This is a question related to the recent natural disasters and also the answer and comments by Stingray regarding how we should not focus on these natural disasters or what has caused them if it even makes us feel a bit uneasy about it.

But the problem here is with the widespread advancement of technology, it has made it difficult and hard to keep a closed eye to these type of things. For instance, newspapers are currently reporting around 5-10pages alone to keep people updated about the Earthquake - and majority of them aren't nice ones, but rather how many people have died, how many people have missing,etc.

Then in my country here, there had been people spreading panic through SMSes on cellphones asking people not to get caught in the rain due to the radioactive leakage in a few of the nuclear power plants in Japan.

On places like Twitter and Facebook, people are constantly sharing about the damages, updates regarding the Earthquake and Tsunami, and most of them aren't really pretty ones.

In view of this, will the next natural disaster that comes actually be a result of all these amassed and unwanted negativity that had came along with the recent Earthquake and Tsunami? And also, did the Japanese suffer so much damage as compared to ChristChurch due to the same reason (people amassed unwanted negativity towards the earthquakes and floods that had happened in Brisbane, even though there wasn't really much casualties for those 2 occurences).

EDIT: It seems that I may not have put my point or question across more clearly, so I will just use an example to illustrate my question. The extent of the magnitude of both the earthquakes in Japan and ChristChurch were around the same (just do a search for pictures on ChristChurch's recent earthquakes and you will see a lot of similar damages such as buildings destroyed etc too), yet Christchurch suffered a lot lesser casualties than Japan, and did not get as much footage as Japan in world news. Missing people in Japan have totalled up to 11,000 and counting, and already 3.6k people have been pronounced dead.

Why did Christchurch suffer a lot lesser casualties than Japan even though the magnitude of the 2 earthquakes seem to be around the same magnitude? It can't possibly be a concidence or pure luck and I believe there has to be something much more to it.

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No it wasnt. It was because of sysmic activity and techtonic plate issues.

Im really i big believer that spirit can and does act on matter and circumstances . Im sold on that one...."BUT" matter can also act on matter. The physical can also have cause and effect too.

Im generalising a bit here but the Japanese as a race are probably the most optimistic and can do type of people on earth.They have an extremely indomitable spirit and are educated not just in the physical sciences but are very spiritually aware also.

Now i stress that not all of them are,but the question mentions a "collective" consciousness. Theirs must be as positive as anyones. Sure theyve had a couple of atomic bombs dropped on them, but the majority of the country cant remember that anyway.

The average Japanese person is young,disciplined and ambitious. If they have been collectivly dwelling unconsciously on the past then its not done their economy or living standards any harm!They are currently in the top 5 richest nations on earth and in the early 80s were ,for a while, even richer than the USA.

I would also add that their response to this crisis has shown a high degree of stoicism,discipline,hard work and bravery.This would lead me to believe they have a positive and healthy collective consciousness.

Many Japanese live on or near an area very prone to earthquakes. If their country was 50 miles for where i live then they simply wouldnt be going thru this.



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Just love your response Graham! thank you

(16 Mar '11, 13:53) daniele

the "collective" consciousness I am talking about here does not refer to the Japanese alone

(16 Mar '11, 15:38) kakaboo

Ok Kakaboo,but if collective ( general ) consciousness effects people generally then does this put paid to the idea that we create our own reality? Or can others,of various nationalities and many miles away from us effect our lives. Im not knocking your point,in fact my recent question about creating "ALL" our reality sort of leads to the same thing.Although in this case i still think i will stick to me answer.But i get your point.

(16 Mar '11, 22:20) Monty Riviera
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Well what Graham says is perfectly correct..but only to a limited we all know, it is LOA that is a cause of every single circumstance, event and person we come across...if you're happy you will receive happy circumstances happy events and happy people in your life...but if you're not, you wont.. and same has happened in a case of Japan...positive as they are, the Japanese are excellent in all aspects of life but negative thoughts might have nullified disdain prevailed over their optimism to be responsible for this natural disaster...the economic recession in Japan could have been a cause for this...the entire country was pressurized in immensely stressed recession, which still exists... it's not necessary that thoughts of only past disasters in a country have been responsible for this but in general the recession might have been a major cause...further a earthquake was an add on to the distress in that country intense a Japanese more leading to a tsunami(negative event) which in turn was another boost to the existing pessimism further causing the nuclear blast..


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I was going to edit this but I am not sure what a lot of the letters and misspelled words are suppose to be. Jai is an editor she may be able to help you, I'll tell her to look this over later for you.

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No one was tackling this so I decided to help you myself. I know I appreciate editing when I need it myself. :-)

(17 Mar '11, 17:45) Wade Casaldi

I like this answer +1

(17 Mar '11, 18:02) Wade Casaldi

You seem to see it as a chain reaction of events, each with a catalyst of "how much worse can it get?" "what is next" type of thought behind it. I could see this as a mass conscious thought wave in agreement of fear and worry bringing the results as followed.

