If this question looks provocative to anyone, I apologise in advance. I am not trying to cause any controversy.

I have been wondering why we only hear about LOA in spiritual and self-help circles. Why aren’t people like Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerburg, David Beckham, George Clooney, et al talking about LOA? Even Bill Gates, whose success many people have attributed to his reading the book “Master Key System”, has never acknowledged it publicly.

These are people who are the captains of industry, founders of top businesses, showbiz celebrities – so they are obviously doing something very right. If you interview them, you will hear them talk a lot about their talent, will power, motivation, passion, determination, perseverance, hard work, dealing with failure, etc. etc. – which are all very good things, but you’ll never hear them say “When I was 18, my grandfather gave me this book about this thing called the Law of Attraction, and that changed everything”.

It’s not as if LOA is a particularly new concept. Wallace Wattles’ book was published in 1910. Charles Haanel’s book was published at about the same time.

So why aren’t the mega rich talking about it? The only super rich person that I have heard talking about LOA is the lady who won $112 million in lottery and attributed it to her reading Joseph Murphy’s book. But what about the people who built something over many years?

On the other hand, people like us who are on spiritual boards all the time have never created anything massive like a CNN or a Sony or a Sainsbury’s (because then we simply wouldn’t have the time to be on these boards in the first place).

So what is going on? I am not suggesting by any means that those celebrities are superior and we are inferior. I am only (humbly) pointing out that we are talking about this stuff all day while they are living the high life, applying – apparently – what we are talking about here !!!

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Thanks @Grace. That's me told :-)

(28 Nov '14, 16:20) cod2

Ha Grace, you beat me to it!

(29 Nov '14, 01:23) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - Lol your posts really stay with me, you can tell! Thank you again. :)

(29 Nov '14, 15:14) Grace

@cod2 - :) It's a good question! There are many successful people who don't seem to speak of this openly, but I bet they use the principles anyway, whether they realize it or not.

(29 Nov '14, 15:20) Grace

Thanks, @Grace!

(29 Nov '14, 15:47) lozenge123

They are unconsciously vibrating at the top of the EGS a lot of the time. When you're feeling excitement, passion, enthusiasm as your dominant emotional state then you attract things that match that frequency over and over. LOA is always 'on' and it always works super fast. So if you feel excited and you follow your excitement you're positively focused on your desires LOA will match you up with all things that match that state. It's very consistent and like you said life then gets very busy..

(08 Dec '14, 11:07) Yes

"You will hear them talk a lot about their talent, will power, motivation, passion, determination, perseverance, hard work, dealing with failure" They are all emotions right at the top of the emotional scale and in the manifestation zone/the vortex. Trusting talent (knowing/freedom) will power (eagerness), motivation (eagerness) passion, determination (empowered). They're vibrating high feeling a combination of empowered, enthusiasm & passion mainly I would say, right inside the vortex.

(08 Dec '14, 11:17) Yes

@cod2 - You might be interested in the following recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cll9ceu4rXA

(11 Dec '14, 22:03) lozenge123

Thanks @lozenge123.

(12 Dec '14, 03:16) cod2
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A few of them do credit popular LOA techniques for their success, although not all use the actual term LOA. Here are a few videos for your viewing pleasure.

Jim Carrey on the Law of Attraction

Will Smith on the Law of Attraction

L-M=F-A-O On The Law Of Attraction (IQ profanity censor won't let me write the band name properly)

Various celebrities on LOA

And of course all the successful people in this post here, as posted in the comments to your question (didn't see that till now).

And if you look at successful motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins and the like, safe to say there will be many people who incorporate LOA teachings into their messages.

I think a lot of other successful people use LOA to get what they want without ever knowing that they are doing it. They're just natural positive focusers, therefore they don't need self-help or aid in learning manifesting techniques, and they may not even be aware of what they are doing when they manifest.


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Thanks for your comment. I have also read the comments by @Grace and @lozenge123. I still think there is a disconnect somewhere.

I take on board the examples you all have given. It still is a fact that only a tiny, tiny fraction of super-successful peopple attribute their success to conscious application of LOA (in whatever name of form). The vast majority appear to have an in-born belief system and thought process that they are clearly not guiding or controlling consciously,...

(29 Nov '14, 11:58) cod2

...yet it's working for them.

