we are creators of our life, true..,we control our life,but along with our lives..do we control other people's life also?

like for example.., i have a cousin and few days back her school results were about to come. so, i asked her..,how many percentage are u expecting? she said i want 90 % . but, i wanted her to get 82 % (there were some conflicts between us at that time) and guess what she got exactly 82 %.

there are many such examples,in my life where i have made what i wanted to happen ..in other's life.

waiting for ur answers..

love,light n blessings ur wayy..


asked 16 Mar '13, 13:53

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Wade Casaldi


@supergirl I had no idea you were secretly a villain! You might want to consider using your super powers for good instead of evil! :)

(16 Mar '13, 17:56) flowsurfer

She had to be on the same vibrational wavelength to attract that score , otherwise it wouldn't have shown up

(17 Mar '13, 02:51) Starlight

@flowsurfer..- lolzzz..,bt m nt a villian.. :))

(17 Mar '13, 06:19) supergirl

@flowsurfer- m supergirl na..:))

(17 Mar '13, 06:19) supergirl
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I will speak from my perspective only.

I do not have any control over my life or another.

My entire life is orchestrated from my SPIRIT - the more intelligent eternal aspect of me.

No need to visualize, it knows what I want and it knows how to orchestrate all things at perfect times...

Something bad happens? It is only temporary and part of the plan to bring something even BETTER.

My only job is to relax my energy and go with the flow.

Everybody else is a co-creator with my higher self.


answered 16 Mar '13, 14:26

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@arpgme-thank u fr the wonderful answer..

(16 Mar '13, 14:57) supergirl

@arpgme, beautiful! I love it!

(17 Mar '13, 16:47) Bedazzled

we may send out from our thought form
a vibration that attaches to another
reinforcing that which is in us in them
even when unintentional


answered 18 Mar '13, 18:01

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@fred- thank you !!!

(19 Mar '13, 05:47) supergirl

This is correct, it is as well the same way praying for others helps them. What happens is you made the choice. The other probably believes in being a victim of circumstances. In other words, "I accept whatever comes along because I can do nothing about it." This is how we can pray for others that do not know that they are being prayer for and the prayer affects the them. They are accepting because they believe that whatever happens that they have no choice over.

So without them realizing it, you are working together.


answered 17 Mar '13, 19:43

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Wade Casaldi

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I agree, but I do not think we control people with our prayers. I think that they help others, but those prayers do not control them.Love ya', Jai

(17 Mar '13, 19:59) Jaianniah

It looks like God has no part in prayer. I was just trying to keep it simple from our part in the matter.

Love your Wade...

(17 Mar '13, 20:21) Wade Casaldi

@wade- i agree with u.., thts y its imp.to plan our life. otherwise others will plan for us n we l hav to accept it. well, thank u fr the answer..-love,light n blessings ur wayyy..:)))

(18 Mar '13, 13:26) supergirl
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