Consider: And where is this brilliant White Light coming from, and what can we use it for?

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It is simple.

Close your eyes. Empty your mind of self. Then, picture God. It does not matter what you see, exactly; just draw in the Force of His love, and sit in it.

For me, that White light is actually three colors- Violet and White and Gold, all blended.

Strive for Holy Silence in your soul, and sit, asking God to come.

He Will, if you are sincere, fill you with this Light.

The Light comes from God.

We use it to love one another, and do good to our neighbor. "The Way is Narrow", said Jesus. But you can find it if you really want to know it. When it fills you, you will laugh, and cry, and change.

All the rest just follows.

This is called "A Spiritual Awakening" by our dear friends in AA. (Alcoholics Anonymous, a group for recovering and recovered alcoholics). Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of this, we try to then improve our conscious contact with God, as we understand Him. The journey is spectacular!

Blessings to you all....Jai


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Thank you for your answer, and encouraging words!

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