On the other hand, people like us on spiritual forums like these - we know all about LOA. We have read every book available and listened to hundreds of hours of Abraham or Bashar, yet here we are manifesting usually nothing more than a job, a promotion, a car or a flat.

(29 Nov '14, 12:02) cod2

There is a disconnect.

Those people out there, who are mega successful, they couldn't care less about all the nuances of LOA. They are just applying it without even knowing... and here we are talking about it all day.

It doesn't seem right.

(29 Nov '14, 12:03) cod2

@cod2 - "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible."

(29 Nov '14, 13:12) lozenge123

@lozenge123, all I am saying is that the super-successful people are applying LOA without even knowing, and people like us who know all about LOA are far less successful in matching the manifestation of those people.

That is all I have said. It's simply an observation. And it's irrefutably correct.

I didn't say anything about whether LOA is true or not. I already know it exists and it works.

(29 Nov '14, 14:22) cod2

Cod2 - "And it's irrefutably correct." If you have watched hundreds of hours of Abraham and Bashar as you mention, then you must realize that the LOA will always bring you the evidence to "prove" your belief or lack thereof. For my part, I found several statements of yours in this thread to be irrefutably false. I could spend all day debunking each and every one if them, however, I must be one of those nonexistent oddballs who doesn't have time to spend "all day" on the forums...

(29 Nov '14, 14:31) lozenge123

...to talk about the LOA. :)

(29 Nov '14, 14:33) lozenge123

@cod2 - But for your enjoyment, here is a 1.5 hour long video by a woman who found a large chunk of her time to discuss the LOA and the impact it has had on her life. I'm sure she can't be any more successful than us folks on here, but it's an interesting listen, none the less. ;) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6ggHtF0i8LQ

(29 Nov '14, 14:37) lozenge123

@cod2 - The fact is, many "mega" successful people do talk about how they have consciously used LOA. As to why they don't all talk about it, who can say? No doubt many who use it successfully don't talk about it because there is no benefit for them to do so. No doubt many are using it unconsciously. I have known people who are mega successful who know nothing of LOA, but seem almost delusional in their belief in themselves. In these cases they are using LOA unconsciously. There are...

(29 Nov '14, 15:34) lozenge123

...probably many other reasons, as us human beings are a diverse lot. :) Personally I almost never talk about my own successes here on IQ, as "boasting" seems to thwart or interfere with manifestation...certainly in my case, and in the cases of some others that I've observed. I believe Stingray has expressed similar sentiments on other threads here. So although I can't be your "proof provider", I have pointed you in the direction of many who are "living proof" of the LOA in action...

(29 Nov '14, 15:40) lozenge123

...And frankly, I have never encountered a "mega" successful person who was negative about themselves or their careers, or lacking in self-confidence. That certainly tells me something about how the LOA works. :)

(29 Nov '14, 15:45) lozenge123

@cod2 - I completely agree with you, which is why I said many successful people are just natural positive focusers. If you've always been really good at something, why would you read books on how to do it? I think manifesting is like any other skill - some people are naturals, some need a little practice, and some need a whole lot of practice. It's not fair, but we all have our strong and weak areas.

(29 Nov '14, 17:15) cassiopeia

However now that LOA information is more readily available, I think in the future there will be more and more mega-successful people who've gotten where they are by consciously using this knowledge. Some of them could be browsing IQ right now :)

(29 Nov '14, 17:17) cassiopeia

Also, some people might be really good at unconsciously manifesting success and wealth, but might be terrible at manifesting other desires (reading about celebrities' love lives demonstrates this). So being good at manifesting success doesn't necessarily equate to being good at manifesting overall.

(29 Nov '14, 17:29) cassiopeia

@cassiopeia, your last point is really good. Thank you for your calm and thoughtful comments.

(29 Nov '14, 18:17) cod2

It seems maybe the super rich don't say anything about the LOA because they are not making their profit through selling the LOA.

So the idea of promoting it really has no value to them because what they are making money from is way more than they could make selling the LOA as many rich self help people do.

