Consider: And the ones that own their own home are more respected, made to be more honorable, are more careful, and are more economical by owing the home?

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I am sorry, Vee. By abiding by this saying, you are dismissing the millions of wonderful AND successful people who live in city apartments and rent all their lives. Owning a home is supposedly "The American Dream", but in New York City, it is not practical for everyone. I could go on and on...Another stock phrase I absolutely hate is "Trailer Trash". Many, many retirees and young families live in very nice manufactured homes, especially in the South.

I guess your question hit a raw nerve with me. I do not believe that men are not men unless they own their own homes. By the way, my sister is an accountant, and owns a very luxurious home in Sugarland, Texas. She pays her own mortgage, and her husband does not own the home with her. Does this make her "more of a man"?

Blessings, Jai


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@Jai: You should not take these questions personal, you should learn to see them as an exercise to think outside of the box, and not be too quick to draw the wrong conclusion. None of my questions are directed to anyone in particular, in the same token as your questions. I am a woman, and I am asking this same question, why, because I read about it, and I figured we can all learn from it. So, it would be nice, if you can show some sense of humor, and be flexible, and enjoy the process of learning from each other! Thank you.

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