?

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answered 08 Mar '11, 05:06

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(08 Mar '11, 06:10) Wade Casaldi Jai

(08 Mar '11, 07:15) Jaianniah

eve, I love you and I truly feel it, so imagine how much more you truly are loved.......namaste dear one

(08 Mar '11, 15:02) daniele
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I would ask "god" why so few ever realise awakening.Are the ones who do supposed to help others to realise their own awakening even if it may mean others ridiculing them.

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answered 08 Mar '11, 07:02

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if you see god don't ask question be humble he will tell you what you need to know!what you think you need to know and what you really need to know are 2 different things! and what you might ask might have to much in fo for you to have so be careful for what you ask for!

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answered 22 Apr '11, 08:15

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white tiger

for fairy princess find the narrow gate! the kingdom is in you! it is in the bible you can find it! the christ in you is the spiritual part of you over the mirroir!

(22 Apr '11, 08:19) white tiger

if you meet him do not ask him what is the meaning of all this! smile

(22 Apr '11, 08:21) white tiger
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