(05 Dec '14, 21:31) Wade Casaldi
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There is no Law of Attraction there is only Self and Self is pure consciousness. Being consciousness all experience must be made up of and a consequence of that consciousness. This "law" just says that you must always experience that which you are conscious of. IT ALLOWS ROOM FOR SUCCESS THROUGH A VARIETY OF PERSPECTIVES. An explicit awareness of consciousness as the basis of reality is NOT essential for success, ALL THAT IS REQUIRED IS A PREDOMINANT FOCUS ON EXPERIENCING SUCCESS WITHIN ANY PERSPECTIVE. Although some perspectives will make the path easier, a great love for something will produce this state provided we have no conflicting loves. As for those who are aware: some have discussed it quite publicly (: Einstein, Oprah, Will Smith, Steve Harvey etc. :), there are also some who have understood it indirectly i.e. they may say they believe in "what goes around comes around", "what you put out you tend to get back", "self-confident people succeed", "happy things happen to happy people", "beliefs are very powerful" etc., and there are those who keep quiet not because they want the "secret" for themselves (: nobody who accepts this truth could truly do this :) but because they may fear being perceived as weird or nuts. In ancient times, publicly revealing this might have meant serious problems.

As for time to post on boards, this really depends on whether you insist on believing that creating something seemingly "large" (: just another speck in your Infinite Potential :) takes up all of your time or not. Further, sometimes they are just so in love with whatever it is their doing that that is all that is in their minds. Not everyone needs to like posting on boards and nobody who is successful (: even if they consciously apply these rules :) is obligated to post on boards. Even further, it is important to spend more time deliberately focusing your attention on what you're interested in once you have the general ideas instead of constantly looking to boards, books etc. for affirmation. And finally, all of it (: boards, the mega businesses, the science, the logic, the mysticism, the criticism of mysticism, technology, wisdom, religion etc. - all of it :) is for well-being and if that is not the core of your focus (: it is actually, at the foundation despite everything we do to cover it up :) then maybe you can follow whatever it is that you find satisfying. I mean, there's no need to force yourself to accept it (: it still works regardless :).


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You actually answered your own question when you stated:

"If you interview them, you will hear them talk a lot about their talent, will power, motivation, passion, determination, perseverance, hard work, dealing with failure etc. etc.- which are all very good things, but you'll never hear them say, "When I was 18, my grandfather gave me this book about this thing called the Law of Attraction, and that changed everything".

These concepts that they mention: "talent, motivation, passion, determination," etc. etc. are more than just "very good things," they are all vital aspects and conditions that regulate and modulate the LOA, along with the other important "etceteras" of faith, belief, visualization and far too many other essential variables to mention here which come into play. These mega-rich people clearly have these "essentials" working in their favor.

The LOA is actually sort of a misnomer. We tend to think of "Laws" as "set-in-stone," such as man-made, civil-laws. We tend to want strict, written, empirically-proven "black and white" instructions and validations before we'll "believe" or do anything. But unfortunately, it's not quite that easy; nothing in human life is "set in "stone" because of our individual consciousness; so we may as well stop desiring it to be that way.

But, that's the paradox of life. We want it both ways. We want to be "spiritual," but we want our spirituality to make scientific, if not rational sense as well. Isn't that what we're doing here? Trying to make rational sense of it all? An understanding of Universal "Laws" such as the LOA helps us to make some sort of scientific or logical "sense" of life and creation.

To understand the LOA though, you have to understand that it isn't the only universal law that we must understand when it boils down to creative-manifestation; and we must also understand that it's not just about material things. As a matter of fact the LOA is a culmination of many other universal laws or principles that come into play which deal with the totality of life.

They are called "universal" because of the "set-in-stone" fact that they work and apply across the board universally; whether we are aware of them or not. In other words, they are at work whether we know about them or not; whether we know what they are called, or whether we "talk" openly about them in interviews, or not.

Thus you don't necessarily have to know all of the names or the entire "ins and outs" of all of the universal law in order for them to "work," in your life...as they're already working in one way or the other. Some of us may naturally have more or less of the traits and characteristics that are needed to make these laws work more efficiently in our lives.

It has been said that some of us are "born-knowing," if not, all is not lost.

Because, the great news is that as humans, even if we weren't born with the natural traits or characteristics of others who seemingly have the "Midas-Touch," we can learn how to acquire and apply them! I can assure you that all "Captains-of-Industries" are utilizing whatever aspects and/or Universal Laws which are harmonious to the LOA in order to make it work for them, whether they know it or not.

Lastly, you also inadvertently "hit the nail on the head" when you asked:

"So what is going on? I am not suggesting by any means that those celebrities are superior and we are inferior. I am only (humbly) pointing out that we are talking about this stuff all day while they are living the high life, applying - apparently - what we are talking about here !!!