(17 Mar '11, 18:07) Wade Casaldi
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This was a natural occurrence. We tend to blame our transgressions sometimes but we are in a volatile and disruptive cycle of the sun. I did some research, and this time period is just that. A time when the earth wakes up and cleanses itself. Unfortunately, innocence suffers but this dynamic has to happen as predicted in the law of cycles. The news outlets like to make us somehow responsible, but this time we are trumped. This is just the beginning.


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Thanks, that feels right to me. You may like this:

(17 Mar '11, 10:16) Eddie

what if we, humankind, have been influencing nature.
is it just greenhouse gases and refuse;
does anyone know how far a thought goes,
and if off the mark how much correction is needed to reclaim it as non-lethal


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It is true, "There is no seperation in all that exists, and when this is understood upon a heart level, enlightenment simply is." Jonah

And the earth is going through many great shifts, as we, too, are experiencing. Nature has a way of balancing itself and one of those ways are through violent storms, hurricanes, cyclones, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions... But the flip side of that is it also brings about much beauty. If you look at some of the most beautiful places in the world and search what nature did to create it, you will most likely find some sort of natural disaster. It is part of earth's cycle to balance nature. When you parallel it to mankind and the consciousness of mankind to day, you also must look at how mankind took on the animalistic nature. the 3rd dimensions was intended for the plant and animal kingdom. Humankind chose to devolve to the 3rd dimension and as a result took on the animalistic nature of survival which includes jealousy, greed, fear, anger... So has mankind acted out of fear in responding to this natural disaster? Some have and some are raising their vibration above fear and above the animalistic nautures of survival to assist others in greater need than themself, even if it is to remind them that the energy of fear is the opposite of love and somehow it will all be alright. Maybe we came here at this time on this planet to experience all of this and be of assistance to those we can help and in the process heal our own life so eventually we can return to our journey home. So collectively I think there is a lot of waking up going on out there and those of a lower consciousness will have difficulty in all that is occuring in the world unless ones of a higher consciousness can assist them in seeing a greater perspective of what is truly occuring. It does not make a difference what country it has occured in, it is happening to all of us, maybe in different aspects, but just the same we are all experiencing some form of disaster in our lives. Some of us actually see it as an opportunity to heal, which is what mother earth is trying to do to herself after what mankind has done to her and partly from a regular cycle of nature.

The part I am working on figuring out is the whole magnetic pole shift and solar storm maximum. This is what I say triggered the earthquake/tsunami and I am preparing for what is to come. Not out of fear but out of wisdom. So when you ask about all of the media exposure you see and hear on this topic, just look at it in a different light and research it. Wisdom is knowledge and knowledge is power. Live high! Live Mighty! Fear not death, know it will occur and prepare your way home by completing all you came here to do!


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Maybe we should get back to the basics of the law of attraction when considering this question - the essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn. Those who remain unaffected by this or any other disaster have not paid too much attention to and do not fear these Earth changes. In the case of some people, who’re in tune with their emotions, they simply were not around when it happened.

All possible realities exist within All That Is and the only real consideration or question is: do I personally want to experience any particular probable reality within physicality or not? If so, pay attention to that, appreciate and love that and then that will surely become your experience.

I'd never been a 'Yes' man until I discovered that there's only 'Yes' in the language of the Universe. Saying 'No' to what's unwanted brings us more of the essence of that. It's a simple language and only contains one word, 'Yes' :)

Put differently, paying attention to the unwanted – no matter which medium brings it to your attention - is still saying ‘Yes’ to it and then we unavoidably include it within our own vibration. Remember that there’s a difference between simply observing something, such as video footage in a video, and investing emotional attention in to it.

In my view, each of us has the ability to decide to believe that thought/vibration creates reality and then through our life experience our belief will be confirmed and we’ll know. Or we decide to believe that things just happen, with or without a conscious observer or thinker, as in the old school mechanical view of
the world.

We can’t have it both ways. Sure, we can explain the disaster, justify it and even place blame if we’re that way inclined. Or we can simply observe everything and only say ‘Yes’ to what’s wanted and experience that. The choice is always ours. Do It :)


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Yes, that was what I was trying to drive at. Like, the extent of magnitude of the earthquake that happened in Japan and ChristChurch were roughly the same, yet Christchurch suffered a lot lesser casualties than Japan..

(17 Mar '11, 10:20) kakaboo

very nice Eddie! thank you

(17 Mar '11, 12:48) daniele

There perhaps is no mystery. It would be great to have a real scientist or someone who studies geology to give a more full response, but based on my experiences and study of emergency response, I am thinking the number of casualties would vary from region to region quite a bit. It would depend on population density, the amount of high-rise buildings as opposed to lower storied buildings, the topography of the land (is the area hilly, steeply mountainous or flat?) the local building codes, the density of people close to the water, and the ease of emergency services being able to reach the affected area. Some coastal areas traditionally do not have a lot of buildings close to the water but instead leave these areas open for the public.....tourist beaches, walkways and so forth. There would be many factors as far as casualties for earthquakes and tsunamis and these are just some examples for your consideration.


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