This posting is for all those who are suffering depression and hopelessness. It is very much a rhetorical question. I was there once, and Inward Quest helped me. But no one has directly spoken about depression and suicide and the hope one finds with God. I am great! I am fine! I, myself, am NOT suicidal! Let's help others!

Blessings, Jai

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oh my god best question/post for me at the moment

(24 Jan '12, 05:03) Nikulas

Realize you no longer have anything to lose.

(31 Jan '13, 07:20) flowsurfer
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If you are here reading these posts and you are feeling suicidal, please go to and learn how to release the negative emotions that are blocking your happiness and keeping you in a prison in your mind. A prison of torture, and pain. There is a way to release yourself. FasterEFT is based on EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a method of tapping on meridian points used in accupunture. You do the tapping on the points while holding the negative emotions in your mind and saying a phrase to help you release it. EFT and fasterEFT are done similarly, but I would just go learn the fasterEFT, it works great! After you get the negative emotions down to a 0 or 1 on a scale 0-10, 10 being strongest, switch to a possitive picture in your mind, the way you want things to be and feel how good that would feel and tap while holding that picture and feeling and saying a word that is linked to the picture, like Peace, or some other possitive word. Please help yourself to feel better by creating a different life with fasterEFT. Please stick around and tell us how it worked for you and about your wonderful new life. Peace and blessings,

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Two Hands Touching can do wonders to feel better Now fast. Spend some time doing THT by its self and also with affirmations.


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Fairy Princess

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I would love to answer this question,i REALLY wish i knew.

My sisters son commited suicide 3 months ago.he was found in a hospital toilet in Dundee with an arm full of heroin.

He came from a loving Christian family,had a beautiful girl friend and at 24 had everything to live for.

He did seek help,he got help, and he still killed himself.

I just cant imagine being in a place so dark that physical death is the only way out. I have massive sympathy for anyone whos been in this situation. Ive massive sympathy for the mothers,fathers and siblings who are left to greive.

Just how do you cope when things are that bad?

Ive no clever answer for this one.



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Monty Riviera

Graham, I am so sorry! Drugs take so many of our loved ones! Wade and I will pray for you and your family- in fact, we will pray for all of those who are hurting! Please know that you will be in my thoughts for quite a while because of your answer. Love, Jai (and Wade)

(09 Mar '11, 17:27) Jaianniah

Yes Graham we'll pray for you, your family your sister and her son on the other side. Wade and Jai.

(09 Mar '11, 17:30) Wade Casaldi

Graham, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Your sister's loss. Many blessings to you and your family.

(09 Mar '11, 18:43) Fairy Princess

healing prayer to you and your family Graham

(10 Mar '11, 05:59) daniele

Many thanks for all of the above comments. My sister Valerie is holding up well. I have to believe its her Christian beliefs that are holding her together. They differ from my beliefs greatly but we both have this in common, we believe in a compassionate God.I think at the end of the day thats the answer to most peoples wants and heartfelt prayers.

(10 Mar '11, 09:35) Monty Riviera
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Depression runs in my family. We are a cerebral bunch. But it can get you into trouble when the negative stuff creeps in. I feel for anyone that has experienced this frightening state of mind. I was a magnet for it. My aunt jumped from a 12 story building to her death. A victim of electroshock therapy guinea pigs back in the 50's. My grandmother jumped 3 times and lived all times. She had to go to therapy. I spent 9 months in the psych ward for related incidents of out of control situations. I was admitted on a Friday, and met my first group therapy coach. He was a really nice guy and our group session was uncomfortable but helpful. That following Monday, they found him hanging from a rope. I was getting the message. Then I met my new coach. He was abandoned at 11 years old and had to sell his body to eat until he was old enough to join the Armed Services. That was the guy that snapped me out of my spell. He had an uncanny ability to be able to read my thoughts without me saying anything. I realized that I had it good growing up compared to these guys. I can say that I have grown stronger now that I understand my relationship with the world and people. It all starts with the self talk. Being able to replace those thoughts with more positive thoughts is a choice in itself, but it is a choice that is available. It is difficult to pin down exactly why we choose the dark side. I know for me, my perception limited my choices. And that limited me from solving my own problems without getting help. There are signs. Isolation is a silent one. Not wanting to speak to anyone. Sleeping excessively, or going to the extreme in different situations. If you start seeing a pattern, get help regardless of how much resistance they throw at you. Hopefully someone might get something out of this. Thanks.


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The Knights Alchemy

thanks for posting this, I certainly got alot out of it.

(24 Jan '12, 05:06) Nikulas

For me the realization that death is not escape but that I would be bringing it with me, I have studied books like 30 Years Among the Dead to realize this.

Another thing is thinking of all I loved and would never want to hurt, knowing that they would be devastated and I loved them too much to do that to them.

Those were the main reasons I stayed when I went into those times of deep depression, knowing death is not a solution and knowing I would be hurting a whole lot of people I really cared about.

I have had times when in an enlightening moment of clarity I threw depression off of me gone, I have had others when I just got tired of being depressed and decided to fight and stomp it out in an all out mind war on depression. With that determination I was destine to beat it and did it at those times.

But the best way is Jesus, just asking him to clean my heart and mind of this depression and knowing it is a done deal. Jesus has kept me from depression for a long long time, I can't remember when I felt that depression it has been too long ago.


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Wade Casaldi

The answer to this question is given by bashar;

"your emotions are the key, when you feel an idea you don't prefer (like fear, self doubt, sorrow, sadness, suicide, etc ...) the first thing is not to ignore or suppress it, but feel it fully. Own it. Because you cannot change what you do not own. So just recognize, acknowledge, and own it. Then ask yourself this question

What would i have to believe is true about my relationship to this situation in order to feel this way; to react like this?

Your higher mind will help you find the beliefs that are generating that emotional experience. Next as soon as you identify the belief it is gone.

Because any belief, any definition that you consciously identify, that is out of alignment with your true self, when you identify it, it will automatically appear illogical and nonsensical. It won't make sense. That's how you know it's out of alignment with your true self. So as soon as you identify the belief that is out of alignment, it will automatically appear illogical to hold on to it, and in that second, you will no longer have it."

thanks bashar ... bb2 :)


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blubird two

Regardless of how depressed I may feel, and I have experienced depression, I would never harbor the thought of suicide!

The reason being, as I can recall my mother use to instill in us, her children that the Bible teaches: “Thou shall not kill!” So I have been conditioned to believe from an early age that it was not something you consider, or you inflict upon your self!


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