What is going on is that by asking this question you are still looking for validation that the LOA works; and that if enough "top-celebs" say that they used it specifically, then, maybe you'll get serious about it.

But, what needs to happen is that you have to get serious about it first, before it will work for you! Proper faith and belief are two aspects of the LOA which are indispensable. Not only the proper faith and belief in the law, but faith and belief in yourself as well.

Until you fully understand that the mere subtle-thought of "mentioning,"-even if only as a "negative suggestion," that "those" celebrities are "superior" and you are "inferior"-goes foundationally against what the LOA is all about.

This "suggestion" whether given in a negative or positive viewpoint, shows up in your subconscious mind as a "them versus us" scenario, which is inharmonic with universal laws.

Also, if you are "talking about this stuff all day" and you don't seem to be getting the results that you want...then by this statement, you probably aren't following the universal laws of "Growth, Cause and Effect and Reciprocity," which are all aspects of the LOA. They all require a certain amount of "action" for their fulfillment...not just thoughts or talk.

This is the "action" that you referred to which the mega-rich "apply" so that they can "live the high-life" that you seem to desire.


answered 07 Dec '14, 16:26

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esoteric life-coach

many good points. Are you suggesting that merely seeing others as 'better off' in some way interferes with manifestation? How is it possible to overcome this? It requires a very deep belief that whatever good it is that you seek in life is not attached in any way to material goods, having a good job, partner etc etc that we seem to believe it to be.

(08 Dec '14, 07:57) Inner Beauty

you would need to have a super spiritual insight to see a very rich man and a very poor man side by side and not fall into the illusion that one is not necessarily better off just because it appears that way from a material perspective. I would love to know how to be able to see through the illusion...

(08 Dec '14, 08:05) Inner Beauty

You see through the illusion by realising that everyone can have their dream if they match up with the vibration of it. For example, back when I was still working in a 9-5, and wanted to set up my own lifestyle business, I would read blogs by entrepreneurs, and instead of seeing them as superior, I would be grateful to them for paving the way for me, for inspiring me and teaching me what is possible. This gratitude, coupled with the belief that I too could have my dream, helped me greatly.

(08 Dec '14, 09:37) cassiopeia

For me, there were no thoughts of superior vs. inferior. My thoughts were more along the lines of "there is someone who has walked the same path that I want to walk, and I'm going to use them as inspiration". I was thankful that they had achieved their dreams, because it made my own feel more realistic.

(08 Dec '14, 09:40) cassiopeia

I think what makes the main difference is believing that you can have it. If I didn't believe that I could do it, then I would have seen those entrepreneurs as superior, and it would have caused me a lot of misery and jealousy. Work on your belief that the LOA can bring you anything you want first of all.

(08 Dec '14, 09:43) cassiopeia

I really like your response @Cassiopeia and will try to put your suggestions into practice. But say I die tomorrow and I've never reached my dreams. Does that mean my life was less worthwhile in some way then the ones who did?

(08 Dec '14, 10:31) Inner Beauty

That depends on your opinion on what a worthwhile life is, it's all subjective. I'd say a life spent appreciating all the blessings we have received is a life well spent, whether those blessings include fame and success or not.

(08 Dec '14, 14:02) cassiopeia
(08 Dec '14, 15:45) Inner Beauty

@innerbeauty Yes, "Seeing" others as "better off" is only a physical viewpoint based on our perceptions. A person who is "perceived" to be "better off" simply because of material possessions, may be miserable on the inside; while a homeless man may have peace of mind. Which is "better-off?"

(12 Dec '14, 14:05) esoteric life-coach
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They have all used LOA to get where they are. Whether or not they used the law of attraction consciously is the question. If I had to take a guess, I would say, probably not.

So, how do I know that they used the LOA?

You don't have to necessarily "use" the LOA for it to work in your life. LOA is always present and always working in every living thing, from a living organism all the way down to each and every cell that creates it. LOA is working in your life now and it was working in your life before you ever heard the words "law of attraction".

So, how do all of these people seem to be living "the life" when they do not have the knowledge or know what we know. Very interesting question, although I think an even more intriguing question is: Why do you assume that the celebrities mentioned above are living "the life" just because they have money?

I think a very common misconception when it comes to the LOA is, that a billionaire is an expert on LOA and can manifest anything that he wants because he has the money to do so. Maybe what that billionaire truly desires is love, or a fulfilling relationship, a better relationship with his children. Or perhaps, he doesn't even know what he desires, but he does know that a void exists that all the money in the world can not fill.

Money does not guarantee happiness...

Also, i wanted to add a link with information about Tom Shadyac, the producer of Ace Ventura, Nutty Professor and the more recent documentary "I Am"




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Many people prefer to be secretly incredible. It seems like there are a lot of people on IQ who feel exactly that, who are extremely successful in their own right, but prefer living their lives in a private way. Not everybody prefers the limelight. Some people might use the laws to their advantage but come at it from a different angle, and don't ever use the term Law of Attraction. When you really think about it, there are literally countless reasons that not every person who is successful will talk about this stuff directly.


answered 30 Nov '14, 23:08

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I think that's because they're living it, not coming here to express doubts/frustrations. (Sorry IQ)

It is also because the super rich PROVABLY lack empathy, so they don't care who they harm or how much they harm them as they live in their own little worlds. You are probably hampered by ethics and respect for your fellow man.


answered 01 Dec '14, 07:05

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These super-rich people don't seem to lack empathy: http://www.forbes.com/sites/randalllane/2013/11/18/the-50-philanthropists-who-have-given-away-the-most-money/

One of the first steps towards increasing your own abundance is to not judge those who have it... Many rich people lack empathy, but then so do many poor people. Many poor people are highly ethical, but then so are many rich people...

(08 Dec '14, 09:56) cassiopeia

answered 01 Dec '14, 12:02

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First you have to divide the mega-rich into two groups. There are those who are self-made, that is, they started with nothing and then made their fortune, and then there are the ones who came from money, and just made more money. They might have had a family business to build on, for example, so they were already at a huge advantage over someone who didn't. Or they might have already had family in showbusiness before they themselves went into acting, directing or whatever. And if doors were opened for them, even if they then had to prove themselves, there's probably not much point in them talking about LOA when they know they already had a head start. Often when people talk about when they were homeless or sleeping on someone's couch, it was only for a few nights, but that doesn't mean their parents didn't have money.

But for argument's sake, let's talk about the self-made mega-rich. Now, unless you win the lottery like Cynthia Stafford or have some other life-changing fortune fall into your lap, there's no way anyone can get to the mega-rich status without a lot of hard work. I notice there's a link to Brian Tracy's program on LOA but he also says that if you are starting out a new business, if you want it to be successful, be prepared to work 60 hour weeks for a while. That's ten hours per day, 6 days per week. And when you work, to actually work, not just waste time. There's no shortcut.

So therefore, when very successful people look back over their lives, they will remember all the hard work. They'll also remember the lucky breaks they had on the way, that I suppose could be attributed to LOA but I don't think many of them could say they completely relied on LOA. In any case, most rich people don't talk about how much money they have, knowing others will be envious. They know that boasting about their wealth, even if they were very lucky to get there, is not going to win them friends or fans.

The saying, "the harder you work, the luckier you get" is probably more true than it first seems.

But even if LOA played a big part in getting them to where they wanted to be, can they advise it to others when other people are not going to be in exactly the same situation as these successful people?

By the way, Cynthia Stafford who won the $112 million had a plan for the money before she won it, and it wasn't only to be spent on herself. In any case she shared it with her father and brother, and by the time taxes were taken out it was the far lesser amount of $20 million each, but still a lot of money. However, she had already taken in her late brother's five children, and also used to donate to charities, even when she couldn't afford it. Maybe by showing the universe she somehow "deserved" the money, it was a way of winning. But then there are probably many other people who "deserve" to win and don't. In any case, she has a case for citing Law of Attraction and the power of belief as her method of winning. But I wonder, how many people have also tried her system of reading Joseph Murphy, believing etc. and then not won a huge amount?

The Law of Attraction isn't really the same as say, the law of gravity. Or maybe it is, but a lot of people aren't doing it correctly. But the law of gravity - well that works every time, doesn't it, and you don't have to try, or not try, or let it go, or not think too hard to make it work. I have experienced many instances where LOA worked for me, but just as many or more when it didn't.


answered 10 Dec '14, 02:20

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@Westie - Ever notice how successful people almost never boast about their wealth, but nearly everyone, rich or poor, loves to boast about how hard they work? Now that's food for thought... :)

(10 Dec '14, 11:03) lozenge123
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